Xpert Spotlight: Dave Taylor

Xpert Spotlight: Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is an entrepreneur, author and internationally respected technology and marketing specialist. As one of Zeqr’s guest Xperts, Taylor is offering Zeqrs free expert advice on communicating key messages for their business or product effectively through the marketing tools available to them.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even an email marketing campaign, Dave’s expertise in digital media and social marketing will equip Zeqrs with all the knowledge they need for their project to be a success.

Taylor commented: “What I can help you with is figuring out what your company needs and figuring out exactly how to make that mix work, how to measure things and how to get marketable, achievable and really great results. Whatever credentials you’re looking for, I probably already have them.”

With a Masters degree in Education and an MBA in Business Administration, Taylor’s expertise lies in not just understanding the complex technologies that underpin our modern world but in explaining it all clearly and coherently.

Taylor is offering a free session to Zeqrs who register their interest in his class and explain why they would benefit from his expert knowledge. To learn more about Dave Taylor’s background and to apply for a free session with him, visit his class page.

If Taylor’s class has inspired you to share your own expertise with Zeqr’s global hub of knowledge seekers, read more about how to create and promote insightful and enticing classes, or register here.

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