Xpert Spotlight: Sylvie de Gil

Hi! I’m Sylvie de Gil, a French business-woman who has been working in the fashion industry for more than 20 years.

I started Jomsy Fashion Consultant in 2010 to coach new, emerging designers on how to create a strong foundation for their fashion projects.

Along with coaching designers and fashion enthusiasts, I enjoy lifestyle mentoring, reading, blogging. I write for my blog Sixty And Not A Granny, but also for Consumer Health Digest, Quora, and am currently finishing up two books on fashion and nutrition. After studying at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I find deep fulfillment in guiding people to reach their nutrition and health goals.

I am offering various fashion courses to help designers achieve their goals of starting their own collections, branding and promoting their company on social media! We teach all of the various steps to create a collection beginning with the idea, preparing a business plan and concluding with production and selling the project.

Our courses are extremely comprehensive, and they are offered in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. Not only do we teach, but we also provide coaching and networking opportunities.

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

I think that the e-learning space is giving people more options to pursue what they are passionate about. People no longer have to go to a traditional school to get educated. Through these platforms, people from all over the world have access to learning whatever makes them excited from the comfort of their computers, and on their own time. In 2018, I predict that Zeqr will be a go-to platform for people wanting to acquire more skills and self-educate themselves on topics that they are truly interested in.

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

My biggest tip is to clearly define in your mind, what your “Big Picture” is. How do you want your life to look? Remember that you have absolutely NO limits, and allow yourself to dream BIG.

Once you are clear on what it is that you want, you can move ahead. You need GOals to GO forward!


Online Careers and The Facts You Should Know

Are you curious about starting an online career, but don’t know much about how to get started? You may be interested in the idea of working online, but don’t have it all figured out yet. You also may not be knowledgeable regarding the online careers you could pursue.

We’re here to help! There is a lot to learn if you would like to know how to build an online career.

Although online careers are convenient and flexible, they are not quite simple or easy to begin. Your online career may take some time to launch, but do not worry! Once your online job does launch, it will be super successful, and you will most likely end up enjoying what you do.

In addition, there are online career courses to assist as you are trying to obtain your goal and gain more income. Read about these online career ideas and the ways to get a head start the right way and you’ll be making money from home in no time.

What you should know: Facts, pieces of advice, tips and more

As said, beginning an online career takes some time and a lot of effort for it to be successful, beneficial and profitable. How to get started? The obvious move is to search for jobs! You can search online for top companies that hire employees to work from home, or you can do research to learn about other positions available via the Internet. Look up exactly what you are interested in doing to find out if there’s an online career in that field.

Consider what you are interested in, what you are skilled in, how many hours you want to put in, the type of work that is doable for your day-to-day schedule, etc. etc.! Those are only some of the factors to think about when searching for an online career. All in all, try to find an online career that will keep you interested, work with your agenda and (most importantly) make you money!

Once you make these evaluations and decide the type of online career you’d like to pursue, there are a few pieces of advice you should follow.

First and foremost, do NOT get scammed! Some online positions that are advertised could be scams or fake companies trying to trick you and take your money or personal information. The key is to do a TON of research before you sign yourself up online.

Research the company, read reviews and be assured that the career position is legitimate. If a job is too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is. Also, if the hirer contacted you when you did not inquire at all, it’s possibly a scam. A couple other signs include unprofessional communication (poorly written emails, for example) and a vague job description and requirements (because a real job will require REAL skills and guidelines).

Next, try not to pay a fee. You are finding an online career to make money, not lose money. Generally, you should not pay for job listings or to apply for jobs. As companies pay you and you should not pay them to get hired, no fee work is obviously the best work. However, depending on the type of work you’re inquiring for, some jobs or outlets you may use to get connected will require a fee.

An example of a helpful website that finds you work but does charge a fee is Upwork. Upwork connects freelancers to those who need assistance, from writing to website work and so on. As an Upwork freelancer works on contract, a small percentage is taken from each amount earned. In the end, it’s realized that the fee is much worth the work that’s easily available through the website.

