Online Classes for Every Type of Knowledge-Seeker

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A quick-guide of online classes for every type of knowledge-seeker

It’s no secret that as time progresses, more and more students and clients are turning to online, knowledge-sharing platforms as their main resource for learning. Long gone are the days where attending a physical class or meeting with a consultant face-to-face was your only option.

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching”

Today, online classes are everywhere but Zeqr takes it one step further by connecting students and clients with experts and freelancers in a live and interactive session.

Are you an entrepreneur? A student? A polymath? Below we list the top classes for each type of Zeqr. Go on, take a look and begin your journey!

online classes

For the entrepreneur

Digital Business: Making the API Economy work for you, this class by Matthias Biehl will offer you all the insight into the API economy, how it works and defining the players and their interests. Entrepreneurs or startup employees can discover ways in which APIs can become a part of their digital products.

Homepage Teardown with an Etsy Designer, in this case the Etsy designer is Sandy Woodruff, a user-centered product designer from New York. In this invaluable class, entrepreneurs can review their homepage user experience and get first-class advice and recommendations for improvement.

Business Analysis Fundamentals, brought to you by John David Ariansen, this is a class that will teach you the basics of business analysis. In a world where data analysis is no longer a luxury but a necessity, this class will arm you with the tools required to be a success in any part of your business.

online classes

For the student

Math Tutor – senior high, college, university, a class by Victoria Haliburton, is an open session for math at all levels. School is just a few weeks away and we have a math tutor with over 30 years of experience that will help you or your child kick-start his or her school year.

English Tutor, looking to learn or improve your English? Program-certified, Jody Holmes, offers his one-hour session to beginner and advanced students, helping them attain whichever level of proficiency desired.

For the seeker of self-help

Personal Development – Find Your Triessence, this class by Tessa Todd Morgan is one that anyone and everyone should take! Tessa will guide you through the process of identifying pitfalls in your life and implementing action steps necessary to achieve the goals you desire to reach.

Brojo Workshop: The N3XT Level of Confidence, offered by the Confidence Coach and Founder of Brojo Daniel Munro, this class walks you through the process of attaining confidence in an honest and impactful 6-part workshop. As he puts it, “This workshop is not for the timid, it’s for people ready to completely redesign their life to make building confidence the #1 priority.”

For the parents

Tools for Parents to Fight Bullying, award-winning author and creator of Toley Ranz, Anke Otto-Wolf guides parents in the touchy conversation of bullying. She introduces parents and children to Toley Ranz, a character who helps children stand up to bullying and teaches them traits to help build their character by following his 10-point honor code.

Refresh & Recharge – For the Busy Moms, a must-have for any new and seasoned parent who just needs a quick pick-me up. In this 15-minute refresher, Inbar Shahar walks you through the process of clearing your mind and re-setting your energy for the busy day! You do not want to miss this one!

These are just a few of our top classes. Want to see what else we have to offer? Click HERE to look at other online classes offered on Zeqr.

Don’t forget to let us know what classes you’re taking by using hashtag #ZEQRLearning on social media channels!

5 Tips For Creating A Compelling Online Profile On Zeqr


Now more than ever, experts of all fields are turning to online knowledge-sharing platforms to offer their services to a wider audience.
When we created Zeqr, we sought to expand our knowledge sharing platform by allowing experts of all areas of knowledge to distribute their online classes and disrupt the industry.

However, offering various classes isn’t enough to become a successful knowledge sharing expert. In order to present yourself as one of the best in your expertise, and reach out to those who want to learn, you need to present yourself in the best light, and learn how to build a compelling online profile.

With that said, since many of our experts come from different subject fields, often times we get asked the ever-present question: “How can I make my online profile more compelling?”. We would like to help answer that question for you, and provide a few guidelines to make your online profile compelling to everyone who is interested in taking up an online class in your expertise!


Tell a story.

Building a compelling online profile is not just about simply listing your accomplishments. Although it would be quicker to complete your online profile by doing so, you will skip the humanizing aspect of explaining your background story, and associating your personal with business life.

Make sure to highlight your major accomplishments in your online profile. Express your passion for assisting others, as well as your goals and ambitions. Your “Online Profile Description” should creatively and precisely inform your potential student or client of who you are, and how could they benefit by working, and learning from you.

Telling your online profile story does not have to end with words. We highly suggest that our Xperts create their own ‘Online Profile Video’ to showcase their personality in addition to their introduction. As a matter of fact, 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than reading about it.

