How To Teach Online and Make Money

How To Teach Online and Make Money

So you want to make money by becoming an online teacher, but you don’t have an idea where to start. Here at Zeqr, we offer you a unique chance to teach online and enjoy sharing knowledge via live one-to-one classes!

When applying to become an Xpert on Zeqr, you don’t really need to have a background of a prominent professor or a decade of teaching experience. All it takes for you to become an Xpert and an online teacher is for you to be an expert in your field, and to be ready to selflessly share knowledge and teach online on our e-learning platform.

We’re aware of other e-learning platforms always offering the chance to teach online. Sadly, most have special requirements, or a small number of course topics people can apply to. However, the variety of subjects that you can teach online on Zeqr is diverse (from graphic design, to marketing and even life coaching), and just like we mentioned above, you don’t really need to meet any requirements based on work experience to do so. The only thing you need is – knowledge.

Here are some things you should consider if you decide to teach online and earn money on our e-learning platform:

Choose to teach something you are passionate about

Today, many teachers are forced to teach things or subjects that are outside their core interests, making them lack the passion for it. It may sound ridiculous, but absence of teacher’s passion in spreading knowledge, lowers the student’s devotion to the subject, as well as his/hers overall results in that subject.

It’s simple. Teachers with passion inspire students. They get students interested, and even excited about what they are learning, even if they thought they wouldn’t. The exact same thing applies to those who teach online.

As we can see, the teacher’s attitude is the main indicator of whether or not the student will like the subject. So, there are no completely fun and no completely boring subjects. Passion is what makes students decide to study more, and score better grades.

As we, on Zeqr, guarantee you a full work control, and your own teaching independance, your passion will come through your teaching, and make a big difference to Zeqrs – people who are on our e-learning platform in order to learn from you.

Teach what you know, teach what you love, and help not only others, but yourself indeed.

Choose highly-requested topics

Maybe your expertise is something that concerns a lot of people, but there aren’t many reliable information and courses that they need. Maybe you are expert in programming, designing, social media marketing, and other skills that are in high demand, but hard to find on the Internet. You could try and teach online some of that topics, and not only help other, but make some extra money for yourself too!

You can create course on almost anything, and teach how you desire according to your style and personality. We hope that you’ll find topic that you’re good at, which you love, and which is in highly demand!

Create the content

At Zeqr, we not only give you the opportunity to teach online, but to be your own boss too. We promise you not to interact or impact with your teaching skills and plans.

We give you opportunity to design your own class. Think about topics you will cover. Think about insights, examples, and how will you engage students to learn by doing and achieve their goals. And we’ll be there to follow it, and help you execute it.

Find the right platform

When you finish preparing your own custom class, our e-learning platform is ready to market your product, and reach for students that are interested in the same topic that you are. We make sure to find the right audience, and connect with you with diligent students that are enticed to your class!

Build your brand and promote your courses

Creating your courses should be 50% of your overall effort. Other 50% should go to promotion. You may have excellent courses and be one of the best tutors, but if no one has heard of you and your classes it doesn’t matter at all because you will not have anyone to teach online.

And for that other 50%, Zeqr is here.

What distinguishes this platform from others is that all courses in our 9 main Categories (making the grand total of more than 1000 class topics) are live, one-on-one, and peer-to-peer.

You can choose the type of class you’d like to teach online, and Zeqr offers three different plans for you:

  • Free Plan – Zeqr’s commission is 20 percent
  • Monthly Premium Plan –  $30 a month or 17 percent
  • Annual Premium Plan – $250 a year or 15 percent.

You can charge any amount from $200 for a two-hour class to $2,750 for a five-hour class and you will be paid via Escrow for your work. You can choose when you’re available for classes, as well as the cost per hour, number of participants, and more.

We provide you the ability to set your own schedule, not take on more than you want/need, and make money based on what you want to teach online!

Another way to teach online, and make money doing it, is through Zeqr’s class requests. Zeqrs, individuals and businesses alike, post jobs of all sizes and scope. Based on your knowledge and time availability, you can submit proposals for these opportunities.




You can even shift to focus on what you enjoy and make your expertise your full-time job – and not just an additional income!

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