30+ Crucial Video Marketing Trends You Must Know in 2018

Social media and video marketing are something of a hot item right now. As the demand for video content grow bigger, many social media are bending over backward to build a steady flow of user-generated content in their platforms.

Let’s take for example LinkedIn. They began implementing native video upload and playback support early in 2017 for individual profiles, and later that year for company profiles. If you were not aware, LinkedIn used to only support videos linked from external websites.

Another example is Facebook’s effort to support creators by launching a new Creator’s App. This app offers several features including:

  • Custom intro and outro for your live broadcast.
  • Unified inbox and comment management for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create an editorial plan for your content.
  • And a bunch of other creator-oriented features that you can check at their Creator’s App page.

You might be wondering right now why there’s this craze about social media video marketing in every single marketing blog you’re subscribed to.

There are many factors that drive people’s demand for more videos, they include: more affordable technology, cheaper internet, popular culture. Here are some numbers that shows the large demand for videos on social media:

Social media is not just about video. Sure, videos are dominant traffic for most platforms but there’s more to it than that. You can share a video you like with a friend, interchange comments with other users, and share your own thought about the video by reposting it. Any television network arguably has bigger library of content to watch, but social media offers more than solitary TV-watching session.

Our Xpert, Tanya Williams, explains that there are many free and low-cost platforms available to help you create professional and engaging video content for your business or personal brand.

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Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, has curated 30+ of the most relevant statistics on the state of social media video marketing in 2018 in an incredibly handy infographic. Check it out and tell us your thoughts:

Infographic Video Marketing Trends

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