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How to Be a Successful Freelancer and Still Win at Your Day Job

There are so many reasons why you would choose to freelance in addition to upholding your day job. You could enjoy your day job but want to take advantage of a totally different skill of yours and assist others. You could want some extra income and pursue a passion that could lead to more cash. […]


4 Tips to Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer Online

Are you a creative and artistic person who has always been intrigued by graphic design? Does the idea of becoming a graphic designer excite you, but you’re unsure of how to begin? There’s good news for you and so many other people like you. Starting a career or even just a hobby that’s associated with […]

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Why You Should Pursue Online Fitness Training and How to do it Successfully

It’s already March and you haven’t surpassed the fitness goals that you swore you’d meet in the new year. Plus, summer is right around the corner for most.  Rather than having high hopes that you’ll get back to the gym (because let’s face it, each day there’s a new obstacle), why not pursue online fitness […]


Zeqr EU & AUS Scholarship Winner – Q&A With Alessandra Ciadamidaro

1. Hi, Alessandra! First of all, congratulations once again on winning our first ever scholarship! Please tell us what motivated you to write your compelling article: E-Learning Is A Wonderful Innovative Tool? I was looking around for scholarships similar to this one when the title came out. It made me reflect on how eLearning affects […]

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Zeqr US & CA Scholarship Winner – Q&A With Heather Thiessen-Kerr

1. Hi, Heather! First of all, congratulations once again on winning our first scholarship ever! Please tell us what motivated you to write your compelling article: E-learning Opens More Doors? I have been a learner at both ends of technology. I remember when my father bought a computer with only a few simple programs, and […]

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Common Misconceptions of Freelancing

Do you work for a company who hires freelancers or consultants? Or are you one yourself? Welcome to the ever-growing gig-economy. According to a 2015 Intuit research study, the gig economy is expected to grow to 43% of the workforce by 2020. This staggering number of freelancers is shocking yet understandable. The trend of professionals […]


4 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Last night we saw the American president, Donald Trump, deliver an important speech: the State of the Union. Even though his presentation skills were okay while giving the message, we were quick to compare him to former president Barack Obama—a fantastic public speaker. And now, we can’t help but wonder: how does someone become a […]


4 Important Growth Tips for Women In Business

Building Your Career as a Female in a Male-dominated Business World Are you a woman in business? I hear you. It’s not easy working in a male-dominated business world. From the very start of our careers, the road to success can seem like a steep, uphill battle. According to the Women in the Workplace 2016 […]

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Why a Mentor is Essential to Your Success

Tips on why you need a mentor and how to get one – at any stage Learning from your mistakes is the goal. Learning from others mistakes is even better. One way to make this happen is by finding a willing, seasoned and talented adviser and mentor.  The concept of mentoring originated in ancient Greece […]

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