How to Create an Enticing Class

How to Create an Enticing Class

Here are some pointers on how to create a Zeqr class that best showcases your skills and expertise to generate interest from Zeqrs.

Excel in your Expertise

When creating a class, make sure that the topic is something that you truly are an Xpert on and about which you can present confidently and effectively. Ensure you sell your expertise to Zeqrs by outlining your background, experience, and knowledge via your profile biography, Class Description and by uploading a video introduction which gives the Zeqrs a taste of your personality.


It is important that you include as much relevant detail about your class as possible. More details help Zeqrs understand exactly what knowledge they’ll gain by taking the class with you.

  • Class Title: The title should clearly explain what the overall topic is. Some good examples include: How to Write a Press Release, Turn a Blog into a Business, Basics of Accounting, and Introduction to Social Media.
  • Class Description: This is where you can further detail what your class will offer and exactly what new knowledge, information, or skill the Zeqr will come away with. Keep this ‘result focused,’ explaining how the Zeqr will benefit from taking the class.
  • Class Video: This is another way to entice Zeqrs and should build on the class description, reaffirming the focus of the class. The video should also give Zeqrs more understanding of your personality, background, and unique selling points.
  • Advanced Options: You have the opportunity to include Materials and Training Files. This means you can provide Zeqrs study guides, slide notes, worksheets, and beyond. These are ideal ways to provide a more concrete idea of what the class will be beyond the short description and video.
  • Level of Expertise: Be honest about your experience and ensure your classes Price per Participant fairly reflects this.


The more flexible you can be, the more likely that Zeqrs will be able to find a convenient time to take your class.

You can increase your flexibility two different ways, via the individual classes and your Availability Settings on your Profile. You can learn more about how to set your availability and much more by reading our FAQs.

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