Maximising the Freelancing Field

Maximising the Freelancing Field

The gig economy is booming and freelancing is more popular than ever. The main benefit of freelancing is the flexibility it allows, from choosing the type of clients you take on, to selecting your working location and directing your own hours. However, freelancing can be a tricky field to navigate – here are some tips for those entering the space.

1) Establish yourself as an expert

What sets you apart from your competition is your knowledge and skill. In order to secure the clients and projects you really want, you need an edge above your competitors. Find your niche to excel in, learn how to succinctly sell your expertise, and showcase your point of difference. Whether this be through a blog, online portfolio, in-depth LinkedIn profile or series of client testimonials, it’s key to understand what will make your next client tick and present the detail in a professional and engaging way for your industry.

2) Network, Network, Network

Networking is a great way to open doors for your career, attend trade fairs, join all online communities that are relevant to your field, and ensure you are engaging with others on social platforms. Networking isn’t just key for engaging prospective clients, but also for your peers. They may essentially be your competitors, but by developing relationships with other freelancers in your industry you’ll open up work opportunities. For example, if a peer is unable to undertake a role, they will recommend their closest allies for the job. That needs to be you!

3) An Office from Anywhere

Wherever the chosen workspace, whether that’s at home, or in a shared working space, the most successful freelancers get their day off to a winning start by treating their location as a professional hub. A great freelancer will avoid distractions, set clear goals for the day and maintain the working pace of a busy office.

4) A Range of Income Routes

A freelance career has its peaks and troughs, sometimes you’ll feel you might have too much on your hands, and other times you’ll be eager to take on more work. By exploring alternative and flexible routes, such as online consultation, you’ll always have an additional source of income. As expert in your industry, clients will pay for one-off consultations, peers will pay for your time and knowledge and those looking to join your industry will pay for your insight.

If you’re an expert in your field, you could be earning additional money for your valuable insight, at flexible times directed by you. Sign up as a Zeqr Xpert here, for tips on how to create an enticing Xpert class profile, visit this blog post.

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