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Xpert Spotlight: Sylvie de Gil

Hi! I’m Sylvie de Gil, a French business-woman who has been working in the fashion industry for more than 20 years. I started Jomsy Fashion Consultant in 2010 to coach new, emerging designers on how to create a strong foundation for their fashion projects. Along with coaching designers and fashion enthusiasts, I enjoy lifestyle mentoring, […]


Online Careers and The Facts You Should Know

Are you curious about starting an online career, but don’t know much about how to get started? You may be interested in the idea of working online, but don’t have it all figured out yet. You also may not be knowledgeable regarding the online careers you could pursue. We’re here to help! There is a […]


Xpert Spotlight: Tanya Williams

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests: My name is Tanya Williams. I am from Brisbane, Australia and have over 20 years marketing experience in various roles & industries. I am passionate about digital, living life, following my passions and spending time with those I love. I […]


What You Need to Know About Online Education and How to Get Started

Are you curious to gain knowledge about a specific topic or would like to learn a new skill that could be useful or simply interesting? Maybe you’ve prolonged pursuing an opportunistic learning experience due to lack of time or a hectic schedule. If you have a packed agenda that’s inflexible but still want to expand […]


Xpert Spotlight: Safwan Khan

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests: My name is Safwan Khan and I am the founder of Startupily, a platform for entrepreneurs seeking useful content, resources and tools to start and grow their business. I also have an app and website development company, and I am […]


The 5 Most Practical Methods to Make Learning Fun for Everyone

Learning any information or skill is always beneficial, but this does not mean that it is always easy. Sometimes learning and maintaining additional knowledge can be frustrating and complicated. This could mostly be due to the fact that learning is not always fun. In fact, at times, it’s quite difficult to make learning seem fun. […]


Xpert Spotlight: Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus is a venture capital investor and partner who has founded several FinTech companies, including Prepare 4 VC, a leading startup consulting firm in the Boston area. He is also someone who enjoys networking events, and that passion led him to making an effort to embed himself in the Boston Startup scene. Jason also […]


All About Online Consultants and How to Become One

Have you mastered a demanded skill that’s necessary for a specialized profession, or gained a ton of knowledge about a demanded topic? You should take advantage of your hard work and find an outlet in which it can pay off. Becoming an online consultant might be the correct path for you to go down. You […]


Xpert Spotlight: Darren Wong, Hip-Hop Dancer

My name is Darren. I am part of the dance crew the Kinjaz from NBC’s World of Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) Season 8, and I specialize in teaching basic Hip-Hop dance and Breakin’/Breakdancing. My hobbies include teaching dance to people who have always wanted to get into dancing, playing with my 6-year-old […]


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