A great example of a well-thought out and compelling online profile video is Tom Reilly’s –  founder of Thoughtism who is a specialist in self-help and self-development with over 30 years of experience!

Sell, Sell, Sell.

This sounds easy, right? The steps to creating a compelling online profile need to include creating compelling services. The sessions available on your profile should have very detailed titles that inform the student or client what the service is about. Not only are the titles informative, but using the right keywords can help with SEO. Don’t get too creative or complicated with class titles, since your potential clients might never find you. Instead, use relevant and precise keywords, so that your online profile can be easily found by your consumers.


In addition, don’t be afraid to add many classes! There is no charge for uploading several classes, therefore, the benefit is enormous. For example, a class about “Discussion about the History” might be too vague, where “Discussion: A look into the Civil War” and “Middle East History” will speak to two very different people.

One example of detailed and informative sessions are Rose Osman, a fantastic transformation coach from Malaysia!

Create tangible goals.

What can your clients and students expect to gain from your session? Clearly outlining this in your online profile will ensure that the user signs up for the right session and that all expectations are met. At the end of every class description, be sure to define the goals that a user can hope to reach as a result of taking your session. We always encourage adding more info to an online profile overall. Nothing helps like a good description of who you are and what Zeqrs can learn from you.

A Xpert who has mastered this is Michael Macfarlan, a winemaker at an award-winning boutique winery, who clearly defines the goals of each of his classes. His business actually benefits from his online profile!

Flexible availability.

Zeqr is a global platform and therefore students and clients will come from all parts of the world. The easiest way to get others interested in their classes is to have availability that works for many time zones. One day you can rise early and another stay up late.

However you choose to schedule it, having availability on your online profile lets Zeqrs book classes immediately without having to wait. Be sure to include some time for faster responses!

Sharing your profile on social media.

Sharing your online profile with your friends, families, and current/future clients is the best way to test your profile. Feedback from your social circle will bring an outside perspective to ensure that your message is clear and your classes are relatable.

One invaluable feature that we offer is a live demo where we inform you all about Zeqr, show you how to use the platform, boost your online profile, and discuss your own goals to maximize your time with us. I welcome you all to sign up for my free class, How to Use Zeqr.

See you there!

How to use Zeqr

Xpert Spotlights – How to Find Effective Learning Opportunities

Tired of having to sift through tons of online classes and online coaching when looking for guidance? Here’s a simple technique to bypass all the useless advice and get to the heart of any matter.

  1. Pick a skill you want to become better at.
  2. Figure out the most extreme domain where that skill is practiced.
  3. Find out the techniques used in that domain and adapt them for yourself.

Some examples of online coaching: want to become a better driver in traffic? Get advice from fighter pilots. Want to become good at mingling? Learn from FBI agents who train to go under cover.

And so on.

You don’t need to reach perfection like your life is on the line. That’s not the point. This is:

Danger filters fluff. Only proven techniques survive. Get half as good—no, ⅕ as good compared to the ultimate standards of performance—and you’ll do extremely well.


Rely on what works; not on what sounds good

So, let’s say you want to become better at combating stress. Stress comes from a threat. From the possibility of being hurt. What’s an extreme example? What about having fists flying at your face?

For Connor McGregor, Ultimate Fighting Champion, that’s another day at the job. How does he cope?

He uses various mental visualization techniques. At an elite level, everyone is physically at a peak. The mental game makes the difference between lifting a champion’s belt and being dragged out of the ring unconscious.

This “Law of Attraction”, the theory that focusing on positive thoughts can bring benefits, is treated as nonsense by armchair experts. Yet it survives as a practice in the highest rungs of extreme sports.

It’s worth examining if you are interested in sharpening your focus. If you are willing to use whatever works in the pursuit of your dreams.

Zeqr’s Tom Reilly can help you. Tom says that 99% of the information you will find on the Law of Attraction is merely the basic, beginner information. His online sessions seek to set you on your way to improving the power and consistency of your visualization efforts. The goal is to reach a level usually reserved for elite competitors.

Become adept at using Law of Attraction techniques and the next time a deadline goes galloping your way, you’ll be able to meet it with assurance and calm. Ready to crush it.

Now, some skills are not used in any dangerous scenario. There are cases when you can’t find an extreme example. But you can apply this logic on a smaller scale.

