Guy Kawasaki joins Zeqr to offer a limited number of one-on-one classes for free!

Guy Kawasaki joins Zeqr to offer a limited number of one-on-one classes for free!

Since the very launch of our global e-learning platform Zeqr, a decent number of world-renowned experts have joined the platform to offer themselves and their skills in interactive, one-on-one live classes, available to all Zeqrs – a group of self-paced individuals who are always eager to learn on our knowledge sharing platform.

Gathering experts from multiple areas of expertise allowed us to introduce the term Xpert, an individual who’s there to teach and spread knowledge in the form of live online classes.

However, not everyone will have the opportunity to work with, and learn from our exceptional Xperts. This time, we introduce you to one of one of the best entrepreneurs and marketers worldwide – Guy Kawasaki.

Only those who submit their interest for the opportunity, and explain how would they benefit from cooperating with our top-rated Xperts, will be in consideration for participating in live one-on-one class, presented by the Guy Kawasaki himself.

Guy Kawasaki – An Xpert Worth Hiring?

Before we introduce you to Guy Kawasaki, our special guest on our global e-learning and knowledge sharing platform, we would to appoint you with this interesting fact, as well as give you few tips on boosting your learning strategies:

Accordingly, science says that the learning process is much more easier when you organise a group to learn together.

Since empathy and mutual circumstances bind you together (like tests, or exam weeks), you tend to learn much easier, and faster when you are in a group.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop learning by yourself completely, but rather consider occasional group learning, or having a study buddy along you. That can help you when you reach your learning plateau, or in those moments when you just feel tired from learning alone.

Your Unique Chance To Learn From The Best

Guy Kawasaki is a world-renowned person and one of the most successful evangelist, marketer, and entrepreneur, who is launching the Zeqr “Business” category of classes as an Xpert.

He will host two one-on-one real-time sessions on Zeqr to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the platform, as well as the possibility to form a unique and special relationship between a teacher – Xpert, and a learner – Zeqr, which will benefit and satisfy both sides.

On the one side, Zeqrs (learners) will have a chance to return to high-school days, and experience the education atmosphere once again. However, instead of having an average teacher, they will have a unique chance to learn from Guy Kawasaki, a world-known evangelist and entrepreneur. Those who join Guy Kawasaki’s class, won’t only learn more, but they’ll acquire more experience, and improve themselves in every aspect of life, as well.

On the other side, experts on our global e-learning platform, will have the chance to share their knowledge, help others, and even make some spare money too.

A win-win, right?

A big name right there – Guy Kawasaki.
If you write a compelling essay, and Guy accepts to mentor you, he will reflect his years of insight and experience in marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, and fundraising. Be prepared to get real, tactical, and practical advice because Guy is not known for pulling his punches.

About the opportunity, Guy Kawasaki said, “I’m delighted to offer two exclusive sessions on the Zeqr platform. These sessions will definitely change the view most people have in digital marketing marketing, entrepreneurship, social media platforms, and many more. I love Zeqr’s vision of changing the way people share information and learn in the digital age.”

You can become Guy Kawasaki’s study buddy and apply for his class by explaining how you would benefit from this exceptional access to become one of the most successful marketers and entrepreneurs of all time.

Kawasaki continued, “The technology has provided incredible opportunities for learning and the sharing of expertise, and I cannot wait to see the impact that Zeqr has on people seeking new knowledge as well as experts trying to impart their expertise and advice across the globe. I promise to give my best to share my knowledge, and help others in marketing business, too.”

How to sign up:

To be tutored by Guy Kawasaki on our knowledge sharing platform, and use this unique chance to access an inclusive, one-on-one session with one of the most popular entrepreneurs of all times, simply:

  • Register for a Zeqr account via Guy’s class page here
  • From there, submit a short explanation describing why you would most benefit from a personal class and consultation with the world-renowned evangelist
  • Submissions will then be reviewed with two being chosen to receive exclusive sessions.

Did you know that roughly one million people miss the chance to seize an opportunity and later regret about it – every single day?

Don’t be one of them!

Seize the opportunity, and start growing your knowledge or sharing your expertise with an online community that is eager to learn.

Guy Kawasaki is waiting!

No more wasted chances! Join Zeqr today!



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