Xpert Spotlight: Personal Finance

Xpert Spotlight: Personal Finance

Getting out of debt and into savings

The amount of debt that we, as consumers have, varies from country to country and state to state. Still, most consumers owe a tremendously high amount of money, be it in car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc. It has even been reported that as of June 2017, U.S. households have more than $1 trillion in credit-card debt alone!

With all this money owed, it is only natural that personal finances planning becomes harder and harder. Consequently, some people will be unable to keep up with payments and even miss a few, leading to a disastrous downfall which can often lead to late payment fees, lower credit score and even bankruptcy.

Making the decision to take control of your personal financial situation is not an easy one, but it sure is an important one. Taking the first step includes a full assessment of where you stand today, and creating a game plan for how to tackle your debt. If you are looking for guidance, you’re in the right place, as our financial management Xperts can help you tackle any issue.

The masters of the game and their personal finance classes

In Vijay Sekhar’s online class, “Solve Your Financial Problems”, students can have access to a financial management veteran of over 15 years. In this session, students are able to get advice on their current financial standing by receiving direction on the best course of action for their specific problems. Consider Vijay as your own personal financial advisor, but at a fraction of the cost!

As Tim Mann would put it, “if you see a personal trainer for your body, a dentist for your teeth, and a hair stylist for your hair, doesn’t it make sense to see a money coach for the money that pays them all?”. This money coach brings over 25 years of experience to those suffering from the stress that money brings. In his class, “Find Your Financial Peace of Mind”, Tim will ensure to dissect your current financial standing and finish with a Financial Action Plan for you by the end of the session.

For those that have a plan in place and are simply looking to change their mindset, Shakaya Leone’s online session, “How to Manifest More Money” is the perfect class to change the way you think about money and your relationship with money. This class is an eye-opener and a must-have!

You simply cannot stay on top of your bills if you do not have any income. A great resource for solving this problem is Ginger Spark’s “Make Every Employer Want You” class. In this session, Ginger will walk you through ways to eliminate all limiting beliefs and also go step-by-step in creating your Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter. Get the dream job you have always wanted and get back on the way to financial freedom!

Lastly, sign-up for Alife Star’s “Motivational / Mentor Lifestyle Coach”, where he taps into your financial needs and wishes and discusses ways in which you can change your lifestyle to attain your financial goals. This class will be an instant game-changer and benefit to your personal life!

Whether you are simply looking for a few personal finance tips or searching for a hands-on financial advisor, you can find the level of expertize that you need on our platform. Go ahead, take the first step to taking back control of your money and your life!

You can also find more classes by searching for Xperts and you can also sign up for my free demo session to ask any questions you may have.

Happy learning!


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