Xpert Spotlight: Startups

Xpert Spotlight: Startups

As you may already know, a startup is a young company still in development mode. Startups are usually small and at the same time are financed and operated by a small number of founders or even a single individual.

So, being familiar with that term, you’ve probably already come up with a brilliant business idea and put your thoughts on paper. In a moment’s notice, you are now ready to share your startup idea to the world, but you stop to ask yourself, “what’s next?”.

Luckily, today’s entrepreneur does not have to make the same mistakes that were once made by entrepreneurs of the past. With guidance from some of our top Xperts and industry thought-leaders, any entrepreneur or startup can reach success. Regardless of the stage of your startup, there is a class for everyone! Check out some essential classes below.

Looking to learn from a successful founder? Brooklyn-based Lee von Kraus offers his “Starting your Startup” class, where he helps entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts go from idea to building to testing. Mr. Kraus is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and fund-raiser and helps startups and individuals work around problems, refine ideas, and reach goals.

Already have an idea and not sure how to make your product? Join former Disney’s product and innovation lead in his “How to Make your Startup Product”, in which he guides the student on how to make apps, websites, products, etc. Tap into his 10+ years of experience with innovation, product management, UX, UI, product design and startups.

For those who have already launched their startup and are now wondering how to increase sales and thus profits can participate in Frumi Barr’s “Driving Startup Growth Profits: Common Execution Roadblocks”, where she outlines ways in which startups can fine tune their operations to drive growth and keeping your team aligned. This invaluable class will help entrepreneurs set, measure and hit their goals!

Are you looking for ways to maximize your digital marketing space? Erwan Derlyn offers an important class on “Digital Marketing for startups and small businesses” in which he discusses ways to market your company online effectively and on a budget. This class includes actionable and practical tips on how to grow your business.

Quite possibly the most important aspect of a successful entrepreneur is having a mentor along the way. Craig Humphreys’ “Entrepreneur Mentorship” online session is the perfect class to ask any questions related to your startup. Access a multiple startup successful entrepreneur at an affordable cost to share his secrets and tips to success and also for a potential ongoing mentoring relationship.

Last, but not least, Shivankit’s class teaches your startup all about growth hacking. As Shivankit suggests, startup companies are getting more and more inclined towards the growth hacking approach. For most entrepreneurs and startup owners the concept is still pretty new and companies are struggling to find the right growth hacking model.

If you are just brainstorming your idea, launching your venture or in the first few years of business, there is an invaluable live session waiting for you. Check out all classes related to startups and choose the right one for you.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply request a class and have experts from all over the world reach out with their expertise on building a successful startup.

Whichever stage you or your startup are in, we wish you all the success!

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