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With this year coming to an end, many people around the world decide to put themselves up to challenge, and try to change.

Whether it is in form of New Year’s resolutions, or just trying to make few adjustments in our lives, we all seek to get rid of all the negativity and stress, swapping it for positive and clear mindset.

With spiritual change, we also tend to change financial aspects of our lives – how to make more money, how to save more money, how to grow a business, etc.
Usually people put all of the pressure on themselves to make these resolutions come true, but what if we could help you dispose some of that stress?

That’s where freelancers come in. Today, the freelance economy is burgeoning across the world with many people either working full-time or part-time as freelancers sharing their expertise with those who need it. And there is definitely a lot who need it.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that there are many students and learners across the globe who find themselves stuck in front of the learning challenge they are up to. Whether the challenge is a school test, or just a personal interest, they could use a freelancer’s help mastering new learning strategies and tactics that would only help them overcome the obstacle they’ve came across.

On the other hand, there are a lot of companies, agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs nowadays that could use different types of skills. And there comes the perfect place for a successful freelancer.

Whether you need help obtaining new learning strategies, or just hiring extra workforce, there are many ways that freelancers can help you reach your goals this coming year.

Here are just a few:

Become More Knowledgeable, Develop New Learning Strategies!

With Internet being available for long time now, and has been offering solutions for various things, many have started looking for help online.

Sometimes in business, you are put into positions or tasks that you are not an expert in. Yet, you need to be successful not only for your business, but your career, as well. You’ve come up with acquiring learning strategies, but don’t know where to start?
Instead of becoming stressed about this, try reaching for freelancers as a way to help you rise to the occasion, and start the learning process fresh and clean!

Just like you can stumble when it comes to business, there are many students who are having trouble in overcoming different learning projects and tasks.
With lack of professor’s attention, and led by parent’s advice, they seek for new learning strategies, and help from someone different, in this case – freelancers.

Many freelancers have very specific areas in which they are experts – they have different types of knowledge and skills you need to learn in order to be successful. By speaking with them one-on-one or maybe taking a few group classes online, which you can do both of on Zeqr, you can quickly master the topic.

Hire for Expertise

When you try developing new learning strategies, and seek for the right person to teach you, there is no doubt that you want someone eligible and professional to do the job.

For example, when you want to grow your business, it often involves hiring.
But, the cost of hiring a new employee from recruitment, to the interview process and additional overhead, etc. is estimated at 1.5-3 times an employee’s actual salary.

However, if you own a start-up business, you may not have enough resources for someone to work full-time, in which case, hiring a freelancer is a great way to go.

As mentioned previously, in terms of business, freelancers can help you check:

  1. if you have enough work for someone full-time,
  2. what the ROI (return on investment) would be from this position/if it would actually move the needle,
  3. if you’d want to hire someone for this position/if it’s the best direction for your company to head.

Briefly, when hiring a freelancer, you won’t have to worry about the additional costs of hiring an actual employee.

Whether if it’s for a class or for a position in your business, Zeqr is a great place to find freelancers with expertise who can help you take some of the burden off yourself in the new year and who can help you reach your New Year’s resolutions! Check it out today.

How To Teach Online and Make Money

So you want to make money by becoming an online teacher, but you don’t have an idea where to start. Here at Zeqr, we offer you a unique chance to teach online and enjoy sharing knowledge via live one-to-one classes!

When applying to become an Xpert on Zeqr, you don’t really need to have a background of a prominent professor or a decade of teaching experience. All it takes for you to become an Xpert and an online teacher is for you to be an expert in your field, and to be ready to selflessly share knowledge and teach online on our e-learning platform.

We’re aware of other e-learning platforms always offering the chance to teach online. Sadly, most have special requirements, or a small number of course topics people can apply to. However, the variety of subjects that you can teach online on Zeqr is diverse (from graphic design, to marketing and even life coaching), and just like we mentioned above, you don’t really need to meet any requirements based on work experience to do so. The only thing you need is – knowledge.

Here are some things you should consider if you decide to teach online and earn money on our e-learning platform:

Choose to teach something you are passionate about

Today, many teachers are forced to teach things or subjects that are outside their core interests, making them lack the passion for it. It may sound ridiculous, but absence of teacher’s passion in spreading knowledge, lowers the student’s devotion to the subject, as well as his/hers overall results in that subject.

