Guy Kawasaki joins Zeqr to offer a limited number of one-on-one classes for free!

Guy Kawasaki joins Zeqr to offer a limited number of one-on-one classes for free!

As part of the public beta launch of Zeqr, a number of world-renowned experts have joined the platform to offer exclusive classes to select Zeqrs, who will be chosen by registering for Zeqr and submitting their interest for the opportunity, citing why they’d benefit from a one-on-one class.

Guy Kawasaki, the world-renowned evangelist, marketer, and entrepreneur – is launching the Zeqr “Business” category of classes as an Xpert. He will host two, one-on-one, real-time sessions on Zeqr, to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the platform.

About the opportunity, Kawasaki said, “I’m delighted to offer two exclusive sessions on the Zeqr platform. These sessions will reflect years of insight and experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, and fundraising. I love Zeqr’s vision of changing the way people share information and learn in the digital age.”

Anyone can apply for these classes with Kawasaki by explaining why they would benefit from this exceptional access to the evangelist. If you enter, be prepared to get strategic and practical advice because Kawasaki isn’t known for pulling his punches.

Kawasaki continued, “Technology has provided incredible opportunities for learning and the sharing of expertise, and I cannot wait to see the impact that Zeqr has on people seeking new knowledge as well as experts trying to impart their expertise and advice across the globe.”

How to apply:

If you are interested in being in with a chance of accessing an exclusive, one-on-one Zeqr session with Kawasaki, simply:

  • Register for a Zeqr account via Guy’s class page here
  • From there, submit a short explanation describing why you would most benefit from a personal class and consultation with the world-renowned evangelist
  • Submissions will then be reviewed with two being chosen to receive exclusive sessions.

Join Zeqr and start growing your knowledge or sharing your expertise with an online community that is eager to learn today!

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