4 Ways In Which Freelance Jobs Bring You Fulfillment

4 Ways In Which Freelance Jobs Bring You Fulfillment

More and more workers around the world are looking for freelance jobs.

In the US alone, freelancers make up 35 percent of the country’s workforce. Many freelancers are choosing what used to be seen as an “alternative to your day job” as their primary and only employment.

While the main benefit of freelancing is a wide variety of jobs (from freelance writing and freelance programming, all up to freelance web developer and freelance designer jobs), there are number of other reasons why people take up online freelancing jobs.

Here are just some of them:

You decide what you will work on

When you don’t work for yourself, you often find yourself at the mercy of your bosses. You don’t decide what projects you’ll be working on, who you will be working with, and so on. Given the circumstances, you may have a job that you are not interested in at all, but still have to do, in order to be financially stable and independent.

When working a typical job, it can be quite difficult to make a career jump, since you’re on a path correlated to your job title. This can be really frustrating, especially when you try to plan for the future.

On the other hand, when you make the decision to become a freelancer, all of that changes. When you become a freelancer, your career lies in your own hands—you can determine exactly what kind of freelance jobs you take on and you can reach out to clients that match your personality, expertise, and abilities.

Freelance jobs give you emotional fulfillment. You have an opportunity to free yourself by choosing and accepting only freelance projects that you find interesting and fulfilling.

The best part about it all: everything you earn is all yours!

Follow your passion and improve your skills

You can carve out your own niche to ensure you are following what you’re actually passionate about, resulting in personal fulfillment and satisfaction, as well as a boost in self-confidence, productivity and overall health.

Freelancing jobs allow you to improve your skills, build a freelance portfolio, and a client  network.

You can work with companies all around the world and gain exposure to their work culture and projects. This way, you can expand your knowledge and learn a great deal of new things that you would not be able to on a regular job.

Dealing with different clients also allows you to acquire a variety of new skills, such as sales and negotiation skills, but only if you use different styles and tactics to convince your clients to buy your services.

Make your own schedule

Here’s the ugly truth: standard 9-5 jobs include being attached to your desk inside a dark office for likely far more than 40 hours per week. Believe it or not, it’s been proven that this has a negative effect on both your health and personal well being. Most people don’t function at their best or feel their best in this kind of atmosphere, and it often keeps them from other important things in life, such as their kid’s soccer games or a happy hour with their best friend.

If you decide to start a freelancing career, you could start making your own schedule and practice time management on your own. How about taking those extra 30 minutes to drive your kids to school, or finally taking up that yoga class you’ve always wanted to try? You can take your time to do anything you want—travel, paint, cook, or whatever you love to, with the benefit of financial security.

If you’re an early bird, you could get three hours of work every morning before the typical work day starts or, if you’re a night owl, you could stay up late working, while the rest of the world sleeps.

Knowing that every moment of your time is yours, and not dictated by someone else feels truly fulfilling and outstanding, right?

You can work from home or from anywhere else

The greatest benefit is probably the freedom to work from anywhere you want—a cafe, beach, shared workspace, or your own home. It is possible to work even while traveling, as flexible working hours allow you to manage your time in a way that’s perfect for you.

There is no right or wrong way to approach freelancing to acquire all those benefits. Note that freelancing doesn’t mean immediate revolt, resulting in quitting your job and no employment at all. Try taking simple, slow, but certain steps by searching for smaller freelance jobs, and tasks that would only take you few hours a week to complete. That sounds like a decent start of a freelancing career, right?

From there, you could progress slowly, and eventually come to the point where you have built an outstanding freelancing profile, and finally replace your typical, everyday job with a full-time freelancing career.

Just also bear in mind that freelancing jobs require an incredible amount of discipline.

Check out Zeqr and take a chance—there is a world of opportunity awaiting you and your expertise.

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