It’s simple. Teachers with passion inspire students. They get students interested, and even excited about what they are learning, even if they thought they wouldn’t. The exact same thing applies to those who teach online.

As we can see, the teacher’s attitude is the main indicator of whether or not the student will like the subject. So, there are no completely fun and no completely boring subjects. Passion is what makes students decide to study more, and score better grades.

As we, on Zeqr, guarantee you a full work control, and your own teaching independance, your passion will come through your teaching, and make a big difference to Zeqrs – people who are on our e-learning platform in order to learn from you.

Teach what you know, teach what you love, and help not only others, but yourself indeed.

Choose highly-requested topics

Maybe your expertise is something that concerns a lot of people, but there aren’t many reliable information and courses that they need. Maybe you are expert in programming, designing, social media marketing, and other skills that are in high demand, but hard to find on the Internet. You could try and teach online some of that topics, and not only help other, but make some extra money for yourself too!

You can create course on almost anything, and teach how you desire according to your style and personality. We hope that you’ll find topic that you’re good at, which you love, and which is in highly demand!

Create the content

At Zeqr, we not only give you the opportunity to teach online, but to be your own boss too. We promise you not to interact or impact with your teaching skills and plans.

We give you opportunity to design your own class. Think about topics you will cover. Think about insights, examples, and how will you engage students to learn by doing and achieve their goals. And we’ll be there to follow it, and help you execute it.

Find the right platform

When you finish preparing your own custom class, our e-learning platform is ready to market your product, and reach for students that are interested in the same topic that you are. We make sure to find the right audience, and connect with you with diligent students that are enticed to your class!

Build your brand and promote your courses

Creating your courses should be 50% of your overall effort. Other 50% should go to promotion. You may have excellent courses and be one of the best tutors, but if no one has heard of you and your classes it doesn’t matter at all because you will not have anyone to teach online.

And for that other 50%, Zeqr is here.

What distinguishes this platform from others is that all courses in our 9 main Categories (making the grand total of more than 1000 class topics) are live, one-on-one, and peer-to-peer.

You can choose the type of class you’d like to teach online, and Zeqr offers three different plans for you:

  • Free Plan – Zeqr’s commission is 20 percent
  • Monthly Premium Plan –  $30 a month or 17 percent
  • Annual Premium Plan – $250 a year or 15 percent.

You can charge any amount from $200 for a two-hour class to $2,750 for a five-hour class and you will be paid via Escrow for your work. You can choose when you’re available for classes, as well as the cost per hour, number of participants, and more.

We provide you the ability to set your own schedule, not take on more than you want/need, and make money based on what you want to teach online!

Another way to teach online, and make money doing it, is through Zeqr’s class requests. Zeqrs, individuals and businesses alike, post jobs of all sizes and scope. Based on your knowledge and time availability, you can submit proposals for these opportunities.




You can even shift to focus on what you enjoy and make your expertise your full-time job – and not just an additional income!

Get started today – Visit www.zeqr.com

Top Reasons To Become An Online Teacher On Zeqr

online teacher

For many years, we have been used to learn in a particular way: parents at home, teachers in schools and professors at college. This worked fine for some time, but as technology progressed, new e-learning methods and softwares developed as well.

Today, we have many e-learning websites and knowledge sharing platforms that are poised to revolutionize the way knowledge is exchanged around the world.

Here are just several reasons to sign-up for Zeqr and become online teacher:

Be A Part Of Live E-learning Education

When we introduced Zeqr, we said that our e-learning platform is slightly different than other distance teaching courses and platforms. Apart from including peer to peer relationships and freelance jobs opportunities we offer the ability to participate and engage in LIVE online classes with tutors.

We’ve created a unique platform focused on ensuring that people can find the best online teacher to provide knowledge and assistance through video, voice, and screen share for the instant exchange of information.

Live 1-to-1 online classes give students more opportunity to ask questions and to inquire about things that they want to learn more.

These well prepared online live classes are customized and interactive offering the same benefits as private traditional lessons, but with lower costs.

Enjoy The Benefits Of E-learning Education

From being too long and expensive, to being one-size-fits-all in terms of learning styles, traditional education and training resources have been failing millions of people around the world who are seeking to better themselves.

On the other hand, e-learning courses are well prepared and planned out activities and classes, focused on the learning process, but in a completely different way.

