Why a Mentor is Essential to Your Success

Why a Mentor is Essential to Your Success

Tips on why you need a mentor and how to get one – at any stage

Learning from your mistakes is the goal. Learning from others mistakes is even better. One way to make this happen is by finding a willing, seasoned and talented adviser and mentor.  The concept of mentoring originated in ancient Greece in Homer’s Odyssey but now has developed into a world of its own. Today, mentoring has progressed into an entirely different realm with all types of beneficial relationships forming; primarily for students, employees, entrepreneurs, etc.

The role of a mentor can be crucial to the success of one’s personal and professional growth and the success of one’s business – a great mentor can be life changing. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, stated “If you ask any successful business person, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” Whether you are looking for someone to guide you during high school or college, while you start a business venture or as you move through your career, the right mentor can have a tremendous impact in the decisions and outcomes of your life decisions.

Finding a mentor that is knowledgeable in your field

Of most importance is to define the reason why you are looking to find a mentor to begin with. Once you have identified you “why”, ensure that you engage mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced in your desired field. Are you looking for industry knowledge? Personal growth experience? Defining the purpose early and correctly will be the factor between having a successful relationship and one that is unfulfilling and a waste of time for both parties.

Once the appropriate mentor has been identified, there is no limit. Building on this relationship will take time. But with this new found partner, there are many perks. A mentor can save you time and effort in many aspects of your life. By merely listening to their own experiences and outcomes, mentees can assess how they react in their real-life dealings. Digesting the information provided and tailoring it to your individual situations is key. A mentor can also suggest improvements in your current life/business. Mentors can have an unbiased perspective on a specific condition.

Creating your sounding board of mentors

For an entrepreneur, having a strong sounding board is an invaluable asset. A mentor can take the role of an unofficial advisor and seek to better the situation of a company by merely suggesting improvements. Although having a mentor will not prevent mistakes from taking place, having a seasoned mentor who has gone through similar experiences in the past can deter the budding entrepreneur from making “rookie mistakes”.

Also, don’t think that you can only have one mentor. In this scenario, the more the merrier. Having mentors from different walks of life will bring in fresh perspectives and different understandings of your situation. Seek different genders, age ranges, and even ethnic backgrounds to get a well-rounded level of feedback.

Network and connect

An often overseen and underrated perk of having a mentor is having potential access to the network of professionals that the mentor knows either personally or professionally. Having the opportunity to meet someone who might be able to help you in the present or in the future is great. Building on those relationships will be beneficial in the short and long run.

Making connections and networking are one of the most important aspects of having a mentor. Take advantage of what comes with the territory!

Finding a mentor

Finding the right mentor can be hard, however, in today’s digital age it has become a little easier to connect with enthusiastic mentors who are happy to share their wealth of knowledge. Live online platforms like ZEQR.com offers a wide range of experts at the tip of your finger. Connect with a motivational mentor, a business planning mentor or a student mentor to help answer any questions you might have. Online sessions with a mentor from anywhere in the world can prove to be enlightening and time-saving.

Looking for an in-person experience? Professional networking events are a great option to meet local entrepreneurs and mentors who are willing to connect and advise. Alternatively, industry events and meetups are a great place to meet experts in your desired industry. For students it is imperative that they connect with their school to inquire regarding programs which help students – many already have initiatives in place.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today in finding the right people to join your corner.

Are you looking to share your knowledge and become a mentor? As Mark Zuckerberg once said, “A small amount of time invested on your part to share your expertise can open up a new world for someone else.” Join us by signing up as an Xpert and create your first class a mentor.

“The wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes, the smart man learns from his own, and the stupid one never learns.”

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