Zeqr is also a website that connects freelancers. Freelance teachers are able to share their knowledge with students looking to learn a certain skill or lesson. As the student benefits greatly from the expert advice and education, the teacher also benefits, as classes come at a cost.

So, what are some of your online career options and which is best for you?

If you’ve decided that an online career is an excellent choice for you, remember to keep in mind your skills, qualifications, and talents. There is an array of online careers available, but the only way to know which one is correct for you is to think about what you do best.

What inspires you? What excites you? What do you like doing? But most importantly, what are you QUALIFIED to do? Online careers are the same as any career, in that you need to be good at the job and have the skills necessary to provide exceptional work to your employer.

If you are passionate about writing, becoming a freelancer could be an option for you. You could freelance for different companies or start a blog. Blogs typically take a very long time to launch to the public, but if yours is successful, you won’t be writing for free anymore. Advertisers will pay to be on your page. Or, your blog could promote products or creations you’re looking to sell, which will also bring in cash.

But there is much more that you can offer to websites in return for money. Know the latest trends in social media and online marketing? You could be a social media consultant. Knowledgeable companies emphasize and know the importance of social media, so yes, they will hire and pay someone to solely manage their social media.

Let’s look at the bigger picture of websites, though. That website you just visited…who created it? A website designer and developer – that’s who! If this is a skill of yours, it is much needed for companies these days, as most would rather pay a freelancer than a huge agency. Build websites for your portfolio that you can show when signing new clients.

Another online position that’s always available (for those qualified) is a job as a virtual assistant. Businesses need more and more help these days and are turning to virtual assistants to help their business grow and expand. It’s not at all unheard of for someone to work full-time as a virtual assistant.

An online career is well worth it once attained. Want to pursue a career online or simply make extra cash by a keyboard and screen? Research online careers and follow our advice, you’re going to do great!

Xpert Spotlight: Tanya Williams

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests:

My name is Tanya Williams. I am from Brisbane, Australia and have over 20 years marketing experience in various roles & industries. I am passionate about digital, living life, following my passions and spending time with those I love. I love pink, have recently written a #1 Amazon Best Selling book A Childfree Happily Ever After, love travel, learning and helping others understand how to use digital to work smarter and grow their businesses. My personal mantra is never let anyone dull your sparkle.

What is it that you’re offering to Zeqrs? What makes it stand out among other classes?

I am a tradigital strategist. What does that mean? I have a background in traditional marketing then moved into the digital marketing space about 12 years ago. This means I take a tradigital approach to integrate digital into existing traditional marketing channels to help clients create and leverage their marketing to make them more visible.

I help individuals and business owners understand where to start, what channels they need, free & low cost tools and can help them put the digital marketing puzzle together.

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

I think accessible learning platforms like Zeqr are the way of the future. Traditional universities are not teaching real life skills that students can apply once they graduate. Zeqr allows people to learn on demand, when required and hand select who they think is the best fit for them. I love that approach and can see huge growth for Zeqr with the right marketing.

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

Everything you do from a marketing perspective should start with your audience – not you. Most businesses just share content or marketing messages based on what they want to share without really knowing or understanding the core issues or pain points of their target market. Everything is about your audience – everything!!


What You Need to Know About Online Education and How to Get Started

Are you curious to gain knowledge about a specific topic or would like to learn a new skill that could be useful or simply interesting? Maybe you’ve prolonged pursuing an opportunistic learning experience due to lack of time or a hectic schedule. If you have a packed agenda that’s inflexible but still want to expand your horizons by challenging your brain, an online education could be the best option for you.

Online education for non-students?

Online education for adults is available and at your fingertips through so many websites and outlets via the Internet. Because of these websites and outlets, online education jobs are also available, because there must be a teacher as well as a student! These websites have made free online education extremely accessible, so there’s no need for you to pay for an online class (for example, those offered through universities that require you to enroll as a student of the school). There’s no need to sit through an in-person class that’s long and costly when online education is convenient and most likely cheaper, if not free.

