Taking on the Global Digital Skills Crisis

Taking on the Global Digital Skills Crisis

The current global workforce is lacking basic digital skills, causing an alarming world-wide ‘digital skills crisis’. Research has found 90% of jobs require digital skills, meaning the UK, for example, needs another 745,000 workers with these capabilities by the end of this year. This discrepancy between supply and demand is costing the UK economy approximately £63 billion, and presenting a severe recruitment problem.

Businesses of all sizes need to ensure their current supply of staff have digital training, but none more so that SMEs which are aiming to challenge large, digital-savvy and tech heavy companies. Zeqr’s own international business report has found that 50% of small businesses are lacking essential digital skills required to grow their companies, with SEO and social media expertise being top of the list.

However, for small businesses this is easier said than done, as training resources are time consuming and can be costly and many SMEs may not have the resources to bring in new employees or take on long-term consultants to fill this need. Fortunately, there are flexible online routes available, which don’t involve bringing in an expensive, fixed-rate, external consultant to the workplace.

Thanks to the digital revolution, online training is easily accessible and can be sourced in small chunks, ensuring small business owners and individuals pay only for what is required, tailoring training packages or consultation requests to specific business needs.

Whether you are exploring employee training options, or are an individual looking to learn new skills to be eligible for particular roles, access to knowledge is no longer limited. From a Digital Marketing consultation session with Erwan Derlyn, to classes on skyrocketing your SEO skills with Lukasz Zelezny, Zeqr has a wide range of digital Xperts eager to share their insight and knowledge.

To find the right Xpert for your needs, explore Zeqr’s full range of consultants here.

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