How Much Money Can You Make Freelancing?

How Much Money Can You Make Freelancing?

The trend that is called freelancing has generated a lot of traction over the recent years.  In fact, we know that in most countries on the globe, freelancers earn more than regular full-time workers. We covered this once with one of our previous infographics that compare freelance projects to full-time jobs, and the results are still unchanged. More people tend to freelance than search for 9-5 jobs that forces them to cover lengthy distances day after day.

Getting started with your freelancing career covers a lot of grounds at once. What we’ll mention instead is something we previously wrote about, and that is how to list freelance work on your resume the right way, so go ahead and check that one out!

Payoneer, a global payment platform, surveyed more than 23,000 freelancers from 180 countries to uncover trends when it comes to their work. According to their data, the average freelancer works 36 hours a week at a rate of $21 per hour, giving them an annual pre-tax salary of more than $39,000. Once you add up the fact that handling more than a single client as a freelancer means you can lose one client without losing your entire source of income, you get to the point where you realize freelancing seems like a pretty good career move. And we agree!

Depending on the type of work, an average freelance graphic designer earns up to $6,000 per month. Online tutors, on the other hand, who sell affordable and high-value classes can easily earn up to $60 per hour.

With a full-time job, you do have the advantage of income security — you won’t make less than your salary — but you don’t have the ability to earn significantly more.

Diane Elizabeth, freelance consultant & blogger

This infographic from Zeqr reveals some interesting stats about the current statistics, earnings by niche, as well as the most popular freelancing platforms that can take your career to the next level.

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How Much Money Freelancers Make Infographic

Infographic: How Much Money Freelancers Make

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