Zeqr, our new e-learning platform offers the following learning benefits:

  • Video conferencing capabilities that deliver real-time knowledge sharing
  • Built-in virtual classroom
  • Easy-to-use course creation and content uploading
  • Easy class management
  • Secure video streaming
  • Content sharing
  • Ability to provide tests and assessments, as well as homework
  • Reports and analytics related to each online course
  • Easy course effectiveness measurement
  • Multiple payment options

With all of this, as an online teacher, you will be able to:

  • Work from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you have internet access. No more traveling costs and wasting time in transport.
  • Decide how many hours you will work. You can also take holidays whenever you want. That’s great, isn’t it?
  • Tutoring at any time of the day accordingly to an agreement with your students. No more working early in the morning if you are not that kind of a person.
  • Dress casually. You don’t need to wear suit or heels. You can just wear some casual clothes on and sit in your slippers 😉
  • Teach people all around the world and you can also learn from them.
  • Earn an extra income. This can be your part time job or you can fully devote yourself to teaching online and you have the freedom to set your own price.
  • Be in line with new technologies used in e learning
  • Have an opportunity to improve your teaching skills and develop confidence.
  • Enjoy your time working without a boss telling you what to do and how to do it. You are your own boss and you set your own rules, choose your own students, rates and conditions.
  • Focus on the struggles of the individual student and lead them at their own pace.
  • Help someone to succeed. As an online teacher, there is no higher honor. Besides that, people who pay for private online courses tend to have more motivation to learn, so this is easier for you as they are usually determined and hardworking.

Isn’t it exciting to be part of something that could profoundly impact how knowledge is shared around the world?

Since we have different badges and achievements on our e-learning platform, we saved the special one for those who trusted us from the beginning. Those few people will be rewarded in a very enticing way, and will have a privilege to be called a “Pioneer”.

Do What You Love

Whether you choose to be a Zeqr, or an Xpert, we guarantee you that you will really be doing what you love. Our goal with Zeqr is to help as many people as possible, giving them exactly what they came for – a new, interactive, fun, but efficient way of learning, or a fulfilling and enjoying freelancing career.

“Zeqrs” are able to pursue knowledge connecting with some of the most successful online teachers in their expertise and “Xperts” have all power in their hand to share their knowledge.

We believe in our Xperts and their way of teaching.

This platform is all-in-one solution for online education where you can organize your classes, handle payments and view analytics while hosting your course on a beautiful interface.

If you are an expert in any field and you like to teach online you can start online teaching today.  It will give you a huge amount of freedom.

Become an online teacher and Sign-up for Zeqr today! Start doing what you love!

How To Establish Yourself As A Full-Time Freelancer

For many people, becoming a full-time freelancer isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not everyone is able to leave a comfortable job with a guaranteed paycheck, benefits, a title, and everything else that comes along with working for someone else. Yet, there are so many perks to being a full-time freelancer you should consider.

If you think you’re ready, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Make a plan to start working as a freelancer

Standing up at work one day, saying “I quit”, and walking out the door is not the right way for you to become a freelancer. If you do something like this, you won’t have a plan and won’t know where to begin when it comes to your new career. Instead, it’s better to think carefully about everything before making such a decision.

If the work policy on your full-time job isn’t so strict, you can freelance in your free time, see how it works and make extra cash.

When thinking about being a full-time freelancer, it’s important to put together at least a mini business plan. Think about what industries you’re going to focus on, how you will “sell” yourself to others/describe exactly what you will do, how you will reach your target audience and competitors, and how much you will charge for your services.

An equally important thing to consider are your finances. Make sure you have enough saved up to cover your expenses when you’re first starting out, especially if you don’t find clients before officially beginning your freelance career. Sometimes, it can take a while to establish relationships and get a couple of clients under your belt.

You can tell your family and friends about your decision to become a full-time freelancer and let them send potential clients your way.

2. Build your personal brand as a freelancer

Whether you are a freelance designer, content writer, or web developer, your personal brand is your most important marketing tool.

Try to create a great first impression by choosing the right image, voice, and tone which will reflect your working style and personality.

You can consider building your own website, blog, logo, and online portfolio.

Don’t forget social channels! Do research where your target audience hangs out, and make sure to be present and consistent there. Start sharing interesting stories and things relevant to your field. By educating others, you will position yourself as an expert.