Identify the important side skills

We all know that some people can be 10 times as productive. How’s it possible? We all have the same 24 hour day?

The answer is how you treat time. Time needs to be treated as what it is, the scarcest resource. The Roman Philosopher Seneca said it well:

“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.”

How does this apply to skill acquisition? It’s easy. You can either spend your time on self-directed research. There’s always a chance you’ll stumble on what’s important.

Or you can have someone more experienced set you on course.

In the end, the difference compounds to make one person 10 times as productive as another.

We made Zeqr to make experts easy to reach via live, interactive online sessions.

Take someone like Mr. Kondal Kandregula, a C-level exec from Texas with 15 years of experience in technology related fields. To thrive at such a high level of management one has to master a diverse set of soft skills.

Most fields of work require you to master a range of ancillary skills. The core expertise you acquire through learning and practice. But these ancillary skills are discovered through years of trial and error.

Usually, you don’t get to choose the ratio of successful trials to errors. Unless there is a way to tip the scale in your favor.

You can schedule a private tutor session where Mr. Kondal works with you on Attitude, Success, Career, and Personal Growth topics in one session. Then consult you about Cloud Migration strategy in another. In other words, he has a deep understanding of what the ancillary skills one has to master to thrive in technology-related fields.

Having access to an achiever like this is a rare yet valuable opportunity.


Look for undervalued opportunities

Finally, the same principle applies to sharpening your saw (to quote Stephen Covey). That is, for improving your hard skills, your narrow field of expertise. You also want to look for opportunities to reach out to people who are on the top of your field.

So for example, here on Zeqr we have Sandy Woodruff, a renowned expert in UX design. Not only can she introduce you to a subject, but she also offers help in reviewing your portfolio.

That kind of personal attention from a high-achieving expert was hard to come by before.

You could only hope that the company you work in would hire a big name consultant. And then if you’re lucky to get some time with that person.

Now with fast broadband and video conferencing tech, Zeqr lets you reach out and schedule an online session with an expert as soon as today or tomorrow.

Or take Yehonathan Sharvit, a full-stack web expert with an engineering background (B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc in Mathematics) and 17 years of experience. Yehonathan has spent a large part of his career working as a consultant, holding software workshops at various companies.

Now he offers personal training on Zeqr. This is what Warren Buffett would call an undervalued asset and a great investment opportunity. Engineers who are proficient in organizing workshops usually charge much greater fees because they work with businesses who can afford them.

On Zeqr, however, Yehonathan offers the same service—actually a better one because you get his full undivided attention—at a fraction of the usual corporate price.

This is the type of opportunity that people strategic about their career don’t hesitate to seize.

There is no honor in hard work

The majority of us were raised on the virtues of hard work. But honestly, there is no honor in hard work.

Not inherently, at least.

To be able to work hard is a great asset. But one has to use this capacity strategically. To think and plan learning paths, career advancement, and skill acquisition.

Not just attack everything with the brute force of willpower.

We built Zeqr to give people a resource for learning and acquiring new skills effectively. To use technology in a way that connects seekers of knowledge directly with experts from all different industries. To enable you to make the absolute most out of the hard work you are willing to put in. Make sure to take this opportunity!

Check out our more recent article on the top 4 learning strategies for achieving a successful learning campaign!

Xpert Spotlights

This week we are highlighting four Xperts from the Zeqr family that are bringing their wealth of knowledge and expertise straight to your home. These are Xperts with vast experience with technology, business, and many other subjects. They display great enthusiasm for their subject of expertise and, most importantly, have a passionate desire to share it with their students and clients. Read on to learn more about this week’s Xperts!

Mark N. Clemente, 

“The Tribute to Learning is Teaching.”

Mark Clemente has a passion for sharing his expertise in both business and the creative arts with students around the world. Based in Glen Rock, NJ, he has more than 35 years of experience as a writer, communication consultant, and corporate trainer – as well as an internationally recognized jazz musician.

Mark’s business class offerings include “Selling Consulting & Professional Services: The Communication Essentials”, Principles of Persuasion: Rhetoric (the Good Kind!) for Writing and Communication Strategy” and “Building a High-Performance Culture Using “Organizational Archeology.” Mark also teaches a Zeqr course on jazz guitar, drawing from his 40+ years’ experience as a jazz guitarist and arranger of chord-melodies for solo performance.

