How to Be a Successful Freelancer and Still Win at Your Day Job

How to Be a Successful Freelancer and Still Win at Your Day Job

There are so many reasons why you would choose to freelance in addition to upholding your day job. You could enjoy your day job but want to take advantage of a totally different skill of yours and assist others. You could want some extra income and pursue a passion that could lead to more cash. You could be a person who loves a full schedule and would rather work than have too much free time.

Whatever the reason, you’ve chosen to manage two separate jobs with different hours, responsibilities and requirements. Good for you and congratulations! It’s a respectable quality to have an excellent work ethic. But now you find yourself wondering how you will juggle both positions successfully and without falling short.

You’d hate to fail in either of these professions, and this kind of outlook could lead to stress. The goal is to stay free of anxiety and feel pleasure from pursuing two different fields or two different outlets.

Have no fear! There are ways to be a successful freelancer and still win at your day job.

Become a master of time management.

If you’re a person who struggles with time management, this is the time that you not only should, but also NEED to learn time management skills. Juggling two jobs, you’ll need to allot a certain amount of time per day to each to finish your workload.

You’ll need to make educated guesses to map out how long each task will take, and how much time you can contribute to both. Does your day job require you to stay late frequently, or even just sometimes? Factor that into your schedule when you’re estimating how much time you can give to your freelance job. Have a major freelance project that has an extremely strict deadline? Allow yourself more time to finish the project by successfully managing your day to day agenda. Time management can definitely be tricky, but it’s necessary when fulfilling the needs of two jobs.

Do not attempt to multitask.

For most jobs, multitasking is a must-needed skill. And it still will be for both your day job and job as a freelancer. However, do NOT try to combine the two. Attempting to do both jobs at once will only lead to disaster. When you are at your day job, be fully present. Stay focused on the work that’s needed to be done at your day job, or else your performance will overall suffer in the end.

If you’d like to set time aside on your lunch break for freelancing, go ahead. Make a call to a client or jot down some notes that’ll help when you take on a recent project. But make sure that once you return from your break, your mind goes back into day job mode and disregards your freelance work. And the same goes for when you are taking care of your freelance job.

Put effort into those projects and those projects only in the time that you set aside for that work. Do not mix the two jobs, or else you will not do your absolute best in both, as your mind will be all over the place. This could result in an unhappy boss and an unhappy client. Don’t multitask and mix up your day job and freelancing.

Come up with a system that works for you.

Are you a person who works best in the morning or at night? Would you rather wake up early or go to sleep late? You don’t have a choice as to what time your day job starts and ends, but you do have the freedom and flexibility to choose the time of day that you freelance.

If you have a 9-5 job, decide if you do better work in the morning or when you arrive home in the evening. It depends on when your mind can efficiently perform. Deadlines will make this tough and finding a system that makes the process go smoothly and accordingly, is key. Aside from choosing the times of day to do separate work, you’ll need to come up with a system of how to deal with your day job assignments and freelance projects. Sometimes it’s hard to leave your day job at the office, but while you’re doing freelance work, you’ll need to clear your mind of other issues.

Find a system in all aspects possible that will comfort you and assure that both workloads will be completed.

Lists, lists, lists.

Juggling two jobs, you’ll NEED to stay organized and maintain your sanity. One way to do so is to write (or type into your phone when you’re on the go) lists that can help when you sit down to work on upcoming projects. There are great tools like ToDoist, Evernote, and Asana that can help you stay organized.

Prioritize by jotting down what needs to be done first and the way in which you plan to get it done. Write down the ideas that you have so you do not forget them later. Type a list of reminders into your phone so you remember important tasks or elements. Make a list for absolutely anything that you think could help in the future. Writing (or typing) things down helps your memory, and you’ll feel better knowing that you have a guide to follow when the time comes to start your freelance work.

Ready to be a successful freelancer and still win at your day job? Try to practice those tricks and you’ll be sure to excel in both professions. But the good news is that you do not need to do this alone.

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