How to List Freelance Work on Your Resume – Tips, Tricks, Truths

How to List Freelance Work on Your Resume – Tips, Tricks, Truths

First, pat yourself on the back!

Are you a freelancer and wondering how to list freelance work on your resume? First and foremost – congratulations! Working as a freelancer is not an easy task and you have proven to be qualified for the challenge. You’re probably juggling your freelance assignments with another job or career, which means that you are great at multitasking (an extremely valuable skill!). And even if you are not juggling a couple of jobs at once, freelance work alone is time-consuming and requires major brain activity. So, again, congratulations on going above and beyond and displaying your talent to assist others.

Know Why Listing Freelance Work on Your Resume is Important

Now back to the part about listing your freelance work on your resume. You are putting in time and effort for these assignments, so make sure that they are included on your resume where they count most! Having a freelance job on your resume could not only gain you more freelance work, but also open doors to new opportunities for jobs that you didn’t know interest you.

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Adding freelance work to your resume also gives you more credibility when searching for another job, and could possibly help you get hired more easily. The more experience you have, the more trust employers and clients will have in you, due to the fact that you have gained more and more knowledge with each task you’ve completed. Showcasing your previous work is essential in order to acquire more jobs and be successful in your career.

The Inside Scoop on Adding Freelance Work on Your Resume

If you’re reading this, it’s because you already know that adding freelance work on your resume is not an easy task. We’re here to help! Here’s the inside scoop. Follow these three steps to assure that your resume will include everything necessary in an orderly and informative manner.

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  • Adjust your resume according to the job in which you are applying.

After reading that sentence, I bet you’re thinking that altering your entire resume for each job you apply for is a major pain. Well, guess what…it is! But it’s a sure way to know that you did your best to grab the attention of an employer. Rearrange the order of the jobs you have completed according to the job in which you are applying. Employers are only going to skim your resume unless they find something that interests them immediately. Putting relevant work at the top is helpful, as it will be the first thing that they read and will catch their eye.

  • Write a separate section on your resume that declares your skills.

Are you a freelance writer who specializes in comical writing? Have you written many cover letters for people, or do you write mostly SEO web content? Are you a freelance designer who has years and years of Adobe Photoshop experience under your belt? DECLARE YOUR SKILLS. A separate section that lists what you specialize in will be simpler for someone to read quickly and comprehend easily. Show off those skills and highlight them by separating them from the sentence structure displayed throughout the rest of your resume.

  • Finally, here is an example of how to list your freelance work on your resume.

There are many options to choose from when listing your freelance work, but below is one of the most basic and easiest to understand.

Job (For Example, Copywriting):

Company Name (Year Started – Year Ended)

[URL to work if this applies or photocopy of work if that applies]
All details regarding the job. How you came about it if it’s an interesting story, your accomplishments throughout it, overall a general synopsis that emphasizes the fact that you did well with this job.

Writing Your Freelance Work Successfully and Uniquely AND Classes that will Help!

When listing freelance work on your resume, using correct grammar is of UTMOST importance. Those reading your resume, whether it be an employer or new freelance client, will not take you seriously if your resume is full of grammatical errors. If you want to come off as professional, intelligent and conscientious, make sure that your resume is perfectly put together and free of mistakes.

To do so, sign up for English Writing and Composition with Adriona Atty on Zeqr to learn all about proper grammar and editing. She’ll teach you writing techniques that could be interesting to different audiences, and you can also send your writing for her to give helpful notes.

If you’re really looking to stand out, list your freelance work on your resume ARTISTICALLY. Utilizing Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign is a method that can transform your resume and make it unordinary. Try a different look than what will be expected! Although Microsoft Word is excellent to use when creating a resume, step outside of the box and type something that is appealing to the eye. Although every resume will list different jobs, they will tend to look the same, as most people follow a certain, well-known format. Display your skills in a creative manner and make a statement to employers or anyone at all who will view your resume!

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Sign up for Adobe InDesign Fundamentals with Chad Chelius on Zeqr to learn how to create an Adobe InDesign file from scratch. He’ll show you how to incorporate text (which will obviously be necessary in the case of creating a resume). You’ll be taught how to flow content into an InDesign document from a Microsoft Word file (which could be VERY helpful if you’ve already typed your resume on Microsoft Word), and will also expose you to some graphic formats that will catch the eye.

Lastly, you’ll know how to export your InDesign file into a PDF file, which is exactly what needs to be done when creating a resume. A word of advice – ALWAYS send your resume as a PDF file. A Microsoft Word file can be easily edited, and a PDF also appears more professional.

Not completely satisfied with your current job, even if it isn’t a freelance position? Writing a resume with ANY skills at all is an important responsibility. Sign up for Land Your Dream Job with Kristen Wiggins on Zeqr to hone in on your skills and craft a resume and cover letter that will stand out from the rest.

Your writing will land you the job that you have always imagined. Kristen will teach you how to construct the perfect resume that will lead to victory.

Now you know the tips, tricks, and truths of how to list freelance work on your resume. Go get ‘em, we believe you can!

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