An award-winning writer, he is the author of five books and dozens of journal articles and research studies on business communication. Mark also writes on a range of other topics, including his “Strike a Chord™” blog for guitarists, as well as articles on Zen and the Asian martial arts, which he has been studying and teaching since 1998. To this point, Mark often cites—and lives—the ancient Chinese proverb: “The tribute to learning is teaching.”

An internationally recognized speaker, Mark has conducted workshops for such groups as the American Management Association, the Association for Corporate Growth, Cornell University School of Law, International School of Management, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Strategic Research Institute.

Mark attended Seton Hall University where he received his Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication. He holds undergraduate degrees in speech communication and sociology.

Invest in a session with Mark and ensure that your communication strategies are taking your business and profile to the next level!

Kondal Kandregula

Kondal Kandregula, based in Texas and a CIO/CTO at ITBM Consulting Inc., comes to Zeqr with over 19 years of experience in business strategy execution, driving complex technology programs, service excellence, and business solutions architecture & design.

His wide array of class-offerings includes “Business Transformation Consultation”, “On-Demand CIO/CTO Consultation”, and “Leadership Mentoring & Coaching”, amongst many others.

Kondal holds a Master of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, and Bachelor of engineering degree from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.

Looking to solve complex technical issues in your corporation or start-up? Kondal’s classes will bring invaluable insight and solutions to your problems!

Fernando Medina Corey

Fernando Medina Corey, based in Seattle, WA, is currently a Data Engineer at Curalate (a company optimizing digital e-commerce for discovery). Prior professional experience includes Support Engineer, Course Author on Pluralsight and Founder/Owner of Fernando M.C. Consulting, a business and technology firm for both national and international businesses and non-profits.

Prior to Fernando’s technical career, he taught stage combat (how to do theatrical fight scenes properly). Make sure to ask him about this!

Fernando’s course topics include Python development, Serverless Application Development, AWS Infrastructure offerings and topics that intersect many of these areas. He regularly blogs educational and technical content on his eponymous blog.

Fernando attended Whitman College and received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Politics, Philosophy.

Interpreted languages are taking over the workforce. Are you looking to enhance your current skill set? Looking to switch industries? Take Fernando’s classes for this and so much more.  

Milan Vucic

Milan Vucic, a software engineer from Serbia, is happy to share his genius mind to help students “learn, debug, find errors, refactor, teach you best practices, explain concepts, teach you shortcuts and improve your overall programming knowledge”. Milan is proficient in multiple languages including Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Pascal, Javascript, Python etc.

Class offerings include “Java Beginner Course”, “Making Your First Simple Android App”, and “C# Beginner Course”.

Looking to launch your own freelancing programming services or simply enhance your professional portfolio and earn a higher salary? Come take Milan’s classes to take your skills to the next level!

Have a great week!

INFOGRAPHIC: Are Freelance Projects Better Than Full-time Jobs?

Whether you’re looking for another way to earn more money, searching a way to build up your portfolio, or just love the freedom that freelancing offers, there’s no question that millions of people are constantly ditching their 9-5 jobs, so they could work on various freelance projects, and build up their freelance career.

Since various technology trends are rapidly growing, new freelance resources and freelance projects have increased in huge numbers, as well.
Besides large number of freelance projects, people are constantly recognizing more and more benefits to switching from having a traditional desk-job, to becoming a full-time freelancers, and self-employees.

As there are plenty of guides for striking out on your own, getting higher-paying gigs and working on interesting freelance projects, isn’t just building up a profile or two, or anything alike. You’ll have to stand out, and build up a name for yourself.

Apart from having highly-demanding skills, you’ll need to connect with a lot of people, make new relationships, and maybe even prove yourself through tests that showcase your skills.

Here at Zeqr, we strive to gather ambitious professionals who want to advance their careers by upgrading their skill sets. We are trying to help people who are strategic enough about their careers to understand the need for constant improvement.
And the fastest way to facilitate that type of knowledge transmission is, we believe, through live 1-on-1 instruction.

But even the most effective way of acquiring new knowledge and skills requires investing time. And time is a resource that’s difficult to manage, especially for busy professionals. That’s why more and more people are devoting to freelance projects, in order to build their freelance careers. They want to wrestle back control over their own schedules from corporate overlords.

The flexibility and freedom that comes with it is empowering in the short term—but it also lets people have much more control over their overall career paths.

