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WOMEN'S ROUNDTABLE: Self-Value & Empowerment
Online 1:1 Live Training Class Featured Class

  •    DURATION: 1h 00min
  •  LANGUAGE: English
  •  EXPERTISE LEVEL: Advanced
  •  CATEGORY: Personal Transformation

Class Description

Award-winning SEDONA SOUL BALANCE founder ANKE OTTO-WOLF, Shaman & Life Empowerment Coach,  guides you to the foundation of SELF. Here is a brief overview what you can expect from this class. This Soul Path is a series of Inspiring Steps to learning more about

  • HOW to Regain Self-Empowerment;
  • HOW to find answers to Your Soul’s needs for a balanced future
  • HOW to live an abundantly successful and productive Life
  • HOW to improve relationships at work, in social settings, and in personal life
  • HOW to know your Self-Value and implement 'spiritual tools and skill'
  • HOW to gain emotional Freedom and find inner peace

The entire project “The Women’s Roundtable, Self- Value & Empowerment” is geared to empower women and their daughters, sisters, mothers, nieces, grandmothers, friends and women co-workers to assist in re-connecting with their soul and establishing a grounded place for self-value & empowerment, and inner peace.

Did you know that eight out of ten women are unable to reconnect with their soul? Are you tired of trying to overcome and conquer the dark veils of the past by yourself or with the help of a therapist? For how many years? No more. I promise you will change your life, your SELF within a short period of time with my approach: "Reach a Soul, transform a Life".

My passion to help even more Women, took me to to the internet so also YOU can be in my energgy sphere and gain self-value.  Let me ask you- if your Soul could text you a smart-phone message what do you think that message would be?

  • Hi- do you know who you are and why you are here?
  • Hey there- do you have any idea what your Life’s Purpose is?
  • Hello- isn’t it time that we’re checking your Self & Soul Awareness?
  • Woman, aren’t you sick and tired of feeling ‘stuck’ without having any direction in life?
  • Knock-knock- aren’t you wondering why you are short tempered?
  • … or- would the soul message just simply read-                          “Want change? Follow me.”

Dear Woman- YOU and you alone have the power to change your life, to bring back the power of your being, to destroy the notion of helplessness, and allow light and enlightenment brighten your days.

Embrace your YOU with all the longing and yearning which were suppressed for far too long. Open the flood gates of your soul; let your own energy flow and BE YOU. So, no more excuses, take a seat at my WOMEN's ROUNDTABLE, let's solve challenges, and WELCOME YOUR NEW YOU!

Love and light to you from Sedona, Anke Buffalo Feather

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