Online Classes for Every Type of Knowledge-Seeker

Online Classes for Every Type of Knowledge-Seeker

A quick-guide of online classes for every type of knowledge-seeker

It’s no secret that as time progresses, more and more students and clients are turning to online, knowledge-sharing platforms as their main resource for learning. Long gone are the days where attending a physical class or meeting with a consultant face-to-face was your only option.

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching”

Today, online classes are everywhere but Zeqr takes it one step further by connecting students and clients with experts and freelancers in a live and interactive session.

Are you an entrepreneur? A student? A polymath? Below we list the top classes for each type of Zeqr. Go on, take a look and begin your journey!

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For the entrepreneur

Digital Business: Making the API Economy work for you, this class by Matthias Biehl will offer you all the insight into the API economy, how it works and defining the players and their interests. Entrepreneurs or startup employees can discover ways in which APIs can become a part of their digital products.

Homepage Teardown with an Etsy Designer, in this case the Etsy designer is Sandy Woodruff, a user-centered product designer from New York. In this invaluable class, entrepreneurs can review their homepage user experience and get first-class advice and recommendations for improvement.

Business Analysis Fundamentals, brought to you by John David Ariansen, this is a class that will teach you the basics of business analysis. In a world where data analysis is no longer a luxury but a necessity, this class will arm you with the tools required to be a success in any part of your business.

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For the student

Math Tutor – senior high, college, university, a class by Victoria Haliburton, is an open session for math at all levels. School is just a few weeks away and we have a math tutor with over 30 years of experience that will help you or your child kick-start his or her school year.

English Tutor, looking to learn or improve your English? Program-certified, Jody Holmes, offers his one-hour session to beginner and advanced students, helping them attain whichever level of proficiency desired.

For the seeker of self-help

Personal Development – Find Your Triessence, this class by Tessa Todd Morgan is one that anyone and everyone should take! Tessa will guide you through the process of identifying pitfalls in your life and implementing action steps necessary to achieve the goals you desire to reach.

Brojo Workshop: The N3XT Level of Confidence, offered by the Confidence Coach and Founder of Brojo Daniel Munro, this class walks you through the process of attaining confidence in an honest and impactful 6-part workshop. As he puts it, “This workshop is not for the timid, it’s for people ready to completely redesign their life to make building confidence the #1 priority.”

For the parents

Tools for Parents to Fight Bullying, award-winning author and creator of Toley Ranz, Anke Otto-Wolf guides parents in the touchy conversation of bullying. She introduces parents and children to Toley Ranz, a character who helps children stand up to bullying and teaches them traits to help build their character by following his 10-point honor code.

Refresh & Recharge – For the Busy Moms, a must-have for any new and seasoned parent who just needs a quick pick-me up. In this 15-minute refresher, Inbar Shahar walks you through the process of clearing your mind and re-setting your energy for the busy day! You do not want to miss this one!

These are just a few of our top classes. Want to see what else we have to offer? Click HERE to look at other online classes offered on Zeqr.

Don’t forget to let us know what classes you’re taking by using hashtag #ZEQRLearning on social media channels!

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