Xpert Spotlight: Jason Kraus

Xpert Spotlight: Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus is a venture capital investor and partner who has founded several FinTech companies, including Prepare 4 VC, a leading startup consulting firm in the Boston area. He is also someone who enjoys networking events, and that passion led him to making an effort to embed himself in the Boston Startup scene.

Jason also enjoys travelling, as he’s been to 26 different countries within the last 26 years. He is passionate about all Boston Sports teams, especially the Patriots.

His skillset is vast, and he is offering strategy sessions in his “Preparing to raise seed capital” class, where you can target the lesson exactly towards your startup needs.

We will go through your pitch and investor presentation with critiques and advice on how to improve it and make you stand out to investors,” adds Jason.

For him, the e-learning space continues to grow and there is room for leaders in every sector of the industry. For example, users can turn to Zeqr for all of their online course and mentoring needs, other sites for skills or language training, and others to connect with in-person mentors.

Pitching to investors is all about telling a great story. Lead them through the customer journey, what problem do people or businesses face everyday, how do you solve it, how many people does this apply to and why is your team the best team for the job.

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