Xpert Spotlights – How to Find Effective Learning Opportunities

Xpert Spotlights – How to Find Effective Learning Opportunities

Tired of having to sift through tons of online classes and online coaching when looking for guidance? Here’s a simple technique to bypass all the useless advice and get to the heart of any matter.

  1. Pick a skill you want to become better at.
  2. Figure out the most extreme domain where that skill is practiced.
  3. Find out the techniques used in that domain and adapt them for yourself.

Some examples of online coaching: want to become a better driver in traffic? Get advice from fighter pilots. Want to become good at mingling? Learn from FBI agents who train to go under cover.

And so on.

You don’t need to reach perfection like your life is on the line. That’s not the point. This is:

Danger filters fluff. Only proven techniques survive. Get half as good—no, ⅕ as good compared to the ultimate standards of performance—and you’ll do extremely well.


Rely on what works; not on what sounds good

So, let’s say you want to become better at combating stress. Stress comes from a threat. From the possibility of being hurt. What’s an extreme example? What about having fists flying at your face?

For Connor McGregor, Ultimate Fighting Champion, that’s another day at the job. How does he cope?

He uses various mental visualization techniques. At an elite level, everyone is physically at a peak. The mental game makes the difference between lifting a champion’s belt and being dragged out of the ring unconscious.

This “Law of Attraction”, the theory that focusing on positive thoughts can bring benefits, is treated as nonsense by armchair experts. Yet it survives as a practice in the highest rungs of extreme sports.

It’s worth examining if you are interested in sharpening your focus. If you are willing to use whatever works in the pursuit of your dreams.

Zeqr’s Tom Reilly can help you. Tom says that 99% of the information you will find on the Law of Attraction is merely the basic, beginner information. His online sessions seek to set you on your way to improving the power and consistency of your visualization efforts. The goal is to reach a level usually reserved for elite competitors.

Become adept at using Law of Attraction techniques and the next time a deadline goes galloping your way, you’ll be able to meet it with assurance and calm. Ready to crush it.

Now, some skills are not used in any dangerous scenario. There are cases when you can’t find an extreme example. But you can apply this logic on a smaller scale.

Identify the important side skills

We all know that some people can be 10 times as productive. How’s it possible? We all have the same 24 hour day?

The answer is how you treat time. Time needs to be treated as what it is, the scarcest resource. The Roman Philosopher Seneca said it well:

“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.”

How does this apply to skill acquisition? It’s easy. You can either spend your time on self-directed research. There’s always a chance you’ll stumble on what’s important.

Or you can have someone more experienced set you on course.

In the end, the difference compounds to make one person 10 times as productive as another.

We made Zeqr to make experts easy to reach via live, interactive online sessions.

Take someone like Mr. Kondal Kandregula, a C-level exec from Texas with 15 years of experience in technology related fields. To thrive at such a high level of management one has to master a diverse set of soft skills.

Most fields of work require you to master a range of ancillary skills. The core expertise you acquire through learning and practice. But these ancillary skills are discovered through years of trial and error.

Usually, you don’t get to choose the ratio of successful trials to errors. Unless there is a way to tip the scale in your favor.

You can schedule a private tutor session where Mr. Kondal works with you on Attitude, Success, Career, and Personal Growth topics in one session. Then consult you about Cloud Migration strategy in another. In other words, he has a deep understanding of what the ancillary skills one has to master to thrive in technology-related fields.

Having access to an achiever like this is a rare yet valuable opportunity.


Look for undervalued opportunities

Finally, the same principle applies to sharpening your saw (to quote Stephen Covey). That is, for improving your hard skills, your narrow field of expertise. You also want to look for opportunities to reach out to people who are on the top of your field.

So for example, here on Zeqr we have Sandy Woodruff, a renowned expert in UX design. Not only can she introduce you to a subject, but she also offers help in reviewing your portfolio.

That kind of personal attention from a high-achieving expert was hard to come by before.

You could only hope that the company you work in would hire a big name consultant. And then if you’re lucky to get some time with that person.

Now with fast broadband and video conferencing tech, Zeqr lets you reach out and schedule an online session with an expert as soon as today or tomorrow.

Or take Yehonathan Sharvit, a full-stack web expert with an engineering background (B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc in Mathematics) and 17 years of experience. Yehonathan has spent a large part of his career working as a consultant, holding software workshops at various companies.

Now he offers personal training on Zeqr. This is what Warren Buffett would call an undervalued asset and a great investment opportunity. Engineers who are proficient in organizing workshops usually charge much greater fees because they work with businesses who can afford them.

On Zeqr, however, Yehonathan offers the same service—actually a better one because you get his full undivided attention—at a fraction of the usual corporate price.

This is the type of opportunity that people strategic about their career don’t hesitate to seize.

There is no honor in hard work

The majority of us were raised on the virtues of hard work. But honestly, there is no honor in hard work.

Not inherently, at least.

To be able to work hard is a great asset. But one has to use this capacity strategically. To think and plan learning paths, career advancement, and skill acquisition.

Not just attack everything with the brute force of willpower.

We built Zeqr to give people a resource for learning and acquiring new skills effectively. To use technology in a way that connects seekers of knowledge directly with experts from all different industries. To enable you to make the absolute most out of the hard work you are willing to put in. Make sure to take this opportunity!

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