Xpert Spotlight: Andre Martins

Xpert Spotlight: Andre Martins

This week we went behind the scene’s and spoke with our Xpert Product and Innovation Consultant, Andre Martins, to talk about his expertise, the value of his experiences and insider tips. Read on to see what we got out of a former Disney and Walmart employee.

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests:

Hey! I’m Andre Martins, a UX and Product Management Consultant with +10 years of experience working with digital products. Most of my projects are done remotely, and recently I worked with brands such as Unilever and Walmart as well as new startups and tech companies such as The Martec and Tapps Games. I have a passion for improving products and getting business and user goals aligned. I also have a dog that takes me for a walk twice a day.

What is it that you’re offering to Zeqrs? What makes it stand out among other classes?

– As tutors, we’re always trying to share some of our experience to help people grow. I have many things to share so I decided to start with some tips for new businesses with two courses: How to Build and test a Prototype and How to make your Startup Product. From my personal adventures with startups and mentoring other founders, I can help direct them to prioritize what needs to be done (or validated) now and how to find a product people love. I still have many ideas for courses/consultancy planned, on User Experience, User Interface, and Product Management.

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

I fell in love with Zeqr the first moment I saw it. I think the idea of sharing knowledge and having easy access to specialists is a growing trend just because it’s hard to keep up with everything, especially in the technology department. I think Zeqr has everything to be the place to go for that.

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

When creating a solution to challenges customers have people always tell me they see way too many things to solve, and challenges coming from all sides. They feel overwhelmed and it’s very common for them to ask me where to go with that and what to focus on.


If everything is important, nothing is important. To solve that we need prioritization. My two favorite criteria are: Frequency and Intensity. How many times did this problem happen with your customer last year/month? What is the consequence of this problem? Or how good it would be to achieve this goal?


Nobody cares about a light headache that happens once. But everyone is going to pay to solve a daily-recurring migraine. These reflections can help you get back on track on what needs to be built today.


To book a live and interactive class with Andre Martins, be sure to check out his page profile to see all class offerings.

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