Make your URL, bio, and social handles sweet and try to be authentic. Be yourself and don’t copy others as people will notice this and be less likely to trust you.

Follow trends in your industry and invest in yourself. Take courses, attend webinars, and always do your best to expand your knowledge and skills. After all, you want to be one step ahead of the competition.

3. Learn how to retain clients

Once you get past your first big hurdle of bringing clients onboard (yay!), you will need to learn how to retain them. This means making them happy, which isn’t always easy.

As a freelancer, you’ll probably be doing a lot of remote work, which will make it hard for your clients to understand just how much effort and work you’re putting in. That’s why it’s important to be timely when responding to their questions, reiterate what you’ve completed and what you’re working on, and set up weekly (or whatever is most convenient for all parties) meetings or calls to discuss your activities, company updates, things coming up, etc.

Each client is going to be different, so make sure you pay special attention to their preferences, so you can cater to their needs.

4. Join popular freelance websites

Don’t get complacent. It’s nice when you have several well-paying clients and everything is going well, but things can change quickly even if you’re not at fault—your clients could cut their budget, find in-house team members, etc. That’s why it’s so important to always be on the lookout for new freelancing opportunities and consider more than one freelancer website.

Use both your professional and personal network—make sure you keep people updated about your business and let them know you’re always open to discuss potential freelance jobs.

Some freelancer websites are universal, such as Upwork, Guru and Freelance.com, while  others are niche-specific, like 99Designs for freelance designers or WeGrowth for freelance marketers.

Check out this infographic which contains the most recent information about freelancing market in 2017.

Of course, if you are an expert in your field and you like to teach other people, we suggest you try the Zeqr platform. Our freelance platform connects Xperts who offer classes on subjects they have expertise in and people who want to learn and expand their knowledge and skills.

These are just a few ways to ensure you are successful—make sure you also do your own research to determine how you can become a full-time freelancer and create a future you’ll be excited about!

Good luck!

5 Reasons To Connect With People Through E-Learning

As technology progresses, so does the mankind. New and more practical things keep popping up out of nowhere all the time, and people are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends, gadgets, and accessories that can make our lives as easy as possible.

Thanks to all the benefits that the technological evolution has brought, people have managed to develop and obtain new strategies, which have, in turn, helped us live more practical and easier lives.

The perfect example for this would be learning. As the Internet and computers developed, so did learning. Traditional and old learning methods are being replaced by new, interactive, online learning principles. Engaging in live online classes, being able to choose what you learn, and connecting with people that are experts in their field are just a few of the benefits and differences that e-learning provides.

Unfortunately, this revolution brought not only changes in technology, but also in people. Thanks to all the innovations, we usually tend to forget the importance of connecting with people and often neglect their emotions. Instead, we focus on silly, materialistic things like having the best smartphone, updating apps, or wearing the prettiest clothes.

Luckily, we at Zeqr have found a way to join the two. By connecting with others, you engage in live online classes, and have an opportunity to experience an advanced and prominent way of learning. So, while you’re establishing new relationships, you can also be productive and practice the newest way of gaining knowledge.

Instead of sitting behind a desk at a specific time and place, a lot of people are now turning to knowledge-sharing and e-learning so that they can determine their own schedules, learn at their own pace and wherever they like—whether at home, in a coffee shop, in a bus, or somewhere else.

This provides not only more opportunities for learners, but also more opportunities for those who want to teach and spread knowledge.

Here are some reasons to connect with people using our knowledge-sharing platform:

You get exactly what you want and need:

You want to be a freelancer, but you don’t know how to connect with people who need your expertise?

You want to learn, but you can’t find or decide where to start?

Our e-learning platform enables you to connect with people from ALL around the world who are looking for the SAME thing—a unique chance and opportunity to share knowledge on a global level!

Connect with people that you couldn’t through other channels

Many people are already part or full-time freelancers, but are not able to reach as many people as they would like to via their typical channels, such as their website, social media, or networking events.

Also, a lot of students want to learn more, but just don’t know how to find more classes that would help them improve their knowledge.

Through online learning platforms such as Zeqr, you are opening the door to new opportunities. You can connect with people from across the globe that would never have discovered the topic you are into, as well as communicate and share your ideas with them.

Saving more money/making an additional income

Maybe you’re having trouble with paying bills, or maybe you want to make enough to save for a vacation next summer.

