INFOGRAPHIC: Are freelancers better off than full-time employees in 2017?

INFOGRAPHIC: Are freelancers better off than full-time employees in 2017?

Here at Zeqr we cater—among others—to ambitious professionals who want to advance their careers by upgrading their skill sets.

We are trying to help people who are strategic enough about their careers to understand the need for constant improvement.

And the fastest way to facilitate that type of knowledge transmission is, we believe, through live 1-on-1 instruction.

But even the most effective way of acquiring new knowledge and skills requires investing time.

And time is a resource that’s difficult to come by for busy professionals. Especially those who work 9-5.

That’s why more and more people are switching to freelance careers. They want to wrestle back control over their own schedules from corporate overlords.

The flexibility and freedom that comes with it is empowering in the short term—but it also lets people have much more control over their overall career paths.

This stems from the ability to control one’s workload and to choose what one wants to work on from project to project.

To encourage the strategically-minded professional to consider a freelancing career, we created an infographic that lists the most relevant and recent stats about the freelancing economy.

The outlook is quite good.

Click on the image to see the big picture (pun intended).

Have you ever considered a career in freelancing? What’s deterring you? Or have you already made the jump and have some experiences to share? Let us know.

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Or the vertical version:

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