This stems from the ability to control one’s workload and to choose what one wants to work on from different freelance projects.

To encourage the strategically-minded professional to consider working on a freelance project, we created an infographic that lists the most relevant and recent stats about the freelancing economy. And the outlook is quite good.

The infographic also highlights a dramatic increase of freelancers in the United States, which by logic means that there are more and more freelancing jobs available on the market. To be more specific, there were exactly 2 million people who decided to make the move towards freelancing and give it a shot.

Click on the image to see the big picture (pun intended).

Have you ever considered taking up a freelance project? What’s deterring you? Or have you already made the jump and have some experiences to share? Let us know.

You can use the following embed code to show the infographic on your own website:

Or the vertical version:

How To Run A Family Business

Did you know that only 1 in 3 family businesses survive to the next generation?

Many family businesses struggle for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are the overlaps and the struggles of maintaining an optimal balance between personal and professional life, the difficult hiring process, as well as the lack in business materia among the family itself.

Running a family business requires discipline, planning, and recognition. Family relationships are fragile in the business world, and they need to be a bigger priority than anything else. And this is where multiple problems can occur. An inability to focus on business because of frequent emotional interferences is proven to be one of the main reasons why most family businesses fail.

However, while running a family business has its own risks, with the right mindset and approach, it can be a life-changer for many entrepreneurs and managers.

In this article, our co-founder and experienced entrepreneur, Daniel Hedlund, shares his thoughts on setting up a family business online.

The Advantages Of Running A Family Business

Starting a family business is pretty easy – you already know one another’s strengths, weaknesses and passions – and with the probability that you came up with the business idea together being high, you’re already dedicated to the idea and ready to make your family business very successful.

Not to mention that working with someone you already know well can be very fun! With friends and family, you can skip the whole “getting to know each other” stage, and jump straight into the nitty-gritty of the work you chose to do together.

Your relationship also sets the tone for the business. You can work together to create a fantastic company culture, taking previous work experiences (both good and bad) to sculpt business ethics and directions you together want, making your family business that much better.

And there is so much commitment in a family business! It is all about your prosperity. If business is going well, then the family will also prosper, thus resulting in highly motivated and hard-working people, successful both in professional and personal lives.

However, if it comes to the situation where the family business is temporarily slowing down, family members will be motivated to work together and invest more time, energy, and money in order to ensure the long‐term success of the company.

Family commitment leads to better understanding of the industry, organization and job, effective sales and marketing and great customer relationships.

Another advantage of running a family business is flexibility. It’s much easier to talk with, and make arrangements with family members. You could skip all of the awkward situations and conversations, knowing that you are surrounded by people among whom you feel comfortable around.

The Disadvantages Of Running A Family Business

As we mentioned a few cons of running a family business before, family businesses also have their own disadvantages. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of entering this type of business is creating and maintaining a level of professionalism.

A family business only works if you draw a clear line separating personal from professional life and if everyone respects each other. Ensure that your business model and any legal agreements are created with the mindset that you are business partners, not friends and family.

It is very important to define exactly what type of business your family is in and to develop a business plan and implement a business strategy around your family values and vision. Then focus on clear expectations and agreements, define job titles, job description, performance standards and make it as professional as possible.

It often happens that family members aren’t really interested to join family business, but they are forced because it’s expected of them. This can lead to a huge problem both for business and family relationships.

Another potential problem can be family rivality. Sometimes, it might occur that relatives become a bit competitive and jealous of each other, and start blaming each other for different things in order to make up for their own mistakes. This is where rivality steps into the scene, hindering the business for further growth.

However, not everything is black and white. For example, if all goes well in the family business, you will be able to enhance your business and hire additional non-family employees, which will only bind family member closer.

Additionally, when you start a new job you are typically given a coach or mentor. However, that is not the case when you run your own business or a family business – you’re kinda on your own. The lack of time to help can lead to lack of few skills and experience, which can further lead to high levels of stress, potential business failure and broken relationships.

To fill any skills gaps without committing to the cost of a full-time employee, business owners should seek expert guidance outside their organisation. You can also consider hiring a freelancer for some jobs you don’t have enough expertise.

Whether it’s speaking to an alternative friend, an old colleague, or using one of the many “gig-economy” platforms to find people with the expertise you need, there are ways to overcome this obstacle without parting with vast amounts of money or importantly, risking relationships.

Speaking to an external mentor about your business needs can help resolve obstructions to development.

