The 5 Most Practical Methods to Make Learning Fun for Everyone

The 5 Most Practical Methods to Make Learning Fun for Everyone

Learning any information or skill is always beneficial, but this does not mean that it is always easy. Sometimes learning and maintaining additional knowledge can be frustrating and complicated. This could mostly be due to the fact that learning is not always fun. In fact, at times, it’s quite difficult to make learning seem fun.

Are you a student who is trying to learn something new (anything at all!), but can’t seem to find a way to make the process fun and enjoyable? Or are you a teacher who cannot think of methods to engage your students in such a way that learning is pleasurable and fun while they are trying to absorb new knowledge? If you are wondering how to make learning fun for adults (or in the case of some of these pointers, even for young adults and children), take into account the five following ways that are practical and fitting for everyone.

Work with others to interact, gain extra knowledge and spread some smiles.

Interacting with others is a great way to gain extra knowledge and receive advice that you did not think of before. When you work with others, ideas and different points of view are being exchanged. Every person is of his or her own, and therefore thinks in his or her own element. Sharing these ideas can only help broaden your knowledge when learning, and it can also make learning merry.

Before you know it, you’ll be sharing more than information with each other. Smiles will be exchanged and laughs will be heard. It’s only natural when joining up with others, especially people who have the same interests that you do.

Study in more than one setting to switch up the scenery and refresh your mind.

Do you usually sit at a desk with all of your books in front of you when studying for an exam or just trying to absorb a lesson? Do you tend to lay down on your bed with your laptop in front of you to read information online? Whichever manner you normally study, try something different! Go to a park with your books and let both the new information AND beautiful scenery sink in. Fresh air will be good for your mind and create a diversion so you don’t lose focus.

Switching up the scenery can mean ANYTHING, though! Go to a library or visit a coffee shop. Find settings that work best for you and change them up often so learning remains amusing, rather than repetitive.

Get with the program by using technology to broaden your learning horizons.

Believe it or not, learning and entertainment go hand in hand – to a certain degree. What we mean by this is that technology can serve an immense purpose when it comes to making learning not only simple but also fun. Use an iPad, iPhone or any type of smartphone or smart device to assist in the learning process so it becomes more entertaining. And by entertaining, we do not mean to get completely distracted by websites or applications that do not have to do with what you are studying or trying to learn! Try your best to stay on track when utilizing technology to make learning fun.

Using the Internet instead of a physical textbook can definitely make learning not only easier and more convenient, but also more delightful. You can view PowerPoint presentations, watch tutorials or take advice from online teaching videos and classes.

Speaking of online teaching videos, Zeqr offers a variety of classes that you can sign up for to take via the Internet. Learning through technology can be fun, and if you don’t believe us, Ouail Bendidi will show you how easy and enjoyable it is to learn arithmetic in his online class Part 1: Introduction to Deep Learning. Not looking to learn arithmetic? Zeqr offers classes that will teach you ANYTHING. Learn how to speak Italian with Carlotta Tatti through videos during her class Learn Italian – Beginners. Aarthi Elumalai even tells how she strives to make learning fun in her online class Web Apps and Games in Javascript and HTML5 Canvas. Needless to say, technology (especially websites like Zeqr) aid in making learning entertaining.

Create interesting games that will help strengthen your memory for the future.

Playing games is always amusing (to most people, at least) in any aspect, not only learning. So why not bring gaming into the learning process to have a little fun? Educational games will actually help your brain maintain information because correlations will be made more easily.

For example, creating flashcards is one helpful action that not only contributes to fun gaming but also assists in maintaining new knowledge that is being fed to your brain. You can write on index cards with different colored sharpies, or draw different designs on each of the cards. You can make tiny notes that will help you remember details, or simply create the cards in an appealing way that will aid in building correlations.

Colors, fonts, designs, drawings, etc. will all set off signals in your mind that can help jog your memory for the correct answers. Flashcards are an excellent way for memorization. Playing games with flashcards can make language learning fun, and also arithmetic learning. Find a game that works best for your mind that makes the type of learning you’re striving for fun.

Incorporate your interests into lessons to keep yourself engaged.

Are you a sports fanatic who enjoys watching or playing football? Are you interested in art and find pleasure in painting or drawing? Are you musically talented or simply love listening to tunes? Incorporate your interests into your lessons! This will keep you engaged and in a positive mood while learning.

If you like football, toss a ball around with someone and share answers with each pass. You only receive the ball when you answer correctly. If you appreciate art, draw diagrams and pictures that can help you throughout your lessons. These drawings can be associated with each lesson you learn, creating triggers for your brain. Musically inclined? Write songs with lyrics that recite the knowledge you need to learn. Music is a fantastic way to remember the material. Whatever your skill or interest may be, find a way to use it while you learn. This will be beneficial throughout the learning process, AND make it fun!

NOW do you think learning can be fun? Try these five methods and see if they work for you, we bet they will!



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