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Tools for Parents to fight Bullying
Online 1:1 Live Training Class

  •    DURATION: 1h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Personal Transformation

Class Description


Hello dear Parents, let me introduce you to TOLEY RANZ™, to the one-of-a-kind approach to fighting bullying, to boosting self-esteem in kids, to teaching tolerance and tolerating (or not), and- this class is about your child's relationship with TOLEY RANZ, the whimsical character acting as a go-between.

TOLEY RANZ reaches for the child's soul with kindness and love for SELF; Toley Ranz assures kids of their own value and abilities, and their beauty within. Toley Ranz is practical, down-to-earth and challenges kids to follow the "10-Point Honor Code" (see class material).

What is Toley Ranz about? Toley Ranz is a timely, long-overdue adjunct in educational entertainment. Toley Ranz is a colorful, imaginary character who appears to children in a bright light whenever a child is in emotional need; only the child can hear Toley Ranz’s awesome "psst-psst"! Toley Ranz represents the inner voice, the gut-feeling, it is children’s innate instinct. To become aware of their own powerful natural alarm system, kids learn to listen to the Toley Ranz message. Therefore, they are one step closer to fighting bullying.

It is about the belief in SELF. These class gathering provides a close look at

  • WHY Toley Ranz works for your child 
  • WHY it is so beloved by Kids
  • WHY it is the go-between (child-parent, child-teacher) 

Quickly, you'll learn the power of your little helper, TOLEY RANZ and the "PSST-PSST" MESSAGE.  Teaching Self-esteem and Self-Value to kids is not so different than teaching those skills and values to adults.It is based on TOUCH A SOUL, TRANSFORM A LIFE !

Toley Ranz’s unique message represents the unshakable belief in self, in “can do”, in personal growth and strength.

  • Toley Ranz conveys the help and solutions children so desperately need and seek;
  • Toley Ranz encourages the child to embrace the love and respect for self, the understanding of others;
  • Toley Ranz is the ‘security blanket’ of today’s child;
  • Toley Ranz is the secret to a bright future with self-esteem, awareness, and success

So, dear Parents, Grandparents and Teachers- let TOLEY RANZ make your life easier; and that of your kids filled with joy of childhood again. See you in class.

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