Xpert Spotlight: Tanya Williams

Xpert Spotlight: Tanya Williams

Please tell us about who you are and share with us your hobbies & interests:

My name is Tanya Williams. I am from Brisbane, Australia and have over 20 years marketing experience in various roles & industries. I am passionate about digital, living life, following my passions and spending time with those I love. I love pink, have recently written a #1 Amazon Best Selling book A Childfree Happily Ever After, love travel, learning and helping others understand how to use digital to work smarter and grow their businesses. My personal mantra is never let anyone dull your sparkle.

What is it that you’re offering to Zeqrs? What makes it stand out among other classes?

I am a tradigital strategist. What does that mean? I have a background in traditional marketing then moved into the digital marketing space about 12 years ago. This means I take a tradigital approach to integrate digital into existing traditional marketing channels to help clients create and leverage their marketing to make them more visible.

I help individuals and business owners understand where to start, what channels they need, free & low cost tools and can help them put the digital marketing puzzle together.

What are your thoughts on the vast growth of the e-learning ecosystem? Where do you see Zeqr in 2018?

I think accessible learning platforms like Zeqr are the way of the future. Traditional universities are not teaching real life skills that students can apply once they graduate. Zeqr allows people to learn on demand, when required and hand select who they think is the best fit for them. I love that approach and can see huge growth for Zeqr with the right marketing.

Share with us a tip regarding your area of expertise (a unique & simple growth hack, something for startups, building self-confidence…):

Everything you do from a marketing perspective should start with your audience – not you. Most businesses just share content or marketing messages based on what they want to share without really knowing or understanding the core issues or pain points of their target market. Everything is about your audience – everything!!


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