Xpert Spotlight: Lukasz Zelezny

Xpert Spotlight: Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny is the head of organic acquisition at uSwitch.com, a UK based price comparison website with offices in London. Previous to that he was responsible for the organic performance of a number of companies including HomeAway, Thomson Reuters, The Digital Property Group and Fleetway Travel. He is a graduate from the Silesian University of Technology with a BA in Marketing.

An SEO expert, Zelezny is offering Zeqrs an opportunity to learn exactly what search engines are looking for to help increase their digital presence. He has worked in SEO for 17 years, enabling him to gather inside knowledge in an industry that is forever changing. Not only does he know what businesses need to say to gain an online following, he knows what to avoid too.

Zelezny comments: “It is this experience that I want to share with others. You really would be surprised by how many people are still not performing SEO properly and are, therefore, putting their websites in jeopardy.”

Zelezny also shared insight into how he has built his own personal social following on social media, where his Twitter account boasts nearly 50k followers:

“The main social networks that I am active on are Twitter and LinkedIn. If you look at my profiles on either of these sites you will see that I have optimised them for keywords related to my work and the types of things I share. I have also built backlinks to these articles for the keywords I want to be found for.

“I also ensure I regularly talk and interact with people, I share interesting articles and developments from the industry, and I am not afraid to re-share anything that I find interesting.”

Zelezny is also an experienced public speaker, travelling all over the world to speak at events in destinations including Malta, Poland, Germany, China, and the Czech Republic. He cites this as one of his career highlights as he relishes the chance to share his knowledge and expertise with others in the industry.

To learn more about Lukasz Zelezny’s background and to book a session with him, visit his class page.

If Zelezny’s class has inspired you to share your own expertise with Zeqr’s global hub of knowledge seekers, read more about how to create and promote insightful and enticing classes or register here.

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