Follow These 5 Pieces of Advice to Build Your Self-esteem

Follow These 5 Pieces of Advice to Build Your Self-esteem

Suffering from low self-esteem? Guess what- you are NOT the only one. Most people around you (and those not around you, too) have issues regarding self-esteem and feeling good about themselves. The definition of self-esteem goes along the lines of “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities”. Whether it be a constant feeling or simply a circumstantial emotion, having low self-esteem is a matter that most people face quite often.

So what can you do about this issue, is there a solution to this problem? Well, in a way, you have to find it in yourself. There are different methods and self-esteem building activities that can aid in the growth of confidence you have in yourself. Building self-esteem is not a simple task that occurs overnight. Instead, it is a process that happens over a time period with a willingness to change. Follow these five pieces of advice if you’d like to learn how to be confident in life.

Reassure yourself often in whichever way necessary that has a lasting impact.

If you’re wondering how to improve your self-confidence, the first (and possibly the most important) step is reassuring yourself often in whichever way that works for you. What do we mean by “reassuring”? Constantly tell yourself that you are more than good enough the way that you already are- that although improvement could always be beneficial– you are still pretty awesome the way that you are right now.

How do you reassure yourself? One of the many good tips out there that even New York Times proves to positively impact low self-esteem is talking to yourself. Whether it be in front of a mirror so you can actually see yourself as you say positive proclamations aloud, or on a piece of paper that you’ve jotted down your accomplishments (rather than your shortcomings!), self-talk is great for influencing your behavior and cognition. It’s been proven that saying statements aloud or writing them down helps your memory maintain that information. So why not send some positive vibes to your brain via voice or by pen?

Control your thoughts to remain positive as much as you possibly can.

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Famous Author Elizabeth Gilbert (you may know her best from her book “Eat, Pray, Love”) stated in her book:

You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.”

Although difficult at times, we are capable of controlling our thoughts. What you feed your brain is what you’ll receive back in every aspect of your life. Wondering how to improve your self-confidence when it comes to your appearance? Control your thoughts. Feed your brain positive messages that you are beautiful and negate those thoughts that make you feel unpleased with your body. Are you not confident in areas such as your work life or perhaps your family life? Control your thoughts to be positive and those areas of your life will improve drastically. It’s all about what you think- that is what will truly affect your self-esteem, leading to a happier life.

Recognize and embrace your amazing and admirable qualities and characteristics.

Low self-esteem all has to do with the way that we perceive ourselves. Not too fond of your thin arms, but think you have attractive eyes? Recognize the traits that you admire and let go of the bad feelings about the others. Not the smartest when it comes to math, but are extremely artistic and creative? Embrace what you are good at and you’ll feel more confident because you’re not only pursuing something that people will admire you for, but also pursuing something that you’ll admire YOURSELF for! Take notice of all of the great things about you (because trust me, there are a TON!) and focus on those aspects, rather than the characteristics or qualities that make you feel blue.

Give yourself more credit for even the smallest accomplishments each and every day.

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Did you wake up to your alarm this morning, get dressed and go to work? Congratulations! Did you pick up groceries, pay bills and go to the gym? Good job! Sometimes just having A DAY is enough, even if it’s not necessarily a PERFECT day. Give yourself credit for the little things that you do on a daily basis and you’ll realize that you truly do A LOT. Crossing even the smallest accomplishments off your list can feel super good, so do it more often.

And another thing- if you’re facing problems regarding low self-esteem, you probably don’t give yourself enough credit. We bet that you do amazing things all the time and you don’t even recognize them. Pat yourself on the back when you should, and try not to expect so much of yourself. Your self-esteem will build up if your expectations are attainable rather than unrealistic. Reach for the stars, but make sure that you feel good about yourself on the way up.

Take advantage of little actions that make you feel confident and good about yourself.

Does reading a certain magazine put a smile on your face? Does getting your nails done make you feel pretty? Does playing a video game put you at ease? Does taking a hot shower help you relax? Do these things! Any actions that make you feel good about yourself- take advantage of them and try to do them as much as possible (but remember that moderation is key, too). Sometimes it’s the little things that please us, so go ahead and please yourself with these small actions.

We hope these five pieces of advice have helped and that you’ll try to build your self-esteem because everyone deserves to feel confident. But there’s good news. We don’t want you to do this alone! Zeqr offers classes that can aid in the process. For example, Yentl Lega will teach you all about positive feelings in her class How to Boost Your Self Esteem. You can also sign up for Inbar Shahar’s class Journey Session if you are in need of emotional healing.

Now go build your self-esteem!

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