In any case, Zeqr offers affordable and money-saving classes that really pay off!

Also, if you are teacher or someone else interested in sharing their knowledge, e-learning is a great way to do it. You can share what you specialize in with others, and actually make an additional income.

Do something you enjoy

A lot of people are passionate about things can’t be found during their day-to-day lives. Maybe you’re an accountant by day, but have a passion for carving during your free time. Maybe you are a law student, but enjoys riding in a free time.

Through e-learning, you can not only do something you enjoy, but also share with others your passion and interests.

Maybe you’ve already become an expert in a unique area, and you want other people to learn about it and become as knowledgeable as you are.

While it may be difficult to find the right group of people who have the same interests as you are, e-learning allows you to share your knowledge and connect with people from all around the world.

Dictate your schedule

There is no greater freedom than knowing your time is actually your own and not dictated by someone else. With e-learning, you can determine your own schedule and make sure you’re prioritizing what is most important in your life.

This shift in style of learning is not only a great opportunity for millions of freelancers across the world, but equally so for businesses which can take advantage of the trend by incorporating it into their business model and growing their businesses to reach larger markets.

There’s no reason not to get started today—visit www.zeqr.com to learn more about the perks of sharing your knowledge online and sign up today!

4 Ways In Which Freelance Jobs Bring You Fulfillment

More and more workers around the world are looking for freelance jobs.

In the US alone, freelancers make up 35 percent of the country’s workforce. Many freelancers are choosing what used to be seen as an “alternative to your day job” as their primary and only employment.

While the main benefit of freelancing is a wide variety of jobs (from freelance writing and freelance programming, all up to freelance web developer and freelance designer jobs), there are number of other reasons why people take up online freelancing jobs.

Here are just some of them:

You decide what you will work on

When you don’t work for yourself, you often find yourself at the mercy of your bosses. You don’t decide what projects you’ll be working on, who you will be working with, and so on. Given the circumstances, you may have a job that you are not interested in at all, but still have to do, in order to be financially stable and independent.

When working a typical job, it can be quite difficult to make a career jump, since you’re on a path correlated to your job title. This can be really frustrating, especially when you try to plan for the future.

On the other hand, when you make the decision to become a freelancer, all of that changes. When you become a freelancer, your career lies in your own hands—you can determine exactly what kind of freelance jobs you take on and you can reach out to clients that match your personality, expertise, and abilities.

Freelance jobs give you emotional fulfillment. You have an opportunity to free yourself by choosing and accepting only freelance projects that you find interesting and fulfilling.

The best part about it all: everything you earn is all yours!

Follow your passion and improve your skills

You can carve out your own niche to ensure you are following what you’re actually passionate about, resulting in personal fulfillment and satisfaction, as well as a boost in self-confidence, productivity and overall health.

Freelancing jobs allow you to improve your skills, build a freelance portfolio, and a client  network.

You can work with companies all around the world and gain exposure to their work culture and projects. This way, you can expand your knowledge and learn a great deal of new things that you would not be able to on a regular job.

Dealing with different clients also allows you to acquire a variety of new skills, such as sales and negotiation skills, but only if you use different styles and tactics to convince your clients to buy your services.

Make your own schedule

Here’s the ugly truth: standard 9-5 jobs include being attached to your desk inside a dark office for likely far more than 40 hours per week. Believe it or not, it’s been proven that this has a negative effect on both your health and personal well being. Most people don’t function at their best or feel their best in this kind of atmosphere, and it often keeps them from other important things in life, such as their kid’s soccer games or a happy hour with their best friend.

If you decide to start a freelancing career, you could start making your own schedule and practice time management on your own. How about taking those extra 30 minutes to drive your kids to school, or finally taking up that yoga class you’ve always wanted to try? You can take your time to do anything you want—travel, paint, cook, or whatever you love to, with the benefit of financial security.

If you’re an early bird, you could get three hours of work every morning before the typical work day starts or, if you’re a night owl, you could stay up late working, while the rest of the world sleeps.

Knowing that every moment of your time is yours, and not dictated by someone else feels truly fulfilling and outstanding, right?

You can work from home or from anywhere else

The greatest benefit is probably the freedom to work from anywhere you want—a cafe, beach, shared workspace, or your own home. It is possible to work even while traveling, as flexible working hours allow you to manage your time in a way that’s perfect for you.