So, what’s the difference between in-person lessons and online sessions? Well, first and obviously, you will not be sitting in a classroom if you choose to learn via the Internet. You’ll be on your device instead, which has its pros and cons. Sitting in a classroom may be boring and tedious at times, however, it provides a set schedule and forces the student to interact. Because of that, in-person learning may seem to be advantageous. That said, online education may still be the better option, although you will have to take more initiative. You will not have a teacher hounding you to physically hand in homework, but you will need to demonstrate discipline to succeed.

Managing Yourself Online

When learning online, you will need to create deadlines for yourself, stay focused and make the best effort for the information to sink in on your own. Class time will not be fixed (which is a huge pro if you have a busy day-to-day, as said). Because class time will not be fixed, you will need to manage your time well to learn online and finish what’s required of you in a manner that allows the material to stay in your head. All in all, online education takes determination, but it’s definitely worth it, due to its flexibility, conve, ience and many other pros.

If you decided that online education is a fitting path for you to take, how do you get started? Remember those websites and outlets we spoke of earlier? We want to take you through some of them, so you can discover and consider you different options.

Getting Started – how and where

First and foremost, Zeqr is an online platform designed to connect freelance teachers looking to share knowledge using the latest technologies. This means that (as said previously) Zeqr is useful because it not only involves a student who’d like to gain extra knowledge on a topic, but also requires a teacher who is experienced and confident in the material being taught. This means that students can learn, but teachers can also become employed as freelancers (pretty cool and helpful, right?).

The freelance instructors who offer classes and tutorials on Zeqr vary and provide different skills. Whatever the topic you are interested may be, Zeqr most likely offers a lesson in it. From Digital Marketing to courses that teach how to become relaxed, from learning a new language to health and wellness classes – Zeqr offers a bunch of different lessons for different individuals with different interests!

Want to learn the fundamentals of Accounting? Take Rida Waseem’s online course and have her teach you the concepts of Accounting and Financing. Want to know more about computer applications and how to maneuver JAVA? Sign up for Computer Applicationswith Ayuschi Jain. Interested in leading a healthier life and want to know how to become more motivated? Shika Kudjoe will tell you all of her tips and tricks in her class Health Matters.

As you can see, Zeqr offers a ridiculous amount of classes that allow online education to be easy and simple. The classes vary in price, but all of them are overall reasonable considering the material you’ll be learning and how quickly you’ll learn.

But Zeqr is not the only outlet that’s available! Other websites that offer top-notch online education are Coursera, Open Culture Online Courses,Udemy, Academic Earthand Alison.The best part? ALL of these online education websites just happen to be free!

Coursera is a website that partners with universities and organizations around the globe to bring an extreme variety of topics and perspectives to one database. It includes courses from top schools and even museums. Open Culture Online Courses offers a very large variety of material, so you can find a course in pretty much anything on this site.

You don’t need to actually visit a university, because Open Culture Online Courses highlights over 1,000 lectures, videos and podcasts that you can learn from. Udemy free online classes are much like Coursera’s, but this site also allows users to build custom courses from lessons. You’ll work with many top professors and schools. Although most of the material on this site is free, some of it must be paid for (which is still much worth it!).

Academic Earth is similar to the three sites above, in that it provides various lessons in different topics. Academic Earth lists its courses by subject and school, which makes it easy to locate what you’d like to learn about. Lastly, Alison is a free education site that also offers certifications in some areas. The topics offered mostly revolve around business, technology and health.

Do you think any of these online education outlets could be right for you? Gain the best online learning experience and sign up today! With online education conveniently at your fingertips, you can learn new information and skills by the click of your keyboard. You have nothing to lose, so try it out and become more knowledgeable in something that interests or could be useful to you!

Xpert Spotlight: Safwan Khan

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests:

My name is Safwan Khan and I am the founder of Startupily, a platform for entrepreneurs seeking useful content, resources and tools to start and grow their business. I also have an app and website development company, and I am also a guest blogger at Influencive and besomebody.

