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Ever Hired An Expert To Boost Your Learning Strategies?

Haven’t had a chance to meet freelancing? Here’s one, on our very own blog! We talk about all things freelancing – all the time! With this year coming to an end, many people around the world decide to put themselves up to challenge, and try to change. Whether it is in form of New Year’s […]


How To Teach Online and Make Money

So you want to make money by becoming an online teacher, but you don’t have an idea where to start. Here at Zeqr, we offer you a unique chance to teach online and enjoy sharing knowledge via live one-to-one classes! When applying to become an Xpert on Zeqr, you don’t really need to have a […]

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Top Reasons To Become An Online Teacher On Zeqr

For many years, we have been used to learn in a particular way: parents at home, teachers in schools and professors at college. This worked fine for some time, but as technology progressed, new e-learning methods and softwares developed as well. Today, we have many e-learning websites and knowledge sharing platforms that are poised to revolutionize […]


How To Establish Yourself As A Full-Time Freelancer

For many people, becoming a full-time freelancer isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not everyone is able to leave a comfortable job with a guaranteed paycheck, benefits, a title, and everything else that comes along with working for someone else. Yet, there are so many perks to being a full-time freelancer you should consider. If […]


5 Reasons To Connect With People Through E-Learning

As technology progresses, so does the mankind. New and more practical things keep popping up out of nowhere all the time, and people are constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends, gadgets, and accessories that can make our lives as easy as possible. Thanks to all the benefits that the technological evolution has […]

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4 Ways In Which Freelance Jobs Bring You Fulfillment

More and more workers around the world are looking for freelance jobs. In the US alone, freelancers make up 35 percent of the country’s workforce. Many freelancers are choosing what used to be seen as an “alternative to your day job” as their primary and only employment. While the main benefit of freelancing is a […]


Why We Created Zeqr – A Global E-learning Platform

Have many times has your traditional school lesson bored the life out of you? How many times have you been stressed about that annoying, yet “very important” school exam? Yeah, a lot. And you’re not the only one. While 50% of education experts and researchers say that traditional learning and school methods bring only benefits […]

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