Month: February 2017

Capturing Engaging Video

Creating a video to sit within your Xpert profile is vital in providing an insight into your background, skills and personality. Filming video content can feel daunting but here are some top tips to create a quality film that showcases your talents and encourages Zeqrs to sign up to your classes. Setting up Camera and […]

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How to Create an Enticing Class

Here are some pointers on how to create a Zeqr class that best showcases your skills and expertise to generate interest from Zeqrs. Excel in your Expertise When creating a class, make sure that the topic is something that you truly are an Xpert on and about which you can present confidently and effectively. Ensure […]

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Guy Kawasaki joins Zeqr to offer a limited number of one-on-one classes for free!

As part of the public beta launch of Zeqr, a number of world-renowned experts have joined the platform to offer exclusive classes to select Zeqrs, who will be chosen by registering for Zeqr and submitting their interest for the opportunity, citing why they’d benefit from a one-on-one class. Guy Kawasaki, the world-renowned evangelist, marketer, and entrepreneur […]

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