My interests are entrepreneurship, leadership, learning new skillsets, travelling, meeting new people, exercising, and playing sports (including chess).

What is it that you’re offering to Zeqrs? What makes it stand out among other classes?

– I am offering classes to help people start an online blog and create a business out of it. Two years ago I had no experience in building a website or had no idea how to create a blog.

However, I was determined and had the ambition to start one. I learned everything myself by watching YouTube tutorials and learning from online classes, and eventually built my online business. I was constantly changing my website and the blog every few months at the time, as I kept learning new things and improving on my writing skills.

Today, after all that hard work, my online presence is getting better, I am making passive income from it, and now I also write for some of the biggest online publications.

My goal is to write for Forbes now! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

– E-learning is the future of education and learning new skills. I believe it is going to overtake formal education very soon. The number of university enrollment has dropped considerably and I have noticed that most universities (especially in Europe) are making tuition free just to get students to come. They are also moving their curriculum online as most people want to learn online.

I believe Zeqr has huge potential in becoming one of the biggest online learning platforms. However, competition is fierce now, and to stand out from the crowd, Zeqr will have to invest a lot into online advertising, affiliating with universities to submit classes within the platform, have business mentors and entrepreneurs create online classes. This will really help in further developing the brand and the business.  

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

– I would like to discuss about self confidence as I believe it is the most important and only fundamental quality a person needs to have in doing anything. Be it a job or starting a business.

Anyone can start a business but not everyone has the patience to stick to it if things go bad. I mean it takes time, patience, persistence, dedication, and all those 100 verbs in the dictionary to follow your dreams.

One of the biggest ones is self confidence. This is because people will laugh at you, people will mock you, people will put you down, people will try to tarnish your dreams.

What makes a successful person unique is that they do not listen to all the negativity and instead keep on going. They need to have belief in themselves. Without it, they are destined to go nowhere and eventually quit.

Visit Safwan’s Zeqr profile and sign up for one of his classes!

The 5 Most Practical Methods to Make Learning Fun for Everyone

Learning any information or skill is always beneficial, but this does not mean that it is always easy. Sometimes learning and maintaining additional knowledge can be frustrating and complicated. This could mostly be due to the fact that learning is not always fun. In fact, at times, it’s quite difficult to make learning seem fun.

Are you a student who is trying to learn something new (anything at all!), but can’t seem to find a way to make the process fun and enjoyable? Or are you a teacher who cannot think of methods to engage your students in such a way that learning is pleasurable and fun while they are trying to absorb new knowledge? If you are wondering how to make learning fun for adults (or in the case of some of these pointers, even for young adults and children), take into account the five following ways that are practical and fitting for everyone.

Work with others to interact, gain extra knowledge and spread some smiles.

Interacting with others is a great way to gain extra knowledge and receive advice that you did not think of before. When you work with others, ideas and different points of view are being exchanged. Every person is of his or her own, and therefore thinks in his or her own element. Sharing these ideas can only help broaden your knowledge when learning, and it can also make learning merry.

Before you know it, you’ll be sharing more than information with each other. Smiles will be exchanged and laughs will be heard. It’s only natural when joining up with others, especially people who have the same interests that you do.

Study in more than one setting to switch up the scenery and refresh your mind.

Do you usually sit at a desk with all of your books in front of you when studying for an exam or just trying to absorb a lesson? Do you tend to lay down on your bed with your laptop in front of you to read information online? Whichever manner you normally study, try something different! Go to a park with your books and let both the new information AND beautiful scenery sink in. Fresh air will be good for your mind and create a diversion so you don’t lose focus.

Switching up the scenery can mean ANYTHING, though! Go to a library or visit a coffee shop. Find settings that work best for you and change them up often so learning remains amusing, rather than repetitive.

Get with the program by using technology to broaden your learning horizons.

