Xpert Spotlights

Xpert Spotlights

This week we are highlighting four Xperts from the Zeqr family that are bringing their wealth of knowledge and expertise straight to your home. These are Xperts with vast experience with technology, business, and many other subjects. They display great enthusiasm for their subject of expertise and, most importantly, have a passionate desire to share it with their students and clients. Read on to learn more about this week’s Xperts!

Mark N. Clemente, 

“The Tribute to Learning is Teaching.”

Mark Clemente has a passion for sharing his expertise in both business and the creative arts with students around the world. Based in Glen Rock, NJ, he has more than 35 years of experience as a writer, communication consultant, and corporate trainer – as well as an internationally recognized jazz musician.

Mark’s business class offerings include “Selling Consulting & Professional Services: The Communication Essentials”, Principles of Persuasion: Rhetoric (the Good Kind!) for Writing and Communication Strategy” and “Building a High-Performance Culture Using “Organizational Archeology.” Mark also teaches a Zeqr course on jazz guitar, drawing from his 40+ years’ experience as a jazz guitarist and arranger of chord-melodies for solo performance.

An award-winning writer, he is the author of five books and dozens of journal articles and research studies on business communication. Mark also writes on a range of other topics, including his “Strike a Chord™” blog for guitarists, as well as articles on Zen and the Asian martial arts, which he has been studying and teaching since 1998. To this point, Mark often cites—and lives—the ancient Chinese proverb: “The tribute to learning is teaching.”

An internationally recognized speaker, Mark has conducted workshops for such groups as the American Management Association, the Association for Corporate Growth, Cornell University School of Law, International School of Management, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Strategic Research Institute.

Mark attended Seton Hall University where he received his Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication. He holds undergraduate degrees in speech communication and sociology.

Invest in a session with Mark and ensure that your communication strategies are taking your business and profile to the next level!

Kondal Kandregula

Kondal Kandregula, based in Texas and a CIO/CTO at ITBM Consulting Inc., comes to Zeqr with over 19 years of experience in business strategy execution, driving complex technology programs, service excellence, and business solutions architecture & design.

His wide array of class-offerings includes “Business Transformation Consultation”, “On-Demand CIO/CTO Consultation”, and “Leadership Mentoring & Coaching”, amongst many others.

Kondal holds a Master of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, and Bachelor of engineering degree from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India.

Looking to solve complex technical issues in your corporation or start-up? Kondal’s classes will bring invaluable insight and solutions to your problems!

Fernando Medina Corey

Fernando Medina Corey, based in Seattle, WA, is currently a Data Engineer at Curalate (a company optimizing digital e-commerce for discovery). Prior professional experience includes Support Engineer, Course Author on Pluralsight and Founder/Owner of Fernando M.C. Consulting, a business and technology firm for both national and international businesses and non-profits.

Prior to Fernando’s technical career, he taught stage combat (how to do theatrical fight scenes properly). Make sure to ask him about this!

Fernando’s course topics include Python development, Serverless Application Development, AWS Infrastructure offerings and topics that intersect many of these areas. He regularly blogs educational and technical content on his eponymous blog.

Fernando attended Whitman College and received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Politics, Philosophy.

Interpreted languages are taking over the workforce. Are you looking to enhance your current skill set? Looking to switch industries? Take Fernando’s classes for this and so much more.  

Milan Vucic

Milan Vucic, a software engineer from Serbia, is happy to share his genius mind to help students “learn, debug, find errors, refactor, teach you best practices, explain concepts, teach you shortcuts and improve your overall programming knowledge”. Milan is proficient in multiple languages including Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Pascal, Javascript, Python etc.

Class offerings include “Java Beginner Course”, “Making Your First Simple Android App”, and “C# Beginner Course”.

Looking to launch your own freelancing programming services or simply enhance your professional portfolio and earn a higher salary? Come take Milan’s classes to take your skills to the next level!

Have a great week!

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