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Xpert Spotlight: Marketing & Communications Xperts

The fun side of business The number of start-ups created every year seems to be multiplying. Dubbed the “startup economy”, it is then no surprise that entrepreneurs as young as 8 years old are thinking of ways to make their dreams come true. Given this recent trend, many companies in their early days do not […]

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Preparing for Your First Online Class

Ready to teach your first online course? You’ve signed up for your Zeqr account and are ready to share your wealth of knowledge with the world but how do you go about creating a carefully planned, informative and valuable class? The success of any online course is in careful preparation and organization of the material […]

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Change of Seasons = Perfect Time for eLearning

Have you been putting off learning a new skill? That’s ok, we are all guilty of this at one time or another. But, there is no better time than the present to start learning whatever it is that you have been considering. As summer bids us farewell in the Northern Hemisphere and children get ready […]

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6 Benefits of (live) Online Classes

eLearning has taken the industry by storm and has most recently become the preferred method for learning by students, employees, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Online knowledge-sharing platforms have had their success, however, a big downfall has been the lack of interaction from prerecorded content and other mediums that restrict the connection between student/client and teacher/consultant. However, […]

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Back-to-school: Tools for Success with Online Classes

We have often referred to Zeqr as “the Amazon of learning” and in this phrase quickly illustrate what we have to offer; live and interactive online classes from all different subjects. With this global platform at-hand, we have identified 4 different categories of users: students, employees, entrepreneurs and polymaths. Today, we will explore how experts […]

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Top Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace

The pace by which the workforce is changing today is the fastest that it has ever been. The rise of technology and globalization have single-handedly restructured the skills needed in today’s workplace. Our team here at Zeqr has explored the most useful skills needed to stay competitive in this ever-changing and demanding business world.   […]

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Online Classes for Every Type of Knowledge-Seeker

A quick-guide of online classes for every type of knowledge-seeker   It’s no secret that as time progresses, more and more students and clients are turning to online, knowledge-sharing platforms as their main resource for learning. Long gone are the days where attending a physical class or meeting with a consultant face-to-face was your only […]

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Xpert Spotlights – How to Find Effective Learning Opportunities

  Tired of having to sift through tons of online classes and online coaching when looking for guidance? Here’s a simple technique to bypass all the useless advice and get to the heart of any matter.   Pick a skill you want to become better at. Figure out the most extreme domain where that skill […]

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