Believe it or not, learning and entertainment go hand in hand – to a certain degree. What we mean by this is that technology can serve an immense purpose when it comes to making learning not only simple but also fun. Use an iPad, iPhone or any type of smartphone or smart device to assist in the learning process so it becomes more entertaining. And by entertaining, we do not mean to get completely distracted by websites or applications that do not have to do with what you are studying or trying to learn! Try your best to stay on track when utilizing technology to make learning fun.

Using the Internet instead of a physical textbook can definitely make learning not only easier and more convenient, but also more delightful. You can view PowerPoint presentations, watch tutorials or take advice from online teaching videos and classes.

Speaking of online teaching videos, Zeqr offers a variety of classes that you can sign up for to take via the Internet. Learning through technology can be fun, and if you don’t believe us, Ouail Bendidi will show you how easy and enjoyable it is to learn arithmetic in his online class Part 1: Introduction to Deep Learning. Not looking to learn arithmetic? Zeqr offers classes that will teach you ANYTHING. Learn how to speak Italian with Carlotta Tatti through videos during her class Learn Italian – Beginners. Aarthi Elumalai even tells how she strives to make learning fun in her online class Web Apps and Games in Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. Needless to say, technology (especially websites like Zeqr) aid in making learning entertaining.

Create interesting games that will help strengthen your memory for the future.

Playing games is always amusing (to most people, at least) in any aspect, not only learning. So why not bring gaming into the learning process to have a little fun? Educational games will actually help your brain maintain information because correlations will be made more easily.

For example, creating flashcards is one helpful action that not only contributes to fun gaming but also assists in maintaining new knowledge that is being fed to your brain. You can write on index cards with different colored sharpies, or draw different designs on each of the cards. You can make tiny notes that will help you remember details, or simply create the cards in an appealing way that will aid in building correlations.

Colors, fonts, designs, drawings, etc. will all set off signals in your mind that can help jog your memory for the correct answers. Flashcards are an excellent way for memorization. Playing games with flashcards can make language learning fun, and also arithmetic learning. Find a game that works best for your mind that makes the type of learning you’re striving for fun.

Incorporate your interests into lessons to keep yourself engaged.

Are you a sports fanatic who enjoys watching or playing football? Are you interested in art and find pleasure in painting or drawing? Are you musically talented or simply love listening to tunes? Incorporate your interests into your lessons! This will keep you engaged and in a positive mood while learning.

If you like football, toss a ball around with someone and share answers with each pass. You only receive the ball when you answer correctly. If you appreciate art, draw diagrams and pictures that can help you throughout your lessons. These drawings can be associated with each lesson you learn, creating triggers for your brain. Musically inclined? Write songs with lyrics that recite the knowledge you need to learn. Music is a fantastic way to remember the material. Whatever your skill or interest may be, find a way to use it while you learn. This will be beneficial throughout the learning process, AND make it fun!

NOW do you think learning can be fun? Try these five methods and see if they work for you, we bet they will!



Xpert Spotlight: Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus is a venture capital investor and partner who has founded several FinTech companies, including Prepare 4 VC, a leading startup consulting firm in the Boston area. He is also someone who enjoys networking events, and that passion led him to making an effort to embed himself in the Boston Startup scene.

Jason also enjoys travelling, as he’s been to 26 different countries within the last 26 years. He is passionate about all Boston Sports teams, especially the Patriots.

His skillset is vast, and he is offering strategy sessions in his “Preparing to raise seed capital” class, where you can target the lesson exactly towards your startup needs.

We will go through your pitch and investor presentation with critiques and advice on how to improve it and make you stand out to investors,” adds Jason.

For him, the e-learning space continues to grow and there is room for leaders in every sector of the industry. For example, users can turn to Zeqr for all of their online course and mentoring needs, other sites for skills or language training, and others to connect with in-person mentors.

Pitching to investors is all about telling a great story. Lead them through the customer journey, what problem do people or businesses face everyday, how do you solve it, how many people does this apply to and why is your team the best team for the job.

