5 Tips For Creating A Compelling Online Profile On Zeqr

5 Tips For Creating A Compelling Online Profile On Zeqr

Now more than ever, experts of all fields are turning to online knowledge-sharing platforms to offer their services to a wider audience.
When we created Zeqr, we sought to expand our knowledge sharing platform by allowing experts of all areas of knowledge to distribute their online classes and disrupt the industry.

However, offering various classes isn’t enough to become a successful knowledge sharing expert. In order to present yourself as one of the best in your expertise, and reach out to those who want to learn, you need to present yourself in the best light, and learn how to build a compelling online profile.

With that said, since many of our experts come from different subject fields, often times we get asked the ever-present question: “How can I make my online profile more compelling?”. We would like to help answer that question for you, and provide a few guidelines to make your online profile compelling to everyone who is interested in taking up an online class in your expertise!


Tell a story.

Building a compelling online profile is not just about simply listing your accomplishments. Although it would be quicker to complete your online profile by doing so, you will skip the humanizing aspect of explaining your background story, and associating your personal with business life.

Make sure to highlight your major accomplishments in your online profile. Express your passion for assisting others, as well as your goals and ambitions. Your “Online Profile Description” should creatively and precisely inform your potential student or client of who you are, and how could they benefit by working, and learning from you.

Telling your online profile story does not have to end with words. We highly suggest that our Xperts create their own ‘Online Profile Video’ to showcase their personality in addition to their introduction. As a matter of fact, 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than reading about it.

A great example of a well-thought out and compelling online profile video is Tom Reilly’s –  founder of Thoughtism who is a specialist in self-help and self-development with over 30 years of experience!

Sell, Sell, Sell.

This sounds easy, right? The steps to creating a compelling online profile need to include creating compelling services. The sessions available on your profile should have very detailed titles that inform the student or client what the service is about. Not only are the titles informative, but using the right keywords can help with SEO. Don’t get too creative or complicated with class titles, since your potential clients might never find you. Instead, use relevant and precise keywords, so that your online profile can be easily found by your consumers.


In addition, don’t be afraid to add many classes! There is no charge for uploading several classes, therefore, the benefit is enormous. For example, a class about “Discussion about the History” might be too vague, where “Discussion: A look into the Civil War” and “Middle East History” will speak to two very different people.

One example of detailed and informative sessions are Rose Osman, a fantastic transformation coach from Malaysia!

Create tangible goals.

What can your clients and students expect to gain from your session? Clearly outlining this in your online profile will ensure that the user signs up for the right session and that all expectations are met. At the end of every class description, be sure to define the goals that a user can hope to reach as a result of taking your session. We always encourage adding more info to an online profile overall. Nothing helps like a good description of who you are and what Zeqrs can learn from you.

A Xpert who has mastered this is Michael Macfarlan, a winemaker at an award-winning boutique winery, who clearly defines the goals of each of his classes. His business actually benefits from his online profile!

Flexible availability.

Zeqr is a global platform and therefore students and clients will come from all parts of the world. The easiest way to get others interested in their classes is to have availability that works for many time zones. One day you can rise early and another stay up late.

However you choose to schedule it, having availability on your online profile lets Zeqrs book classes immediately without having to wait. Be sure to include some time for faster responses!

Sharing your profile on social media.

Sharing your online profile with your friends, families, and current/future clients is the best way to test your profile. Feedback from your social circle will bring an outside perspective to ensure that your message is clear and your classes are relatable.

One invaluable feature that we offer is a live demo where we inform you all about Zeqr, show you how to use the platform, boost your online profile, and discuss your own goals to maximize your time with us. I welcome you all to sign up for my free class, How to Use Zeqr.

See you there!

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