Start Engaging Students With This Easy Guide

If you’ve ever had the experience to work as a teacher in a school, or even if you know someone with a similar job, you know how difficult engaging students can get.

Some of the biggest concerns of most teachers and professors include the structure of the class, as well as the atmosphere they need to create in order to get the most out of each class.

In order to start engaging students and creating a more compelling and interactive class, tutors use a lot of different approaches to do so.

However, thousands, if not millions of teachers and professors still struggle when it comes to engaging and motivating students for the sake of making learning fun.

Although online learning platforms don’t have the traditional classrooms and learning approaches, teachers on multiple e-learning websites still find it challenging to create and structure an engaging class. This resulting in an increasing need for e-learning to become a thing.

Luckily, there are multiple strategies to engage your students in order to help you get the most out of your class. They apply for both school or university teachers, as well as e-learning teachers working as freelancers!

Here are some pointers on how to create a compelling class on our e-learning platform, and start engaging students, as soon as possible!

Excel in your Expertise

For each class you create, you have to ensure that the topic you are teaching about is something you truly are an expert at. That will empower you to present the topic confidently and effectively, which will be your first step in drawing attention, and engaging students.

When creating a class on our e-learning platform, ensure you sell your expertise to learners by outlining your background, experience, and knowledge via your profile page, the Class Description page, and by uploading an introductory video which tells Zeqrs what it is they’ll be teaching with you. Engaging students with video content is one of the very best methods, so that’s why we always encourage creating classes with videos that help describe them.


In order to start engaging students to your class, it is important that you include as many relevant details about your class as possible.

On Zeqr, those details help our curious learners understand exactly what knowledge they’ll gain by taking part in your class.

Try to structure your class like this:

  • Class Title: The title should clearly explain what the overall topic is, in a short and precise way.  Some good examples include: “How to Write a Press Release”, “Turn a Blog into a Business”, “Basics of Accounting”, and “Introduction to Social Media”.
  • Class Description: This is where you can further detail what your class will offer and exactly what new knowledge, information, or skill the learner will pick up taking part in your class. Every teacher should structure their class around explaining how the student will benefit from taking the class, in order to start engaging students more often.
  • Class Video: This is another way to entice students. The video should be the rooftop of the class description, reaffirming and covering the focus of the class. The video should also give learners more understanding of your personality, background, and unique selling points.
  • Advanced Options: You have the opportunity to include Materials and Training Files. This means you can provide your students with study guides, slide notes, worksheets, and other tools in order to have more engaging students. These are ideal ways to provide a more concrete idea of what the class will be beyond the short description and video.
  • Level of Expertise: Be honest about your experience. Try to explain and justify the price, and skill your are offering to your learners.


The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to attract more students and learners. Not everyone is available at the exact same time, because as a global e-learning platform, we strive to connect everyone around the world.

On Zeqr, you can increase your flexibility in two different ways:

  • via the individual classes, or
  • the Availability Settings on your Profile.

You can learn more about how to set your availability and so much more by reading our FAQs.

Whether you are creating a class on our knowledge sharing platform, or just trying to have more engaging students in your own classes, there are multiple activities and strategies which you can implement to start engaging students and boost your teaching skills!

Just remember to be creative and plan ahead, and your classes will attract more attention in no time!

Are you excited about Zeqr? Join us now and create a class today!



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