All About Online Consultants and How to Become One

Have you mastered a demanded skill that’s necessary for a specialized profession, or gained a ton of knowledge about a demanded topic? You should take advantage of your hard work and find an outlet in which it can pay off. Becoming an online consultant might be the correct path for you to go down. You can earn an excellent pay if you carry out what needs to be done to succeed.

Having a full-time job in a building or on a worksite is beneficial for most people, but if you feel that you are not reaching your full potential and using your talent efficiently, it could be best to consider becoming an online consultant. We’re going to tell you all about the art of online consulting (including some details about different types, such as online marketing consulting) and how to become an online consultant.

What is an Online Consultant? What does the Job of an Online Consultant Entail?

The definition of “consultant” is “a person who provides expert advice professionally”. So, consultants are in the business of giving (at a cost!) services to other people for them to be helped with that matter in which the consultant is a professional. That’s a mouthful! Now you know what a consultant is, but what’s an online consultant? Think of this job as having the same exact characteristics and requirements as a regular consulting job…but it’s done online!

Yes, via the Internet, professionals can provide their expert advice and share their useful knowledge with those people who are searching for it. Online consultants are specialists in a business, profession or certain field who extend their services online (obviously, as it’s in their title!). They keep themselves up-to-date with new and always changing capabilities that the web offers and have practical experience in the skill that they are teaching or providing advice. Some of these skills could be associated with projects, processes, customer satisfaction, planning, training and much, much more.

A popular type of Internet consulting is online marketing consulting. These advisors handle a company’s web presence, advertising and marketing. Companies strive to increase the amount of traffic and sales, so they hire an Internet marketing consultant to assist. Through the consultant’s extreme knowledge and trade, he or she can help a company grow due to its current and appropriate web presence.

The HOW: Words of Advice if You Want to become an Online Consultant

 Identify your niche, know your target market AND learn about your target market.

When starting off as an online consultant, it’s important to know your exact niche. What you are offering to other people cannot be too broad. For example, you cannot choose to advise regarding “technology”. Choose the type of technology and the specific skill you are best at when it comes to this type of technology. If you are an expert at HTML coding or a certain software program, use that skill as your niche, rather than offering a broad topic such as “computer work”. You cannot possibly be extremely efficient and knowledgeable about ALL computer work, so pick a topic in which you can offer the most to your client.

Next, decide on a target market. Who are you going to direct your professional advice or skill towards? Will your services be meant for single individuals or entire companies? Make sure that you’re choosing a target market that NEEDS your teaching. Otherwise, the market you decide to target will not enhance your business. If someone does not NEED to know something, he or she is surely NOT going to pay for your ideas. Choosing the correct target market is essential if you do not want your business to fail.

After you’ve chosen a target market, LEARN about your potential customers! It’s necessary to research your target market to be successful. You’ll need to know about their wants and needs so you can determine how to gain them as clients. Ask yourself what would truly benefit and help this target market after learning all about the people it consists of. You can market your business better when you know about who you are going after.

Make yourself and your business known through networking, advertising and marketing.

People are going to need to KNOW about your consulting business to pursue it! Build your network as soon as possible and gain a strong contact base so you can have the necessary sources to gain work. This means that you should create a professional and social network to advertise your consulting services.

Aside from creating a professional and social network to advertise, arrange for other advertising, too. You can take advantage of online advertisements (digital) or print media (traditional). Once your name is known, people can reach out for your services. YOU’RE reaching out (utilizing the advertising and marketing outlets that you feel are best for your consulting) for OTHERS to reach out to you.

Acquire the licenses and/or certifications if necessary.

Certain consulting requires special licenses and/or certifications, so if you’re looking to pursue a type of consulting that needs formal training, make sure that you obtain those documents! Many consulting businesses (especially online ones that are simply basic training) do not require certifications or licenses. However, others (say, accounting, for example) do. You’ll need to obtain those licenses to be a legitimate online consulting business. Also, in some specialties, the local or state legal rules may require you to gain a specific license. Look into all of this if you want your consulting to be not only legitimate, but also law-abiding.

