Xpert Spotlight: Tayo Rockson

Xpert Spotlight: Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson is a cross-cultural expert, speaker and activist committed to helping individuals and organisations become more culturally aware. His work has been featured in both Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine as well as many other renowned publications.

Rockson is offering a handful of free classes, providing Zeqrs with advice on how individuals can build their cultural competency levels to become global leaders, incorporating globalisation into their business strategies. He believes that global leadership is more important than it has ever been and that people cannot lead, motivate and inspire their colleagues if they’re not able to create inclusive environments.

Rockson commented: “I’m going to be sharing my expert knowledge on how to be an inclusive leader in the 21st century. So why is this so important? Given the impact of globalisation and digitalisation, we come across different cultures on a daily basis. I can help you leverage these differences, enabling people to use their individual talents to both their advantage and yours, ultimately increasing your bottom line.”

To learn more about Tayo Rockson’s background and to apply for a session with him, visit his class page. Rockson is offering several free sessions, so don’t miss out!

If Rockson’s class has inspired you to share your own expertise with Zeqr’s global hub of knowledge seekers, read more about how to create and promote insightful and enticing classes or register here. Follow Tayo on Twitter.


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