Our advice for family business owners is to look online to find someone, perhaps even from a different country, to simply help navigate and recognise problems and be a sounding board for potential business ideas.

As you can see, family business struggle for many reasons, and the statistics reveal that ninety percent don’t survive to the third generation. On the other hand, these statistics are actually good, because family businesses survive with a higher rate than non-family business.

You must have hear of  Heineken, Nike, IKEA and Toyota. All these companies and many others started as a family business and now are globally successful.

No matter how talented and experienced you are, every beginning is hard, and it applies in running a family business as well.

The first few months can be really hard, but with the right people, right mindset, and clear vision, you could minimize the potential downsides of running a family business, and actually create a fantastic thing, that will you and your family both be grateful for in the long run.

So, if you’re about to take the plunge with your friend or family member, go for it.
Just remember that you if you find yourself stuck, or in a need for a professional help, you can seek external advice in order to achieve success.
With that said, our online learning platform – Zeqr offers various classes and courses on the subject.

We hope to see you there!

How to Develop A Successful Freelance Career


Since the freelancing economy is in a great expand, more and more companies are hiring freelancers, which creates an incredible freelance career opportunity for those who want to start a freelance career and experience how it feels to be in full control over time and other valuable resources.

Over the years, freelancing has become extremely popular worldwide. The reason behind this is because starting a freelance career usually associates people to self-employment and freedom to work at their own pace.

These assumptions are not far from true. Although it is not as simple as it seems, there are still many benefits that taking up a freelance career  offers.

The main benefit of starting a freelance career is the flexibility that it allows. Being a fulltime freelancer, you’ll be able to choose the type of clients you’ll work with, along with determining your working location, and planning your own work hours. But, most importantly, you’ll be avaliable to create your own lifestyle that you’ve probably missed over the years of having a traditional 9 to 5 job.

In addition to that, many companies and businesses are constantly seeking for freelance writers, marketers, designers, developers and other popular freelance professions to help them grow their businesses.

If you are thinking about becoming a full-time freelancer, here are some tips to start your freelance career and regain the control over your time:

Establish Yourself As An Expert

Define your goals:

  • Why do you want to start a freelance career?
  • How much would you like to earn?
  • With what kind of clients you want to work?
  • Do you want to become a freelance developer? A freelance designer? Or maybe a freelance writer?

Think ahead of which freelance job you are going to compete at in order to get the most out of your freelance career. Defining goals is the first step for anything you are starting. It will help you create a concrete vision, and reach the desired destination in your freelance career faster.

Also, think about your advantages. What sets you and your freelance career apart from your competition? Is it your knowledge, experience or your skills? What makes your freelance career different than someone else’s?

In order to have a successful freelance career, and work on projects you really want, you need an edge over your competitors. So always be ready to learn more, because things can easily change.

Find a niche that you are familiar with, and which you are good at. Strive to excel in it, and become known for your work in it.

Learn how to sell your expertise, and explain how are you different. Be creative, and try to be innovative, unique, and original.

Also, follow trends in your industry. In order to build your freelance career, you need a strong freelance portfolio, which will present you in your best. Set examples of your best work. It can be a blog, in-depth LinkedIn profile or series of client testimonials, for example.

Try to make a personal brand, and learn how to sell yourself. Enter the best freelance websites, and establish your freelance career there. There are many of them, including Fiverr, Upwork,, and our e-learning platform, Zeqr.

The key to have a successful freelancer career is to understand what your client seeks for, and be ready to present him the subject in a professional and engaging way for your industry. Try to retain your customers by giving back, and being kind. Remember, you are going in a serious business, for a long run.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is a great way to open doors for your freelance career. Attend trade fairs, join all online communities that are relevant to your field, join social media platforms, and forums (for example Facebook and LinkedIn groups, or Quora and Reddit forums).

Ensure you are engaging with right people and surround yourself with people that are familiar with your expertise.

Think about your clients. Who could be interested your freelance career? Who they are and where to find them? Who needs your services most? Which companies can afford to pay the price you defined? How to connect with those people personally?

Networking isn’t just key for engaging prospective clients, but also for your peers. They may essentially be your competitors, but by developing relationships with other freelancers in your industry you’ll open up work opportunities. For example, if a peer is unable to undertake a role, they will recommend their closest allies for the job. That needs to be you!