There is no right or wrong way to approach freelancing to acquire all those benefits. Note that freelancing doesn’t mean immediate revolt, resulting in quitting your job and no employment at all. Try taking simple, slow, but certain steps by searching for smaller freelance jobs, and tasks that would only take you few hours a week to complete. That sounds like a decent start of a freelancing career, right?

From there, you could progress slowly, and eventually come to the point where you have built an outstanding freelancing profile, and finally replace your typical, everyday job with a full-time freelancing career.

Just also bear in mind that freelancing jobs require an incredible amount of discipline.

Check out Zeqr and take a chance—there is a world of opportunity awaiting you and your expertise.

Why We Created Zeqr – A Global E-learning Platform

Have many times has your traditional school lesson bored the life out of you? How many times have you been stressed about that annoying, yet “very important” school exam? Yeah, a lot. And you’re not the only one.

While 50% of education experts and researchers say that traditional learning and school methods bring only benefits and positive outcomes for students all around the globe, the other half considers that the common education methods have a slight problem within it, and advocate a new, global e-learning system.

The problem that is most often found within traditional education is the impact it has on the student itself. Most students nowadays express a kind of intolerance towards school, or university they are attending.
Despite the fact they (probably) chose their subjects based on their preferences or advantages, they still seem to have major problems, or even regrets towards their degree of education.
So, where does the problem lie within the traditional education methods?

To answer, and resolve that question, we created a global e-learning and knowledge sharing platform – Zeqr, which will revolutionize and make global e-learning a thing.

The idea for Zeqr came to us due to many downsides and distortions that common education shows, and the opportunity of a lifetime to make a global e-learning system that just works – for both the student and the teacher.

We strive to find alternatives and solutions to those flaws, and help the global community concede upon same conclusion.

In our experience so far, we issued a few matters:

  • Since we’ve always had prejudice and slight intolerance towards traditional education and learning methods, Zeqr brings a completely new point of view to learning. While keeping the essence and purpose of learning process, our global e-learning hub changes the ways learning is given, creating a very interesting, fun, but also very useful, profitable and practical way of learning – e-learning (https://www.zeqr.com/e-learning)
  • Every year, millions across the globe seek ways in which to improve themselves through gaining knowledge and furthering their education, but in addition to the above issues, the cost of education and training is far too high for many to afford. Consequently, they find themselves stuck and powerless, although having a will and wisdom to start e-learning.
    However, we at Zeqr, decided to apply SPECIAL OFFERS and exclusive prices for our global e-learning classes.
  • Traditional educational and learning methods are also organised in a way to fit a community, or larger group of people (also know as a class/classroom), thereby neglecting the needs of an individual, further resulting in complaint among students. Unlike that, on Zeqr’s global e-learning platform, you can choose your own learning environment.
    However, we connect you with an Xpert on a subject that YOU choose.
    By doing so, we make sure that you get all the attention that you need, in order to maximize the benefits you get when you apply for our global e-learning and knowledge sharing platform.
  • Although the freelancing market is global, many freelancers lack the proper tools to be connected to those who need their services. These people need the opportunity to open up this untapped knowledge base so they can share their knowledge with other people throughout the world.
    With that said, Zeqr offers you a chance to sign up as an Xpert, and start your freelancing career, as a teacher on our global e-learning platform. Who wouldn’t like some extra money on their bank account?

Now, the question is: “OK, but what separates you from other online learning sites and distance learning courses?” Well, true, although there are many educational websites and online learning sites for students, there are a few things which distinguishes our global e-learning platform from the rest:

Also, our global e-learning platform is focused on ensuring that people can find the best person to provide them with adequate knowledge and assistance they seek for, which is far more specialized and pointed than what others offer.

When you sign up for Zeqr and embark on a mission to connect the world with global e-learning, you will be accepted as one of our own. Unlike many teacher-student relationships where the teacher is far more superior than student, there are no such differences on our e-learning platform. Zeqr ensures that both Xperts (mentors) and Zeqrs (learners) are treated the same.

Worldwide, millions of people are not achieving the level of knowledge they’re capable of craving. Zeqr’s structured marketplace offers a variety of opportunities that fill the gaps which traditional resources cannot provide. We believe that our global e-learning platform will forever change the way in which the knowledge, information and experience will be exchanged around the world.

Be one of the first to experience Zeqr – sign up today!