And last, be a BOSS!

You are, essentially and basically, the CEO of your client. You are going to provide what your client needs, and you are going to be an important element in the rise of his or her business. If you are not marketing towards companies, you are still the boss of your individual customer, as you are offering knowledge and advice that he or she does not already know or have. Have confidence in your consulting, do your best and always think of what you can do to benefit your client. Your clients are paying for your expertise, so make sure to give it to them! 

What else is good to know about online consulting and are there platforms that can help?

There are MANY marketplaces that can help people with independent consulting jobs! Some of these that you can investigate are COMATCH, Clarity,Gocatalantand Zeqr. Zeqr is an online platform that helps freelance teachers connect with those who’d like to learn their skill. It’s all about e-learning and technology. Through Zeqr, experts can share their knowledge AND earn dollars.

Are you ready to become an online consultant? Now you know all about online consulting and how to pursue it. Go get ‘em!

Xpert Spotlight: Darren Wong, Hip-Hop Dancer

My name is Darren. I am part of the dance crew the Kinjaz from NBC’s World of Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 8, and I specialize in teaching basic Hip-Hop dance and Breakin’/Breakdancing.

My hobbies include teaching dance to people who have always wanted to get into dancing, playing with my 6-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, Yogi, listening to jazz while I edit dance tutorials or read a good book, going to the gym, and much more.

What is it that you’re offering to Zeqrs? What makes it stand out among other classes?

I offer Hip Hop dance lessons for beginners. Whether they are brand new to Hip Hop dance and have never taken a dance class or have some experience with taking Hip Hop classes but just can’t quite get the moves down or keep up, I can help them reach their dance goals.

Kinjaz Backstage @ NBC’s World of Dance Season 1


Many of my students want to take a Hip-Hop dance class but are a little bit intimidated. They feel like they will look and feel foolish and not be able to keep up with the class. They would not be alone in this feeling. Taking a dance class can be very intimidating! Especially if it is their first time. The skill level of a “beginner’s” class can vary from dance studio to studio and you never know if you are getting a teacher who knows how to teach the way you personally learn. This is where I have come in to help my students.

Here is what they can expect from our lessons together…

  • Our lessons together are catered specifically toward their personal end goal and most importantly, we will go at their own pace and they will receive corrections specific to their movement.
  • They will learn the basic dance movements and techniques they need to know to build a strong dance foundation so learning choreography and freestyling become easier. They will also learn small combinations or drills utilizing each new movement or technique they learn so they can put into practice what they are learning and practice on their own
  • After our lesson, they receive a video tutorial of the movements they were taught so they can refer back to it in case they forget any details
  • They will also be able to send me a video of themselves executing the movement or combination anytime before our next lesson if they want to make sure they are practicing the move correctly or simply want feedback on their progress.

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

E-learning is only going to grow more and more. Of course, an in-person learning experience can be very beneficial if not better in some cases but that would depend on if you have access to those types of environments.

E-learning is making it possible for people to learn from “experts” in their given field without having to worry if they are within distance to attend a class/workshop/speech etc. from them. It is making knowledge accessible and available worldwide.

Since Zeqr keeps a close eye on the quality of its Xperts, I believe Zeqr will continue to grow in 2018.

Unlike other platforms where people can say they are “gurus” or “experts”, I believe Zeqr sets itself apart as far as a trustworthy e-learning experience and platform goes.

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

Hip Hop dance, as well as any style of dance in general, has only a few basic movements/concepts you have to learn and understand to make yourself go from beginner to intermediate/advanced.

Performing @ Dallas Cowboys Halftime show

Those few basic movements/concepts make learning new movements, choreography, freestyle, etc. much easier because you have a strong foundation of the basic principles more “advanced” movements are built upon.

Learn your basics first and dance becomes much easier! Join my class now and master the basics of Hip Hop Dance!