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Xpert Spotlight: Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is an entrepreneur, author and internationally respected technology and marketing specialist. As one of Zeqr’s Xperts and a superb digital marketing consultant, Taylor is offering Zeqrs advice on communicating key messages for their business or product effectively through the marketing tools available to them. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even an email […]

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Xpert Spotlight: Bobby Umar

The Xpert Spotlight blog is here to update Zeqrs on the latest and greatest opportunities to engage with leading Xperts from across the world. This week the spotlight falls on Bobby Umar, a 4x TEDx speaker, coach, author and leadership influencer. Named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers in the […]

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Use Learning Videos To Engage More Students

In the last 30 years, as technology drastically evolved and became a hit all over the world, learning videos have become one of the fastest growing fields in education. More and more teachers are using learning videos in order to make their classes more interesting for students, and thereby, make learning easier for students of […]

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Start Engaging Students With This Easy Guide

If you’ve ever had the experience to work as a teacher in a school, or even if you know someone with a similar job, you know how difficult engaging students can get. Some of the biggest concerns of most teachers and professors include the structure of the class, as well as the atmosphere they need […]

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Guy Kawasaki joins Zeqr to offer a limited number of one-on-one classes for free!

Since the very launch of our global e-learning platform Zeqr, a decent number of world-renowned experts have joined the platform to offer themselves and their skills in interactive, one-on-one live classes, available to all Zeqrs – a group of self-paced individuals who are always eager to learn on our knowledge sharing platform. Gathering experts from […]

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Ever Hired An Expert To Boost Your Learning Strategies?

Haven’t had a chance to meet freelancing? Here’s one, on our very own blog! We talk about all things freelancing – all the time! With this year coming to an end, many people around the world decide to put themselves up to challenge, and try to change. Whether it is in form of New Year’s […]


How To Teach Online and Make Money

So you want to make money by becoming an online teacher, but you don’t have an idea where to start. Here at Zeqr, we offer you a unique chance to teach online and enjoy sharing knowledge via live one-to-one classes! When applying to become an Xpert on Zeqr, you don’t really need to have a […]

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Top Reasons To Become An Online Teacher On Zeqr

For many years, we have been used to learn in a particular way: parents at home, teachers in schools and professors at college. This worked fine for some time, but as technology progressed, new e-learning methods and softwares developed as well. Today, we have many e-learning websites and knowledge sharing platforms that are poised to revolutionize […]


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