Xpert Spotlight: Safwan Khan

Xpert Spotlight: Safwan Khan

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests:

My name is Safwan Khan and I am the founder of Startupily, a platform for entrepreneurs seeking useful content, resources and tools to start and grow their business. I also have an app and website development company, and I am also a guest blogger at Influencive and besomebody.

My interests are entrepreneurship, leadership, learning new skillsets, travelling, meeting new people, exercising, and playing sports (including chess).

What is it that you’re offering to Zeqrs? What makes it stand out among other classes?

– I am offering classes to help people start an online blog and create a business out of it. Two years ago I had no experience in building a website or had no idea how to create a blog.

However, I was determined and had the ambition to start one. I learned everything myself by watching YouTube tutorials and learning from online classes, and eventually built my online business. I was constantly changing my website and the blog every few months at the time, as I kept learning new things and improving on my writing skills.

Today, after all that hard work, my online presence is getting better, I am making passive income from it, and now I also write for some of the biggest online publications.

My goal is to write for Forbes now! 🙂

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

– E-learning is the future of education and learning new skills. I believe it is going to overtake formal education very soon. The number of university enrollment has dropped considerably and I have noticed that most universities (especially in Europe) are making tuition free just to get students to come. They are also moving their curriculum online as most people want to learn online.

I believe Zeqr has huge potential in becoming one of the biggest online learning platforms. However, competition is fierce now, and to stand out from the crowd, Zeqr will have to invest a lot into online advertising, affiliating with universities to submit classes within the platform, have business mentors and entrepreneurs create online classes. This will really help in further developing the brand and the business.  

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

– I would like to discuss about self confidence as I believe it is the most important and only fundamental quality a person needs to have in doing anything. Be it a job or starting a business.

Anyone can start a business but not everyone has the patience to stick to it if things go bad. I mean it takes time, patience, persistence, dedication, and all those 100 verbs in the dictionary to follow your dreams.

One of the biggest ones is self confidence. This is because people will laugh at you, people will mock you, people will put you down, people will try to tarnish your dreams.

What makes a successful person unique is that they do not listen to all the negativity and instead keep on going. They need to have belief in themselves. Without it, they are destined to go nowhere and eventually quit.

Visit Safwan’s Zeqr profile and sign up for one of his classes!

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