Zeqr EU & AUS Scholarship Winner – Q&A With Alessandra Ciadamidaro

Zeqr EU & AUS Scholarship Winner – Q&A With Alessandra Ciadamidaro

1. Hi, Alessandra! First of all, congratulations once again on winning our first ever scholarship! Please tell us what motivated you to write your compelling article: E-Learning Is A Wonderful Innovative Tool?

I was looking around for scholarships similar to this one when the title came out. It made me reflect on how eLearning affects my daily life and how we are so dependent on everything related to Internet and I decided to give hit a thought. I went to school the day after, looking around for anything that could be an inspiration, and then that afternoon I started writing what the became my essay.

2. Does Southfields Academy support e-learning? To what extent? Tell us about how you, your classmates, and your professors use e-learning.

Southfields Academy has the merit of having amazing facilities: computers in every room, interactive boards, an online mrs system and students and teachers have personal access to the Google classroom app to access resources about any subject.

All the teachers send any piece of article or research they can find about a specific topic studied as soon as they come across it, and this will be then discussed in class. In this way, the learning experience is not only based on the textbook, but it goes even further by connecting any subject to the world we live in today. This enables teachers to give a taste of the subject in the real world.

3. Near the end of your essay, you mentioned that “Education is facing inevitable changes in and out the school environment.” We believe this revolves around e-learning taking down traditional forms of learning. Is that right?

Yes, absolutely. The way we learn things today is completely different from how our parents or grandparents used to. We use the Internet constantly, we exchange emails, we use apps and websites to figure out answers to challenging Maths questions. These changes are inevitable as we can’t contemplate an old fashioned education system with such an interactive world as the one we live in today. We have the opportunity to access an infinite number of resources, and education has to teach students how to use them to their advantage.

4. Could you tell us a bit about the challenges you and the classmates in your generation face at classes that stick to traditional learning methods?

One of the biggest challenges is probably related to textbooks and exercise books. Everyday we need to bring to school an awful amount of books and papers. They are heavy to carry and most of the time, when finished, they end up in the bin of students’ bedrooms or in some box in the loft, waiting another ten years before being thrown away.

I consider that such a waste of time and paper. Moreover, how many times it happened that families are leaving to go on holiday and they have to fill half of a luggage with all the textbooks needed for their children’ homework? With all the resources available, the education system should finally start introducing the so long waited tablets where you can have 10 different textbooks in one place that doesn’t take room and its handy and easy to access.

5. Alessandra, thank you for your time! Anything else you’d like to add? If you have any additional comments and thoughts about the future of education and learning or e-learning, we would love to hear them.

I am personally very excited about the future of education and I look forward to getting to know how my children will learn time tables and how they will experience biology. Education has changed to much in such a short period of time, and what is next will depend on how far the technology-human relationship will go.

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