Xpert Spotlight: Bobby Umar

Xpert Spotlight: Bobby Umar

The Xpert Spotlight blog is here to update Zeqrs on the latest and greatest opportunities to engage with leading Xperts from across the world.

This week the spotlight falls on Bobby Umar, a 4x TEDx speaker, coach, author and leadership influencer. Named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers in the world, alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson and Brene Brown, Umar is offering Zeqrs invaluable knowledge in the field of career development.

Umar, who has trained thousands of new speakers, is hosting classes advising Zeqrs ‘How to Land the First TEDx Talk’. His exclusive classes will provide comprehensive details, strategies and tactics on how to land that coveted first Talk.

Umar commented, “In today’s knowledge economy, we greatly value thought leadership and leaders who are an expert or authority in their field. This is why I use Zeqr, to share my expertise, to enhance my brand and to build awareness around what I can do for my tribe. If I can help people who feel stuck, lost or unclear on their path, I will achieve my purpose and create joy and fulfillment everywhere.”

“There’s no experience like securing, and of course, delivering your first TEDx Talk. It’s something I was incredibly proud of at the time and have continued to relish as I expanded by own TEDx portfolio. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and expertise with Zeqrs from across the world to inspire their own TEDx journey.”

To learn more about Umar’s background and to apply for a session with him, visit his class page. If Umar’s class has inspired you to share your own expertise with Zeqr’s global hub of knowledge seekers, read more about how to create and promote insightful and enticing classes, or register here.

Follow Bobby on Twitter: @raehanbobby 

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