6 Benefits of (Live) Online Classes

6 Benefits of (Live) Online Classes

Online learning has become a serious trend over the past couple of years—it has wormed its way into the learning industry and took over the initiative from traditional learning.

Since live online classes have become the preferred learning method for a number of diligent individuals including students, employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, more and more of them are signing up on different online learning platforms, including Zeqr.

Although online knowledge-sharing platforms have proven to be very successful, a lot of people have found a slight glitch in the process of using them. What we’re talking about is a lack of interaction between the learner and the tutor. Allegedly, pre-recorded content is restricting the connection between the two, making the learning process a bit confusing and boring.

However, here at Zeqr have made sure to deal this setback, and offer students and clients a chance to participate in live online classes, which come with various added benefits and opportunities your can take advantage of. We did this so that you could get the most out of learning on our online knowledge-sharing platform.

In order for us to explain to you how you can benefit from taking up live online classes, we’ve come up with top 6 benefits which engaging in live online classes brings:


One of the most alluring parts of online learning is the ability to take online classes whenever and wherever you want. With this newfound freedom, there is nothing stopping people who have full-time jobs, are raising children, have multiple jobs or simply can’t afford to commute to a distant learning center to pick up a new skill. Taking up live online classes ensures that the scheduled class works for both the teacher and the student, and maximizes the time constraints on both ends.

Tailored Knowledge/Advice

By taking live online classes, students and clients are able to get answers specific to their needs. In pre-recorded classes, students are left with a number of unanswered questions and waste an enormous amount of time looking for answers on Google. With your expert and thought-leader available to you, the ability to ask specific questions and expand on topics that you do not comprehend is invaluable.

Variety of Programs Available

You often hear that people are the “amazon of knowledge”. What this saying truly means is than each and every one of us has our own capabilities and strengths in which we excel.
To ensure that all of your needs are met, we have created a wide variety of live online classes which consist of skills and topics that are not only what you require, but also useful and enjoyable. From Video Marketing to Accounting, the options are endless. Those looking to learn a new subject or to enhance their existing skills can browse our wide range of live online classes available.

Career Advancement

An immediate benefit of taking live online classes is the high potential for career advancement. In this day and age, where technology is helping almost every industry develop rapidly, it is important for employees, students, and entrepreneurs to keep on evolving and enhancing their skills. It is no longer necessary to attend long and boring courses or seminars in order to gain knowledge in any field. By simply engaging in live online classes, you have the ability to connect with experts on a desired topic, and learn whatever it is that you need.


One more benefit of taking up live online classes is the opportunity to network.
In live online classes, students and clients are able to communicate directly with their teacher. This provides students with a chance to have direct access to some of the world’s top thought-leaders and experts in any given industry.

Lower Costs

Since freelancers have found a way to maximize their schedules by offering live online classes, they will offer them at a much lower cost than they would if they had to physically travel from a location to a location. Students can reap the benefits of lower costs just by signing up for their live online classes!


Today’s technology has afforded us all the luxury to learn and keep learning.
Take advantage of all the talented, educated and experienced Xperts that are just a click away from you.

Whether you’re a student, employee, entrepreneur or simply someone looking to learn something new, we have live online classes covering each and every topic out there, and we think you’ll enjoy browsing through the list of all classes on Zeqr.

Happy learning!

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