Help others, and they will help you. Building good interpersonal relationships is crucial for every business, and not only for freelance career jobs.

An Office from Anywhere

If you decide to start a  freelance career, consider the freedom, and availability that it offers.
You could basically work from anywhere – from comfort of your own home, a personal-built office, your favourite coffee shop, or even a restaurant.

You could even try and share a working space. Have in mind that the most successful freelancers choose their working location carefully, and treat them very professionally.

You should try to avoid distractions, set clear goals for the day and maintain the working pace. If some location proves to be unproductive or distracting for you, change it to a more suitable in an instant. Your freelance career may well depend on it!

If your work can be done online, you also have the freedom to live anywhere you choose. You can travel and still make money as long as your work gets done and clients are satisfied. Everything you need is a laptop and WiFi connection available.

A Range Of Income Routes

A freelance career has its peaks and troughs. Sometimes you’ll feel you might have too much on your hands, and other times you’ll be eager to take on more work.

By exploring alternative and flexible routes, such as online consultation, you’ll always have an additional source of income.

As an expert in your industry, clients will pay for one-off consultations, peers will pay for your time, and knowledge and those looking to join your industry will pay for your insight.

Carefully determine the price of your freelance work and don’t lower it.

If you’re an expert in your field, join Zeqr and earn additional money for your valuable insight, at flexible times directed by you. If you need  tips on how to create an enticing Xpert class profile, visit this read more on how to engage students with your classes.



Taking Down The Global Digital Skills Crisis

What is a digital skill?

For starters, let’s try and explain what a digital skill is. Are they even necessary in today’s world and how much does it mean to have digital skills?

Although The Science and Technology Committee says there is no single definition of the term “digital skills”, we accepted the explanation that digital skills are “the ability to use computers and digital services to access the internet, the ability to code or create software, as well as the ability to critically evaluate media.” Digital skills also indicate the ability to “navigate knowingly through the negative and positive elements of online activity and make informed choices about the content and services Internet users use“.

The importance of having digital skills

One of the latest reports by Global Technical Services claims that approximately 12.6 million adults lack basic digital skills, while 5.8 million have never used the Internet at all.

There is no doubt that the current global workforce is lacking basic digital skills, causing an alarming world-wide ‘digital skills crisis’, which damages many country’s productivity and competitiveness on the market.

Here are just some of the facts that the research asserts:

  • 22% of IT equipment in schools is ineffective
  • Only 35% of computer science teachers had a relevant qualification
  • 70% of the required number of computer science teachers have been recruited
  • The UK needs 745,000 more workers with digital skills
  • Skills gap costs economy around £63bn a year in lost income

Contrary to many people’s belief, research has found that 90% of jobs require digital skills, meaning that the most world countries need a decent number of employees with digital skills requirements. For example, UK needs another 745,000 laborers with these capabilities, only by the end of this year. This discrepancy between supply and demand is costing the UK economy approximately £63 billion, and presenting a serious recruitment problem.

The lack of digital skills has a huge impact on businesses, as well. Shockingly, three in four UK businesses have reported a digital skills shortage among their employees, despite 84% of firms admitting that IT and digital skills are more important to their enterprise now than two years ago, according to a study released by the BCC (British Chambers of Commerce).

According to these findings, the digital skills gap is now damaging the prospects of many firms. More than half of businesses say that the issue is increasing staff workloads and 29% report that the digital skills shortage is leading to higher operating costs.

Adam Marshall, The Director of the BCC, shared his opinion on the digital skills crisis, as well: “The evidence is clear: better digital skills make firms more productive, and a lack of digital skills holds them back.”

Businesses themselves need to do a lot more to tackle the digital skills shortages they face, and their leaders need to be alive to the fact that a failure to tackle this issue will have an impact on their bottom line. Too many firms are stuck in an unproductive cycle, where the failure to take action has serious consequences.

Training providers can give firms a helping hand, by engaging with companies on their digital needs and helping them to free up resources for growth. Government must help as well, by recognising that some of the high-level digital skills businesses need will come from overseas so a pragmatic immigration system needs to be in place to provide firms with access to the workers required to fill the gaps.”

Businesses of all sizes need to ensure their current supply of staff have digital skills training, whether it would be the challenging, small and medium enterprises, or larger, digital-savvy and tech heavy companies.

And even Zeqr’s own international business report has found that 50% of small businesses are lacking essential digital skills required to grow their companies, with SEO and social media expertise being top of the list.

