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3 Simple Steps To Become A Member Of Zeqr, A Global Knowledge Hub

When we started building Zeqr, a global knowledge sharing company, we wanted to ensure one thing: that seekers of knowledge (located all over the world) could easily connect with experts around the world. Today, that idea has become a reality, as we see many success stories arise from our global knowledge hub. Seekers of global […]

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Xpert Spotlight: Startups

As you may already know, a startup is a young company still in development mode. Startups are usually small and at the same time are financed and operated by a small number of founders or even a single individual. So, being familiar with that term, you’ve probably already come up with a brilliant business idea […]

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Using Social Media Channels to Get What You Want

Having strong social media profiles in today’s times can be as important as having a strong CV or personal resume. Ensuring that all your social media channels, both personal and professional, are strategically poised to tell the story that you want, is essential and a must-have in today’s world. Also, learning the ins and outs […]

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Xpert Spotlight: Marketing & Communication Skills Xperts

The number of start-ups created every year seems to be multiplying. Dubbed the “startup economy”, it is then no surprise that entrepreneurs as young as 8 years old are thinking of ways to make their dreams come true as they embrace their communication skills and make a living out of them. With this recent trend […]

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Start Distance Learning With Preparing Your First Online Class

So, you just signed up for Zeqr and are ready to share your knowledge with the world. But unfortunately, you don’t know how to prepare for an abundance of young people ready to dive in on your distance learning courses. You ask yourself – what does it take to create a carefully planned, informative and […]

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Changing of the Seasons = The Perfect Time to Start Learning

Have you been thinking of acquiring a new skill for some time now, but have been putting it away due to other obligations? That’s okay, we have all done this at one point or another in our lives. Seeing that people change as the seasons change, by the end of every season we tend to […]

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6 Benefits of (Live) Online Classes

Online learning has become a serious trend over the past couple of years—it has wormed its way into the learning industry and took over the initiative from traditional learning. Since live online classes have become the preferred learning method for a number of diligent individuals including students, employees, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, more and more of […]

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Tools For Success With Online Classrooms

We have often referred to Zeqr as a knowledge sharing platform for live and interactive online classrooms that allow Xperts to cover all the different subjects available. With this global platform at-hand, we have identified 4 different categories of users: Students Employees Entrepreneurs And polymaths. Today, we will explore how experts can market their online […]

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Top 6 Job Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace

The importance of having adequate job skills The pace by which the workforce is changing today is the fastest that it has ever been. The rise of technology and globalization totally restructured the job skills needed in today’s workplace. Because of that, one of the most difficult parts of the job search process has become […]

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