5 Totally Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

5 Totally Simple Ways to Earn Money Online

Do you need some extra cash but aren’t sure how to earn it? Do you have a busy schedule and can’t fit in a part-time job? Do you own a computer, laptop, iPad, or any other device with a keyboard and allows access to the Internet? You do? Perfect! You are very much in luck.

Earning money online has never been easier thanks to helpful websites, mobile applications, and other present-day creative outlets. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to earn money fast, have no fear! Learning how to make money online is simple and foolproof. Your wallet and bank account will thank you for making these small efforts that can lead to extra cash.

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As there are many ways you can work simply for some extra dollars, one (or more) of these five outlets could possibly be the best method for you. The awesome part about these five ways is that one of them is bound to truly be enjoyable for you to pursue.

You can express yourself in different manners, or just have some fun in the process of gaining some cash. Here are our suggestions that we consider easy, simple, painless – and definitely beneficial.

Tutor Online or Provide Classes

Are you a good teacher and not only want to share your knowledge but also need to make more income? Tutor others online and teach them all that you know while your bank account expands.

Aside from tutoring, providing online classes is an extremely efficient way to earn money. Zeqr allows instructors to share what they know in exchange for payment from students.

Classes can start from as low as $5 and go up to $100 or more, depending on the content that’s being displayed and taught. For example, Stefan Katanic teaches Competitor Analysis, a class that tells how to beat your competitors at digital marketing, for $18 on Zeqr.

Classes include live video calls and screen sharing and are scheduled according to the convenience of the student. This is a straightforward way to make money online and also share your knowledge on a topic that a student will appreciate.


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Have a talent that could be put to effective use to assist others? Consider freelancing! Freelancing is a wonderful way to earn money via the Internet. It’s a job that can be done from home, but more importantly, can usually be done on your own time and according to your own schedule (but remember to factor in deadlines!).

And people need freelancers for a bunch of various tasks – not just writing. Are you skilled in web work, graphic design or social media? There are freelance positions available for you! Those few jobs do not nearly cover the array of freelance work that’s available, though.

Freelancing through outlets such as Zeqr, allows you to connect with students/clients in real-time and make a difference immediately. The live and interactive online classes are a great way to make money right away!

Another great website that allows people to freelance is Upwork. Upwork is a perfect outlet for any person who would like to freelance. Create an account and start searching for tasks that are appropriate for you! It’s easy to find work, and you’ll actually find pleasure in using your talent to help others.

Sell Things You No Longer Want

Have some possessions that you no longer need or want and are willing to give away? Don’t just give them away – SELL them! The world wide web and mobile applications make selling absolutely anything completely easy and FAST.

There are two pros to this…you are not only getting rid of objects that no longer have use to you, but you are also (and more importantly) making some money! That phone charger that still works but you don’t need? Sell it. That shirt that’s in perfect condition but doesn’t fit anymore? Sell it. That set of wine glasses that you received an extra of and is just taking up space? Sell it. Sell ALL of it!

One of our favorite websites and mobile applications that makes selling your stuff and earning money super-duper easy is Letgo. Use this app and literally let go of your unwanted items. Another website and mobile application is OfferUp. Double up and use both of these apps to assure that your possessions will be gone, leaving you with cash you didn’t have before.

Take a Survey or Join a Survey Panel


Do you give your opinion on a daily basis (sometimes when not even asked)? Believe it or not, you can earn money online JUST by giving your opinion! Take online surveys in your spare time and get paid for your thoughts (for once).

Surveys that only take about 10-15 minutes can pay a few dollars, but more extensive and time-consuming surveys can pay up to $90! One of our favorite survey websites is Ipsos Panel. Go ahead and try it out, all it will take is a little bit of your time for cash you didn’t have in your pocket before.

A little different from taking short surveys is joining a survey panel. Become part of a survey panel, like Springboard Panel, and give your feedback for money. You’ll be asked to provide your thoughts on latest ideas and products. Easy enough? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Rent Out Your Place

If you have a space that people would like to rent out, use Airbnb to earn some money through a website. Sign up, display your home and wait for the requests to come in! Depending on how desirable your space is or how prime the location is, you could make hundreds to thousands of dollars using this outlet.

Some words of advice? To make sure you’re getting the most buck you can, rent out at the perfect time. Consider when concerts, sporting events, etc. nearby are taking place. Another tip is to be friendly and considerate. This means interacting well with the people who are interested in staying at your place and keeping your place nice and neat.

Stock up on toiletries and necessities to assure that their stay will be a positive one. It’s an interesting concept to share your home with others and earn money from it, and you can do this online! Not only are you gaining from it, but you’re also providing visitors with a lovely experience while they travel.

Online tutoring

Whether it is tutoring, freelancing, or something else, we hope these five ways to make money online fast have been informative. Now go try one (or more) of them and get the financial results you’ve been looking for!

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