Back-to-school: Tools for Success with Online Classes

Back-to-school: Tools for Success with Online Classes

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We have often referred to Zeqr as “the Amazon of learning” and in this phrase quickly illustrate what we have to offer; live and interactive online classes from all different subjects.

With this global platform at-hand, we have identified 4 different categories of users: students, employees, entrepreneurs and polymaths. Today, we will explore how experts can market their sessions to the first category of Zeqr’s: students.

With the end of summer around the corner, classes are sure to begin for students of all ages. Here at Zeqr we offer the opportunity for students of all grade levels to get direct and result-oriented attention. Below, we highlight the different formats that can be found within Zeqr.


Who says that tutoring sessions have to be in person? In today’s age, students have access to world-class tutors of all subject matters in a direct and affordable matter with online classes. “Back-to-school” also means back to complex subjects and demanding schoolwork. With tutors from Zeqr, you can get the expertise needed tailored to your speed of learning, style of learning and best of all, with the ability to ask questions to fully understand your subject.

  • A perfect class for all grade levels: Victoria’s classes are tailored to help students perfect their math skills at any level. Struggling with algebra? Calculus? Look into booking a personalized session with an experienced and top math tutor: Math Tutor for Senior High and College students
  • Calling all english students or those looking to perfect the language: Jody Holmes offers a class in which he helps students improve their English skills. English Tutor


Looking to expand your knowledge past the classroom? You can join industry thought-leaders and experts as they lecture students on different subjects. Join a one-on-one or a group class to enhance your learning experience.

  • The music industry has been booming decade after decade, and although breaking into the industry is tough, Josh Harris teaches students the entrepreneurial side of the music industry. Music Industry Masterclass
  • Business students who are looking to break into the financial world as business analysts will greatly appreciate this class. Asen Gyczew brings his 11 years of experience to teach students the ins and outs of business analysis. Business Analysis


“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor”. Taking advantage of this great tool is a priceless opportunity for students to receive guidance and tips on how to best succeed in a desired industry or career-path. The access that Zeqr offers students is invaluable by connecting them to top experts in the desired field.

  • Student’s with a clear career focus tend to be much more successful than those without a plan. Looking for a guiding star? This class with Kondal Kandregula will help shape you or your child’s future: Student Mentoring for Career Success
  • Did you know that rocking social media can help you in your future career? Salaries for social media managers range from $40,000 to $100,000+. Interested? Laurel brings her vast wealth of knowledge and mentoring to students. Social Media Mentoring

Get yourself or your kids ready for “back-to-school” with one or all three of these options. Stay ahead of the game and get started today!

Happy learning!


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