Month: September 2017

Using Social Media Channels to Get What You Want

Having strong social media profiles in today’s times can be as important as having a strong CV or personal resume. Ensuring that all your social media channels, both personal and professional, are strategically poised to tell the story that you want, is essential and a must-have in today’s world. Also, learning the ins and outs […]

(Consulting, Freelance)

Xpert Spotlight: Marketing & Communication Skills Xperts

The number of start-ups created every year seems to be multiplying. Dubbed the “startup economy”, it is then no surprise that entrepreneurs as young as 8 years old are thinking of ways to make their dreams come true as they embrace their communication skills and make a living out of them. With this recent trend […]

(Consulting, Freelance)

Start Distance Learning With Preparing Your First Online Class

So, you just signed up for Zeqr and are ready to share your knowledge with the world. But unfortunately, you don’t know how to prepare for an abundance of young people ready to dive in on your distance learning courses. You ask yourself – what does it take to create a carefully planned, informative and […]

(Consulting, Freelance)

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