However, for small businesses this is easier said than done, as training resources are time consuming and can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, there are flexible online routes available, which don’t involve bringing in an expensive, fixed-rate, external consultant to the workplace.

Thanks to the digital revolution, online training is easily accessible and can be sourced in small chunks, ensuring small business owners and individuals pay only for what is required, tailoring training packages or consultation requests to specific business needs.

Whether you are exploring employee training options, or are an individual looking to learn new digitals skills to be eligible for particular roles, access to knowledge is no longer limited.

Since Zeqr is aware of digital skill crisis, we arranged you a ton of online classes in order to learn various digital skills, which you can implement on running your business, or even doing your everyday job.

Whether you decide to engage in a Digital Marketing online session with Erwan Derlyn, or online SEO skills course with Lukasz Zelezny, Zeqr has a wide range of digital Xperts eager to share their insight and knowledge, which you easily find on our knowledge sharing platform.

To find the right Xpert for your needs, make sure to visit Zeqr’s search page.



The Importance Of External Consultants For Business Growth

Zeqr Co-Founder, Daniel Hedlund, tells all about the importance of accessing and accepting external consultation for business growth.

Seeking advice from external consultants isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, it is indicative of a shrewd business-focused mind that is aware of any weak links.

John Donne famously declared that “no man is an island” in his popular 17th century poem. While Donne’s words refer to human nature as a whole, the phrase has become entrenched in modern society, often cited to reinforce qualities of sharing and community – and where business is concerned this is where external consultants can fit in to upscale the entire business growth process.

However, when it comes to running a small business, it can often feel like business leaders are indeed stuck on an isolated island.

Having usually invested a significant chunk of their own money, small business owners can be fiercely independent, attempting to solve any obstacles on their own and figure out how business growth works – but not always successfully.

Whilst this ambition is a crucial trait for any business owner, it can, to borrow another well used English phrase, prevent one from seeing the wood for the trees. In other words, being too involved with your business and its growth and any problems it encounters can be the catalyst for failure.

So, what’s the solution? The answer’s simple; look outside your business for help and growth. No company will ever possess all the knowledge it needs to be successful internally, so sometimes it’s necessary to seek the advice of external consultants to aid business growth. Business growth can be achieved by boosting the business’ revenue with better product sales, or by increasing the profitability of the business’ operations by minimizing the costs.

In a 2010 article, INC suggests that business growth can easily be developed and turned into a team-wide strategy. It’s an incredibly difficult journey, but with the right mindset and focus turned to intensive growth, business growth is a process with a very satisfying outcome.

Seeking external consultants is of huge relevance for SMEs where less resource and fewer staff means that the chance of finding anyone within the company who can fully understand and solve every major business setbacks and failed implementations of business growth strategies, is slim.

From HR issues to marketing advice and financial queries, there are countless experts on these issues and more beyond the walls of any business. Rather than guessing the solution, it’s just the case of finding the right people with the right skills to help a business’ specific needs.

Seeking advice from external consultants isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, it is indicative of a shrewd business-focused mind that is both aware of weak links and ready to focus on business growth first.

Despite all this, business owners may still be sceptical about external consultants, perhaps due to perceived costs and doubt about how much difference it will actually make to their company and the growth of their business.

While it does require an initial cost and to a small extent, a leap of faith, the long-term benefits when it comes to business growth can be huge. The fact that external consultants look at businesses from an impartial point of view is crucial to helping them identify issues quickly and solve them efficiently.

Their advice, if properly actioned by businesses owners, could save a huge amount of time and money or even save a business from tripping over hurdles.

Even though they may not be familiar with every element of the company, external consultants and consultants are looking at that business, and any problems it has, through the lens of their expertise and their knowledge on general business growth. This level of scrutiny is near impossible if you’re examining your own company.

Emotional connections, lack of sector specific expertise and uncertainty over introducing new ways of working are all elements which prevent this.

If businesses do decide to hire external consultants for the sake of business growth, communication is vital at every stage of the process. When recruiting, business leaders must be explicit in what their needs are and what results they’re expecting.

Poor communication will mean hiring someone who they don’t trust and therefore won’t be of any value. However, once they do find someone suitable, it’s equally important to take a step back and listen to their advice.

It may not be what they want to hear (and may even sound like criticism at times) but this objectivity is crucial in helping businesses grow.