Xpert Spotlight: Marketing & Communication Skills Xperts

Xpert Spotlight: Marketing & Communication Skills Xperts

The number of start-ups created every year seems to be multiplying. Dubbed the “startup economy”, it is then no surprise that entrepreneurs as young as 8 years old are thinking of ways to make their dreams come true as they embrace their communication skills and make a living out of them.

With this recent trend of so many marketing specialists and people specializing in communication skills, many companies in their early days do not have the funds necessary to hire appropriate full-time employees vital to a company’s success such as accountants, human resources, and most importantly, marketing and public relations (where communication skills count more than ever).

People driven by leadership understand that, for business based collaboration to be successful, team members must first be willing to share their perspectives. To that end, they create an environment in which all individuals feel empowered to say what they have to say with the remainder of the group.

They also realize that diversity of thinking is critical to effective collaboration; thus, they pay close attention to how the team as a whole functions. For example, they prevent teams from breaking into smaller groups of people, which can easily weaken relationships and create conflict. They also engender a sense of “one team” by creating a group identity and shared goals, and by working to ensure team members understand and value each other’s knowledge and capabilities.

Marketing, public relations and communications are the pillars of a successful product or service. The right team can make it, whereas the wrong team can break it with ease. Below we list our top consultants who cost a fraction of a traditional hire and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise!

Top Online Classes For Marketing, Communication Skills and Public Relations

A simple, yet effective, tool that can used by any company is email marketing. An affordable strategy for any level of startup, email marketing allows for you to create a group of subscribers and constantly be in communication with them. In Sorin Constantin’s Email Marketing 101, he walks you through ways in which to set up a free account and instruct you on how to collect email addresses and how to send campaigns out.

For those that need assistance with developing their social media and public relations strategy, head to Vito Glazers’ Social Media and Digital Public Relations Strategy live class. Currently CEO of One World Publishing, Vito is a founder of several internet marketing and media ventures and brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise for an affordable price.

Digital Marketing has become a staple to every company’s communication strategy. In Stefan Katanic’s live session, Digital Marketing, learn how to create a marketing plan by using your social media channels to market your business. Tap into Stefan’s expertise with lean startups and marketing strategies for a fraction of the cost.

Today, brands have to differentiate themselves by creating stories that are relatable. To do this effectively, tap into Francis Chin’s 3-part class, Brand Marketing Through Stories, where he guides you through the process of storytelling and helps incorporate your own brand into the best story. That’s one way of helping your communication skills.

Recently started your business YouTube account? Who’s creating the content for the page and which strategy are you using? According to Google, video is going to be 74% of all online traffic in 2017. Tap into this major opportunity for your brand or service by taking Tanya Williams’ s one-hour online class, Getting Started with Video Marketing. Speak with this straight-talking, Tradigital strategist as she delves into the gold-mine that is video marketing. You can also find motivation here, when it comes to enhancing your communication skills.

Has something awful happened in your company? Are your communication skills too weak for you to approach and explain the situation? Crisis management is the most sought-after service in communications. One major crisis can disrupt the entire success of a business if not handled correctly. Philippe Borremans’ class, An Introduction to Crisis Communications, introduces the important steps to take before, during and after a crisis.

We encourage you to peruse through these profiles and decide which one is for you. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for guidance, an employee looking to brush up on communication skills or develop new ones or a student recently graduating and looking to learn how to get into the business, these sessions are priceless and invaluable.

Happy learning!

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