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4 Tips to Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer Online

Are you a creative and artistic person who has always been intrigued by graphic design? Does the idea of becoming a graphic designer excite you, but you’re unsure of how to begin? There’s good news for you and so many other people like you. Starting a career or even just a hobby that’s associated with […]

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Why Your Affiliate Program isn’t Working for Your Business (Part 2)

This article is written by marketing Xpert, Melissa Cocks. This is the second post in a two-part series on Why Your Affiliate Program isn’t Working for your Business. To read the first post and fully improve your affiliate program, click here. 11. Affiliates Don’t Understand Your Product If an affiliate doesn’t understand the value of your […]

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Why Your Affiliate Program isn’t Working for Your Business (Part 1)

This article is written by marketing Xpert, Melissa Cocks. If you’re wondering why your affiliate program isn’t working for your business, your arrival here is a great first step toward turning it around. Managing an affiliate marketing channel on behalf of your company involves many different moving parts and requires a considerable amount of time. That […]

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Placing Your Team in the Spotlight

Three Reasons We Place Our Team in the Spotlight (Rather Than Ourselves) By Daniel Hedlund   Branding expert Simon Mainwaring said “CEOs must embrace the role of serving as the public face of the company to their customer community and the marketplace at large.” However, rather than stepping into the limelight ourselves, myself and my […]

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Xpert Spotlight: Health and Fitness

Reaching your personal fitness goals with live consultations and our e-learning blog As winter is right around the corner, we’re getting close to that time of the year when we all strive to change, with resolutions and fitness decisions popping up everywhere. Whether it is to quit smoking, start saving money, or even take up […]

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Entering the world of live online learning

In the past few years, it has become increasingly popular to learn new skills via online classes and sessions as opposed to going to physical classes and/or hiring freelancers. Although pre-recorded sessions have many positives, students often feel neglected or unfulfilled with the many questions they have after committing a large amount of time to […]

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Xpert Spotlight: Personal Finance

Getting out of debt and into savings The amount of debt that we, as consumers have, varies from country to country and state to state. Still, most consumers owe a tremendously high amount of money, be it in car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc. It has even been reported that as of June 2017, […]

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3 Simple Steps To Become A Member Of Zeqr, A Global Knowledge Hub

When we started building Zeqr, a global knowledge sharing company, we wanted to ensure one thing: that seekers of knowledge (located all over the world) could easily connect with experts around the world. Today, that idea has become a reality, as we see many success stories arise from our global knowledge hub. Seekers of global […]

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Xpert Spotlight: Startups

As you may already know, a startup is a young company still in development mode. Startups are usually small and at the same time are financed and operated by a small number of founders or even a single individual. So, being familiar with that term, you’ve probably already come up with a brilliant business idea […]

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