Why We Created Zeqr – A Global E-learning Platform

Why We Created Zeqr – A Global E-learning Platform

Have many times has your traditional school lesson bored the life out of you? How many times have you been stressed about that annoying, yet “very important” school exam? Yeah, a lot. And you’re not the only one.

While 50% of education experts and researchers say that traditional learning and school methods bring only benefits and positive outcomes for students all around the globe, the other half considers that the common education methods have a slight problem within it, and advocate a new, global e-learning system.

The problem that is most often found within traditional education is the impact it has on the student itself. Most students nowadays express a kind of intolerance towards school, or university they are attending.
Despite the fact they (probably) chose their subjects based on their preferences or advantages, they still seem to have major problems, or even regrets towards their degree of education.
So, where does the problem lie within the traditional education methods?

To answer, and resolve that question, we created a global e-learning and knowledge sharing platform – Zeqr, which will revolutionize and make global e-learning a thing.

The idea for Zeqr came to us due to many downsides and distortions that common education shows, and the opportunity of a lifetime to make a global e-learning system that just works – for both the student and the teacher.

We strive to find alternatives and solutions to those flaws, and help the global community concede upon same conclusion.

In our experience so far, we issued a few matters:

  • Since we’ve always had prejudice and slight intolerance towards traditional education and learning methods, Zeqr brings a completely new point of view to learning. While keeping the essence and purpose of learning process, our global e-learning hub changes the ways learning is given, creating a very interesting, fun, but also very useful, profitable and practical way of learning – e-learning (https://www.zeqr.com/e-learning)
  • Every year, millions across the globe seek ways in which to improve themselves through gaining knowledge and furthering their education, but in addition to the above issues, the cost of education and training is far too high for many to afford. Consequently, they find themselves stuck and powerless, although having a will and wisdom to start e-learning.
    However, we at Zeqr, decided to apply SPECIAL OFFERS and exclusive prices for our global e-learning classes.
  • Traditional educational and learning methods are also organised in a way to fit a community, or larger group of people (also know as a class/classroom), thereby neglecting the needs of an individual, further resulting in complaint among students. Unlike that, on Zeqr’s global e-learning platform, you can choose your own learning environment.
    However, we connect you with an Xpert on a subject that YOU choose.
    By doing so, we make sure that you get all the attention that you need, in order to maximize the benefits you get when you apply for our global e-learning and knowledge sharing platform.
  • Although the freelancing market is global, many freelancers lack the proper tools to be connected to those who need their services. These people need the opportunity to open up this untapped knowledge base so they can share their knowledge with other people throughout the world.
    With that said, Zeqr offers you a chance to sign up as an Xpert, and start your freelancing career, as a teacher on our global e-learning platform. Who wouldn’t like some extra money on their bank account?

Now, the question is: “OK, but what separates you from other online learning sites and distance learning courses?” Well, true, although there are many educational websites and online learning sites for students, there are a few things which distinguishes our global e-learning platform from the rest:

Also, our global e-learning platform is focused on ensuring that people can find the best person to provide them with adequate knowledge and assistance they seek for, which is far more specialized and pointed than what others offer.

When you sign up for Zeqr and embark on a mission to connect the world with global e-learning, you will be accepted as one of our own. Unlike many teacher-student relationships where the teacher is far more superior than student, there are no such differences on our e-learning platform. Zeqr ensures that both Xperts (mentors) and Zeqrs (learners) are treated the same.

Worldwide, millions of people are not achieving the level of knowledge they’re capable of craving. Zeqr’s structured marketplace offers a variety of opportunities that fill the gaps which traditional resources cannot provide. We believe that our global e-learning platform will forever change the way in which the knowledge, information and experience will be exchanged around the world.

Be one of the first to experience Zeqr – sign up today!

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