Xpert Spotlight: Sylvie de Gil

Xpert Spotlight: Sylvie de Gil

Hi! I’m Sylvie de Gil, a French business-woman who has been working in the fashion industry for more than 20 years.

I started Jomsy Fashion Consultant in 2010 to coach new, emerging designers on how to create a strong foundation for their fashion projects.

Along with coaching designers and fashion enthusiasts, I enjoy lifestyle mentoring, reading, blogging. I write for my blog Sixty And Not A Granny, but also for Consumer Health Digest, Quora, and am currently finishing up two books on fashion and nutrition. After studying at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I find deep fulfillment in guiding people to reach their nutrition and health goals.

I am offering various fashion courses to help designers achieve their goals of starting their own collections, branding and promoting their company on social media! We teach all of the various steps to create a collection beginning with the idea, preparing a business plan and concluding with production and selling the project.

Our courses are extremely comprehensive, and they are offered in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. Not only do we teach, but we also provide coaching and networking opportunities.

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

I think that the e-learning space is giving people more options to pursue what they are passionate about. People no longer have to go to a traditional school to get educated. Through these platforms, people from all over the world have access to learning whatever makes them excited from the comfort of their computers, and on their own time. In 2018, I predict that Zeqr will be a go-to platform for people wanting to acquire more skills and self-educate themselves on topics that they are truly interested in.

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

My biggest tip is to clearly define in your mind, what your “Big Picture” is. How do you want your life to look? Remember that you have absolutely NO limits, and allow yourself to dream BIG.

Once you are clear on what it is that you want, you can move ahead. You need GOals to GO forward!


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