Top Reasons To Become An Online Teacher On Zeqr

For many years, we have been used to learn in a particular way: parents at home, teachers in schools and professors at college. This worked fine for some time, but as technology progressed, new e-learning methods and softwares developed as well.

Today, we have many e-learning websites and knowledge sharing platforms that are poised to revolutionize the way knowledge is exchanged around the world.

Here are just several reasons to sign-up for Zeqr and become online teacher:

Be A Part Of Live E-learning Education

When we introduced Zeqr, we said that our e-learning platform is slightly different than other distance teaching courses and platforms. Apart from including peer to peer relationships and freelance jobs opportunities we offer the ability to participate and engage in LIVE online classes with tutors.

We’ve created a unique platform focused on ensuring that people can find the best online teacher to provide knowledge and assistance through video, voice, and screen share for the instant exchange of information.

Live 1-to-1 online classes give students more opportunity to ask questions and to inquire about things that they want to learn more.

These well prepared online live classes are customized and interactive offering the same benefits as private traditional lessons, but with lower costs.

Enjoy The Benefits Of E-learning Education

From being too long and expensive, to being one-size-fits-all in terms of learning styles, traditional education and training resources have been failing millions of people around the world who are seeking to better themselves.

On the other hand, e-learning courses are well prepared and planned out activities and classes, focused on the learning process, but in a completely different way.

Zeqr, our new e-learning platform offers the following learning benefits:

  • Video conferencing capabilities that deliver real-time knowledge sharing
  • Built-in virtual classroom
  • Easy-to-use course creation and content uploading
  • Easy class management
  • Secure video streaming
  • Content sharing
  • Ability to provide tests and assessments, as well as homework
  • Reports and analytics related to each online course
  • Easy course effectiveness measurement
  • Multiple payment options

With all of this, as an online teacher, you will be able to:

  • Work from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you have internet access. No more traveling costs and wasting time in transport.
  • Decide how many hours you will work. You can also take holidays whenever you want. That’s great, isn’t it?
  • Tutoring at any time of the day accordingly to an agreement with your students. No more working early in the morning if you are not that kind of a person.
  • Dress casually. You don’t need to wear suit or heels. You can just wear some casual clothes on and sit in your slippers 😉
  • Teach people all around the world and you can also learn from them.
  • Earn an extra income. This can be your part time job or you can fully devote yourself to teaching online and you have the freedom to set your own price.
  • Be in line with new technologies used in e learning
  • Have an opportunity to improve your teaching skills and develop confidence.
  • Enjoy your time working without a boss telling you what to do and how to do it. You are your own boss and you set your own rules, choose your own students, rates and conditions.
  • Focus on the struggles of the individual student and lead them at their own pace.
  • Help someone to succeed. As an online teacher, there is no higher honor. Besides that, people who pay for private online courses tend to have more motivation to learn, so this is easier for you as they are usually determined and hardworking.

Isn’t it exciting to be part of something that could profoundly impact how knowledge is shared around the world?

Since we have different badges and achievements on our e-learning platform, we saved the special one for those who trusted us from the beginning. Those few people will be rewarded in a very enticing way, and will have a privilege to be called a “Pioneer”.

Do What You Love

Whether you choose to be a Zeqr, or an Xpert, we guarantee you that you will really be doing what you love. Our goal with Zeqr is to help as many people as possible, giving them exactly what they came for – a new, interactive, fun, but efficient way of learning, or a fulfilling and enjoying freelancing career.

“Zeqrs” are able to pursue knowledge connecting with some of the most successful online teachers in their expertise and “Xperts” have all power in their hand to share their knowledge.

We believe in our Xperts and their way of teaching.

This platform is all-in-one solution for online education where you can organize your classes, handle payments and view analytics while hosting your course on a beautiful interface.

If you are an expert in any field and you like to teach online you can start online teaching today.  It will give you a huge amount of freedom.

Become an online teacher and Sign-up for Zeqr today! Start doing what you love!

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