Using Social Media Channels to Get What You Want

Using Social Media Channels to Get What You Want

Having strong social media profiles in today’s times can be as important as having a strong CV or personal resume. Ensuring that all your social media channels, both personal and professional, are strategically poised to tell the story that you want, is essential and a must-have in today’s world.

Also, learning the ins and outs of each social media platform can be the deciding factor between a successful and unsuccessful business venture. Below, we highlight the top social media channels and advices which you can enroll, in order to ensure that you are maximizing all your social media profiles!


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media network, that operates via websites and mobile apps. Via this social media platform, you can connect with other businesses, current and former colleagues, friends and potential business collaborators. Utilizing LinkedIn correctly can maximize the impact that you or your business have on potential clients or colleagues.

If you found yourself having trouble setting up, and using an LinkedIn account, we suggest you checking out social media expert, Jason Sanders, who has over 20 years of professional development experience, and has been using his social media profile as a tool for acquiring professional contacts since 2005.
For those beginning to use this social media platform, he offers a course on our e-learning platform  “LinkedIn to Begin: Set Up Your Linkedin Account from Scratch”. After setting up your social media profile, you can take an additional course from Jason, which delves into creating a social media profile that stands out.
Another one of his many social media courses,  “LinkedIn to Win: Create an Outstanding Profile” walks you through ways to further develop your presence on this social media platform utilizing SEO and other tools.
However, for those that already have their social media accounts set up, and are looking for a more advanced course, Charlene Burke’s Social Selling on LinkedIn: Beyond the Profile, delves into ways to communicate with your target market and learn to use this social media platform as a business growth tool which in return will help increase sales. This class is definitely a must!

Facebook + Instagram

For a long time now, Facebook has long been a favorite social media channel for personal use. But, as years go by, the potential for businesses to reach their target markets through organic reach on Facebook has grown massively.
Whether you want to grow your personal, or business social media account, our Xpert on Sales and Marketing professional, Andy Arora, has an online class, “Facebook and Instagram Advertising”, in which he discusses ways in which advertising on Facebook can help find the right people, capture their attention and get tangible results.

Also, try tapping into Dan Grijzenhout’s 30 years of consulting experience in his “Online Marketing – Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook”. In this class, you will discover ways to drive organic traffic to your social media page all while working with a limited budget.


Have you only gotten as far as creating your Twitter account and nothing else? Kesava Mandiga, walks you through the basics of Twitter. Check out his class, “Twitter 101”, where he demystifies this social media platform and explains how to maximize your social media profile.

Social media for businesses

To most digital marketers, social media is like any other sport. It’s quite competitive.

Social media requires consistency at all times, and is a team game at a certain point. It requires a lot of planning and a decent strategy, just like any professional sport. What you need to succeed are the right moves at the right time. They simply guide you towards your success.

But how is that content planned? How do you even create it? What should the outcome be? These are all questions we solve for you right here.

A famous blog named Marketo says there are five benefits of a social media content calendar (which is basically a method of scheduling social media posts):

  1. It keeps you focused
  2. It’s great for scheduling time-sensitive content
  3. Your social marketing will reach more people than ever
  4. You’ll be able to keep track of everything
  5. The “411 rule” will come in place (a rule or ratio that includes posting four relevant pieces of content from sources you find most attractive and one retweet for one update from your own business)

When your research shows you the best framework for your content, then it’s the perfect time to figure out the ideal frequency. Fortunately, there is a number of case studies and a lot of research on the frequency, so if anything, you’ll definitely know where to start.

The people at Buffer found the best frequency:

  • Twitter – at least five times each day
  • Facebook, Google+, Pinterest – twice a day max
  • LinkedIn – no more than once every day
  • Instagram – 1.5 times a day


These are only the few classes that we recommend and offer on our global knowledge sharing platform. If you found these classes helpful in building your social media accounts, we recommend them as using them as a great start to getting your marketing and social media strategy on the way!

Happy Learning!

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